Committees and Meeting Times Are As Follows

Committees and Meeting Times Are As Follows

Committees and meeting times are as follows:

Open House/ X-mas party:

You must come up with the date, time, place and activities for the FFA open house. You also must decide whom to invite and if there is food, what kind.

Members: Daniel Julson, Adam Julson, Amanda Damm, Anna Wiese, Adam Witte, Holist Sutton, Lexi Smith. Daniel is the Chairman.

Meeting time: Meet during homeroom on Monday, Nov. 8, 2004 in the tech room next door. (check in w/ Mr. C. 1st)

Chapter trip Committee:

You need to decide on a location for our FFA ski trip. You need to determine the best time to take the trip and how much it will cost. You will bring your findings back to the chapter at the December meeting for approval.

Members: Adam Witte, Wes Jepsen, and Casey Kneebone

Meeting time: Meet during homeroom on Monday, Nov. 8, 2004 in the old middle school lounge. (check in w/ Mr. C. 1st)

Meeting recreation Committee:

You need to come up with recreation, entertainment, or food for all the meetings. You task is to meet 1 week prior to every meeting to make arrangements for that meeting. Each activity needs to be approved by Mr. Christiansen.

Members: Adam Witte, Joe Giegling, and Ben Parsley

Meeting time: Your next meeting time will be December 6, during homeroom. You will have to work with the x-mas party committee for the Dec. meeting.

Public Relations Committee:

Members: Adam Julson (co-chair), Holist S. (co-chair), John Feske, Adam Witte, and Ryan Warner.

FFA Week Committee:

You need to decide and coordinate the events of FFA week, which is February 21- 25, 2005. Some of the events have been decided. You will also be in charge of carrying out the communications plan from the Ag Communications team CDE.

Members: Daniel Julson (co-chair), Amanda Damm (co-chair), Jordan Christensen, Shauni Dietrich, Tyrel Deutscher, Grady Eikmeier, and Josslyn Khorti.

Meeting time: Meet in January

Chapter Banquet:

You will decide on the activities of the FFA banquet which will be held on May 13 @ 6:30. You will be in charge of developing a script for the speakers and awards ceremonies.

Members: Anna Wiese (chair), Anthony Sutton, John Feske

Meeting time: Meet in early April

Fruit Sales Committee:

You need to make sure everybody has their money in for the fruit they sold. You will also add up the amounts that need to be ordered. Another task is to distribute the awards properly.

Members: Adam Witte (chair), Justin Hagedorn, Kyle Gschwind, Abby Hale

Point System Committee:

You need to make sure everybody gets points for all activities. You should make sure that there are signup sheets at all events. You should meet after every FFA activity to put additional points into the point system file.

Members: Anna Wiese (chair), Abby Hale

Concessions Committee:

You should set up workers for every concession stand duty that the FFA takes care of. Work closely with Mr. Witt to determine what needs to be done. You should be at as many concession stand duties as possible. You are also required to make the students aware of their turn to work and make sure people show up.

Members: Amanda Damm (chair), Kaity Giegling

Meeting time: Talk with Mr. Witt to get a list of all games. Then meet on Friday, Nov. 12, 2004 during homeroom to schedule work times for members.

Community Service Committee:

You need to set up as many community service projects as possible for the chapter. You should get at least 4 done to meet the goal that the officers set. You should talk to possible connections for service opportunities.

Members: Adam Julson (co-chair), Holist S. (co-chair), Jordan Christensen, Aaron Bellot, Brandon Torrence

Meeting time: Meet at least 1 time per month to discuss opportunities and ideas. Meet during homeroom on Friday, Nov 12, 2004 to decide on the next community service activity that will be done before December 31, 2004.