COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY PRACTICE QUESTIONS (Submitted by Comp. Tech. Teachers March 2004)

COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY PRACTICE QUESTIONS (submitted by Comp. Tech. Teachers March 2004)

Module 1: Electronic Mail

An ISP is:

a)  A program to eliminate spam on your e-mail

b)  An interest savings program

c)  A service provider for an internet connection

d)  An internet service personnel organization

List the meanings of the five domain names listed below:






SPAM is:

a)  An electronic message system used in Mongolia

b)  Unsolicited mail

c)  The first electronic message from outer space

d)  The most fragile element on the CPU

The accepted rules of conduct on the Web when using e-mail or a chat room are called:

a)  Manners

b)  Netiquette

c)  Etiquette

d)  None of the above

An example of an ISP in an e-mail address is:

a)  @hotmail

b)  msmith

c)  net

d)  none of the above

T F You can only attach one document to an e-mail.

Module 2: Computer Basics

A CPU is an acronym for:

a)  computer programming universe

b)  community property unit

c)  central processing unit

d)  central programs united

Which of the following applications is best suited for organizing files on your computer in Windows?

a)  Accessories

b)  System Tools

c)  Windows Explorer

d)  Scandisk

Which command prepares a disk for use on your computer?

a)  Copy

b)  Select drive

c)  Label

d)  Format

Which feature allows you to switch between several open applications?

a)  Menu bar

b)  Program Manager

c)  Taskbar

d)  Help

Which is not true of Main Frame computers?

a)  Expensive

b)  Used by businesses

c)  Very Large

d)  Also known as a Personal Computer

The process of starting up a computer from a halted

a)  Information

b)  Boot process

c)  Data

d)  Base 2 binary code

Base 2 binary code is…

a)  A numbering system with only two digits

b)  Computer language using 0’s and 1’s

c)  Information that is created or collected and fed into the system

d)  Facts used by a computer

Storage Capacity Is expressed in units of the decimal system. Some of the common terms used are:

Kilobyte Megabyte Byte Terabyte Gigabyte

List the smallest storage to the largest:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

T F The hard disk of a computer is a rigid magnetic disk mounted permanently in a computer.

A plural word for disks, tapes, CD’s DVD’s, or other device that hold data:

a)  CD

b)  Media

c)  Medium

d)  DVD

The ability to run more than one application at a time is called:

a)  Minimize

b)  Restore

c)  Maximize

d)  Multi-tasking

Megabyte refers to:

a)  Computer speed

b)  Computer memory

c)  Monitor resolution

d)  Boot process

Megahertz refers to:

a)  Computer speed

b)  Computer memory

c)  Monitor resolution

d)  Boot process

Module 3: Word Processing (Reports, Memos, Letters)


____On the Works Cited or Reference page the references are listed in the order they appear in the report.

____Vertical refers to the width of a paper in portrait style.

____In the report if an author is mentioned with the quotation, the author is not listed in the Textual Citation.

____Modified block letter is probably used more in offices than any other letter style.

____Reference initials are capitalized.

____Reference initials are always included in a business letter.

____Memos Headings are typed with initial caps.

____Letters are generally double spaced.

____Reports are generally double spaced.

____Citations are necessary whether the material is directly quoted or paraphrased.

____You leave 4 blank lines after the date.

____Overtype is when you type and erase at the same time. You use the Insert key to turn it on.

On the Works Cited page in reports, the references use a

a)  Hanging indent

b)  First line indent

c)  Right and left indent

d)  All of the above

Widows and orphans are:

a)  One line from a paragraph that is alone at the top or bottom of a page

b)  Punctuation errors

c)  Spacing errors

d)  Spelling errors

Memos include all of these in the heading except:

a)  Date

b)  Subject

c)  Address

d)  To

A function where words can be moved from one point to another is called:

a)  Move and replace

b)  Send and retrieve

c)  Find and replace

d)  Cut and paste

Word wrap means that you must:

a)  Press enter at the end of the line to get it to go to the next line

b)  Single space the paragraph

c)  Press the wordwrap command to continue typing

d)  Typing reaches the margin & the typing moves to the next line automatically


a)  Address of person receiving letter

b)  Address of person sending letter

c)  Sincerely yours

d)  Person typing the letter

e)  Dear and name

f)  Mixed or standard punctuation

g)  Open punctuation

h)  All begins at left margin

____Inside or letter address


____Reference initials

____Return address

____Block letter

____No punctuation after salutation or complimentary close

____Complimentary close

To justify text means that:

a)  Text is centered

b)  Text is lined up on the left margin

c)  Text is lined up evenly on both the right and left margin

d)  Text is lined up on the right margin

The keystroke to get the insertion point to the beginning of the line is

a)  End

b)  Insert

c)  Home

d)  Ctrl + home

When you quadruple space in a word processing document:

a)  There are 4 blank lines

b)  Enter 3 times

c)  Press the space bar 4 times

d)  There are 3 blank lines

T F You can paste the contents of the clipboard as many times as you wish.

When you have files that are similar in nature it is more efficient to store them in:

a)  A file

b)  Collection

c)  Folder

d)  CD-R

When one wants to create aligned lists of text, what is the bet feature to use?

a)  Space bar

b)  Tabs

c)  Shift key

d)  Sort

Open punctuation means:

a)  A comma after the salutation and complimentary closing

b)  No return address

c)  No punctuation after the salutation or complimentary closing

d)  A colon after the salutation and a comma after the complimentary closing

Module 4: Spreadsheets

On a worksheet, the cell that has the dark border around it is known as:

a)  The dark border cell

b)  The format painter cell

c)  The active cell

d)  The past special cell

A1 is the location of the intersecting column and row on the top left of the worksheet. These coordinates are called:

a)  Cell addresses

b)  Status lines

c)  Cell locators

d)  Formula bars

Which is an example of a properly formatted function?

a)  =(SUM)B12:B15

b)  =B5+B6+B7+B8

c)  =SUMB12:B15

d)  =SUM(B12:B15)

Which of the following represents the multiplication operator?

a)  *

b)  +

c)  /

d)  @

What is the name for the vertical information that is labeled A, B, c, etc?

a)  Columns

b)  Data

c)  Rows

d)  Worksheets

T F Values are numbers used in calculations

T F A range is defined as one or more cells.

T F Moving and copying data are the same thing.

What commands would one use to control the appearance of the spreadsheet?

a)  Formatting commands

b)  Chart commands

c)  Graphic commands

d)  Standard commands

What are the three types of information that can be typed in a cell:

a)  Database, forms, charts

b)  Values (numbers), labels (text), formulas

c)  Sum, Average, Count

d)  Operators, Functions, Arguments

Module 5: On-line Information Resources

URL stands for:

a)  Unit range labels

b)  Uniform resource locater

c)  Unusual resource listings

d)  Unit rows listing

Text or graphics used in a web document to jump to another site or page are called:

a)  Hyperlinks

b)  Browsers

c)  ISP

d)  URL is an example of a(n):

a)  Doc

b)  E-mail address

c)  URL

d)  FTP

Which of the following security issues could cause you problems on the Internet?

a)  Unauthorized access and use

b)  Theft

c)  System failure

d)  Right of privacy

e)  All of the above

Computers that are connected within a confined space such as a shool or office building are an example of:

a)  WAN

b)  SPAM

c)  LAN

d)  ISP

What is HTML?

a)  Web language

b)  Protocol for transfer

c)  Links

d)  Web addresses

What is HTTP?

a)  Web language

b)  Protocol for transfer

c)  Links

d)  Web addresses

T F Boolean operators are only used when writing web pages.

Module 6: Presentations


____You can apply a template to select slides, or all of the slides in a presentation.

____If you want to add text to a slide that does not have a placeholder for it, you can create a text box.

____You can copy and insert an entire presentation into a new presentation.

____You can set the slide show so that it continues to play again and again by setting Loop continuously.

A presentation can include which of the following items?

a)  Text

b)  Charts

c)  Video clips

d)  All of the above

The ______view displays your slides on the top of the page with the speaker notes for each slide in the Notes pane on the bottom of the page.

a)  Slide sorter

b)  Notes page

c)  Slide show

d)  Handouts

Which of the following cannot be done in Slide Sorter?

a)  Delete slides

b)  Rearrange order of slides

c)  Change transitions

d)  Animation of objects

Which of these is the 7x7 rule (or 6x6 rule):

a)  Workable space on slides is 7 inches by 7 inches

b)  No less than 7 slides

c)  No more than 7 lines of 7 words per line

d)  Objects will be 7x larger when show on projector

Boxes that automatically display when you create a slide are called:

a)  Placeholders

b)  Graphic area

c)  Text box

d)  Placebox

Transitions are:

a)  Bullets & Numbers

b)  Animation of objects

c)  Special effects used between slides

d)  Design templates

Module 7: Ethics

What does AUP stand for?

Which is NOT an example of keeping a computer safe from a virus?

a)  Not opening e-mail from an unknown sender

b)  Scan all newly obtained disks, programs, and files

c)  Install anti-virus software, and keep it updated

d)  Obtain and install all of the software you can get, no matter where it comes from

Getting into a computer system without proper access rights is called:

a)  Hacking

b)  Ethics

c)  Viruses

d)  Surfing

T F Chase just purchased a new computer game. He loaded the game on his computer and his friend’s computer. That’s legal, but not ethical.

T F When you buy software, you are not buying the software itself. You are buying a license to use the software.

T F Copyright laws have “fair use” provisions that let you paraphrase or quote small portions of someone else’s work without restrictions.

What is NOT a way to help avoid a virus?

a)  Install a firewall program

b)  Use a safe web browser and e-mail client

c)  Copy the host program

d)  Scan all newly obtained disks, programs, & files

What is a type of electronic infection?

a)  Viruses

b)  Trojan Horses

c)  Worms

d)  All of the above

T F Ethics are legal rules of right and wrong behavior which govern the conduct of an individual or a group.

There is software available on the Internet that is free for anyone to use. It is called ______.

There is software available on the Internet that can be downloaded for a trial period, but when the uses or time is up, a person must pay for it to continue using it. This software is called ______.