Commitment to Quality Patient Revisited for the Future

Commitment to Quality Patient Revisited for the Future

Commitment to Quality Patient Revisited for the Future

When you go to the grocery to purchase any product, you put your money down on the counter and in return you have an expectation of getting something of consistent quality in return, Right? You expect that the product you purchased will live up to your expectations time after time after time.

You expect that product to be what it claims to be. You expect it to deliver on the promises that the manufacturer made when you read about it in the newspaper or your magazine or the internet or saw it on your TV in the privacy of your home.

You would not buy something knowingly if it was broken or rotten or was going to make you sick? In fact, you would return it for a refund if it was broken or failed to do what it was supposed to do or broke the first time you opened the package, wouldn’t you? I think you would!

When you make an investment in time or money for goods and services then you do so with a real and legitimate expectation of getting something of quality in return. If you didn’t then you would certainly not purchase that same product again, would you? I think not!

The same shouldbe expected from the healthcare product (treatment or procedure) you receive.

The same canbe expected from the healthcare product you receive.

The same will be mandated for the healthcare product you receive. And that day is coming sooner than you think!

The future of healthcare and the products (treatments or procedures) you receive will soon be delivered in a totally new and exciting format. In the very near future, you and everyone who receives healthcare in this country will get to review the effectiveness of different treatments and operations before you receive them.Thisinformation will tell you just how successful theproposed treatment or procedure will be. The information will be real and based on universally accepted tracking and reporting outcomes.The results of medical treatments from both your own physician’s past care results and those of thousands of other patients across the country will be compared and available for your review before you undergo any treatment or procedure..

For the first time, each and every patient will not depend on “blind faith” when making a decision about whether or not a treatment or procedure will be a good one for you. For the first time, your treating physician will have to provide his or her actual patient care results so you can have confidence that the physician you chose and the treatment you are going to undergo will have a reasonable chance at being effective for you, compared to other treatment options and other physician results. You can then make a more informed decision about whether or not to have the specific treatment that is recommended.

Patients will still have the privilege and right to choosethe physician they want based on his or her reputation of experience, compassion, sincerity, and skill, but in the very near future, each patient will have the additional tool of being able to see and compare what treatments really work and which physicians do it the best!

Appreciating this new direction of quality patient commitment, the healthcare professionals at River City Orthopaedic Surgeonswill make available the results of our patient care surgical results on a regular basis as the data is accumulated for publication throughout the year. Here is the latest information that is available for the treatment of single level, lumbar disc disease that we have treated using the minimally invasive surgical spine technique call “MAST TLIF”.

MAST TLIF -One Level Fusion Results for Symptomatic Low Back Disc Pain
Average time to return to work after surgery? / 11 Weeks
Average time in the hospital ? / 13 1/2 hours
Chance of infection? / 0%
Chance of discontinuing Narcotics by 6 months after surgery? / 88%
Chance of returning to surgery after your procedure? / 5%
Chance of another disc going bad because of the surgery? / 0%
Chance of a solid fusion of the Disc / 99%