Copy of RMCC NC Board of Directors Application - Fall 2013

Copy of RMCC NC Board of Directors Application - Fall 2013

Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco

Dear Member,

We appreciate your interest in serving on the Board of Directors at MCC-SF. As you prayerfully consider this position, remember that the rewards are many for those who serve.

The instructions for submitting the attached application are as follows:

  • Read and understand the requirements of the position by reading the Board of Directors – Code of Conduct and the MCCSF Bylaws.
  • Complete the applicationby typing your answers into the document.
  • Include a recent photograph to be included in the packet.
  • Submit your application to the clerk electronically at no later than November 2, 2014.

The Board will review your application and contact you to clarify any questions and notify you if you are approved as a candidate to be presented to the congregation.

If you have questions or comments, please email or speak with Board Clerk, Dennis Creagh.

Yours in service,

The Board of Directors

Request for Consideration of Candidacy for

Board of Directors of MCC San Francisco

Please complete this form and submit via email to: no later than November 2, 2014.

The first two pages of this application will be removed from the packet distributed to the congregation and will be kept in a confidential file to be reviewed by the nominating committee of the Board. All other pages of the application will be copied and distributed to the congregation to help them in their decision-making process.



Primary Phone:

Alternate Phone:

Email Address:

Current Employer:

Length of Employment:

Please provide the names and phone numbers of two references from the MCC-SF congregation that know you well and also know of your service to the church. Make sure they are aware and approve of your using their names as references.

Name: Phone #:

Name: Phone #:

Your Name:

Date of Membership at MCCSF:

Date of Application:


Job Duties and Responsibilities (you may include a copy of your resume):

Have you ever been convicted of or fined and/or sentenced, including probation, for any criminal offense (misdemeanor or felony), or have you ever pleaded guilty or ‘no contest’ (nolo contendere) to any criminal offense (misdemeanor or felony)?

(A “yes” answer is not an automatic disqualification but refusal to answer the question or failure to answer it truthfully will lead to automatic disqualification.)



If you selected (underlined) “Yes” above, please answer the following questions:



What kind of crime and what were the circumstances surrounding the incident?

What was the outcome?

I understand that this application is required of all applicants for the MCC-SF Board of Directors, and that an interview may be required before a decision is made to approve your candidacy for this position.

The information contained in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I authorize any of the above-mentioned persons or churches to give MCC-SF any information, including opinions, which they may have regarding my character and suitability for the position I am applying.

I authorize MCC-SF to request any criminal and civil record information available about me on a yearly basis. I waive my right to inspect any information provided about me by any individual or organization.

I promise if selected for this positionto fulfill my commitment by being punctual, prepared and as enthusiastic as I am able. If for any reason I am unable to be present when scheduled, I will notify the proper person.

Please list any other names that you have used other than what you have presented on this form.


Driver’s License #:

Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy):


Duties of the Board of Directors include:
• Supports the Senior Pastor as the Operating Officer of the church

• Sets church policy as appropriate, including all financial policies

• Drives Strategic Planning initiatives
• Establishes an annual budget and enforces that budget with the Senior Pastor

• Establishes and implements the annual pledge drive
• Launches a Development Committee and provides oversight to that committee

• Drives all yearly fund-raising programs
• Manages the long term investments
• Manages the physical assets of the church

By-laws Regarding Board of Directors

Article V - Board of Directors

AThe local church administrative body shall be the Board of Directors, which is authorized to provide administrative leadership subject to the direction of the Congregational Meeting.

BThe Board of Directors shall have charge of all matters pertaining to the documents of legal organization and incorporation, church property, risk management, and physical and financial affairs of the church. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for collecting and disbursing funds, keeping adequate church records, making timely reports to the Congregation and UFMCC, and fulfilling all responsibilities of a local church administrative body as stated in the UFMCC Bylaws.

CThe Board of Directors shall consist of nine (9) members: the Senior Pastor and eight (8) members in Good Standing elected from the membership of the congregation. To be eligible to run for the Board, A congregant must have been a member in good standing for a period of at least one year.

DThe term of office for members of the Board of Directors, except the Senior Pastor, shall be two-year staggered terms.

EThe Board of Directors shall meet at least 10 times per year. Except for executive sessions, meetings shall be open to the congregation and to the public. Meeting dates and times shall be posted in a prominent location at least 10 days prior to a regular meeting and 24 hours prior to a special meeting.

1No less than a majority of the members of the Board of Directors must be present in order to transact business.

2Minutes and financial reports shall be available to Members of the church within two (2) weeks after each meeting. Minutes shall include a record of those present and decisions made. A copy of the minutes shall become part of the permanent church records.

FDuring the January meeting following elections to the Board, the Board of Directors shall elect from among its members two Lay Leaders (of different gender identities), Clerk, and Treasurer. The term of office for officers shall be one (1) year, from January through December.

1The Senior Pastor shall serve as Moderator of the Board of Directors and Congregational Meetings. The Moderator, with input from the Board, shall set the agenda for Board meetings.

2The Clerk shall be responsible for ensuring the maintenance of official correspondence and church records, and for ensuring that accurate records are kept of all meetings of the Board of Directors and of the Congregation. The Clerk is the officer authorized to receive petitions submitted to the Board of Directors.

3The Treasurer shall be responsible for ensuring the preparation and maintenance of all financial records. This shall include a monthly financial report to the Board and an annual financial report to the Congregation. The monthly and annual financial reports shall reflect receipts, disbursements, and outstanding financial obligations.

GIn the event of a vacancy on the Board of Directors, the Board may appoint a Member to fill the vacancy until the next Congregational Meeting, when an election shall be held to fill the unexpired term.

HThe Board may remove a board member from their duties for dereliction of responsibility or other just cause upon a majority vote of the full Board of Directors.

INo director or officer of the church shall be liable for any act or failure to act by any other director or officer of the Church or by any employee of the Church. No director or officer of the Church shall be liable for any loss arising from any fault in the title to any property acquired by the Church. No director or officer of the Church shall be liable for any loss arising from any fault in any security in which the Church might invest, or from bankruptcy, insolvency, or wrongful act by any person to whom the Church might entrust any of its property. No director or officer of the church shall be liable for any loss due to error of judgment or oversight on his/her part, or for any other loss whatsoever occurring in the carrying out of the duties of his/her office, unless this loss arises from the director’s or officer’s own willful neglect or fraudulent or criminal actions.

JThe church shall protect every director and officer of the church against all costs arising in relation to his/her relations with the Church, unless they are occasioned by his/her own willful neglect or fraudulent or criminal actions.

Metropolitan Community Church of San FranciscoBoard of Directors Application

Your Name:

Date of Membership at MCCSF:

Date of Application:


The information you provide on the following pages will be reproduced exactly as it appears here for distribution in the congregational packet.

1.Why do you want to serve on the MCCSF Board of Directors?

2.What skills and strengths would you bring to the Board? (You may include a statement of your work and volunteer experience.)

3.What committee work are you interested in (i.e. building and grounds, finance, stewardship, etc.)

4.How have you served our church and community in the past?

Church/Community Organization Name / Length of
Service / Responsibility

5.Please list your experience in managing any or all of the following areas and describe what skills and expertise you will bring to the Board: Non-profit fiscal management, risk management, human resource, property and building management, stewardship and fund-raising efforts.

4. Have you ever been a Board member of this or another church or non-profit organization? If yes, what were your duties and responsibilities?

5. Briefly describe how you will balance your time and dedication to this ministry with your spiritual, personal and professional responsibilities. Will you be able to commit the time necessary to attend Board meetings and Congregational meetings? On average, Board members spend about five (5) hour each week meeting their Board responsibilities.

6. Where are you currently employed?

7. What is your position and how long have you been employed there? Briefly describe your job responsibilities.

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