Climate Change s1

Climate change

1. Before watching the video make sure you understand all these words and word combinations & how to pronounce them:

CO2 -

Come from -


Float up –

Electricity –

Power station –

Cover –

Blanket –

Heat –

drought –

Cyclone –

Wave –

Coral reef –

Warm up –

Go back –

Switch off –

2. Watch the video and answer the questions:

a) What gas do cars, power stations and planes make?

b) Do planes produce more or less CO2 than cars?

c) What simile does the video use to describe the high level of C02 in the air?

d.) How does leaving your lights on increase the level of CO2 in the air?

e.) What is climate change?

f.) What is a drought?

g.) Explain the cause-effect relationship between global warming and dead fish. Include droughts, cyclones & coral reefs in your answer.

h.) What can we do to reduce C02 emissions? Include one way you know of that is not mentioned in the video?

3. Tell if these sentences are true or false. Correct the false statements.

a) When people use lots of cars CO2 doesn’t go up into the air.

b) The air is hot because of the CO2 blanket.

c) Cyclones are small storms.

4. Sum up the video in your own words:

RLA Connection: Review your sentence structure skills!

Correct these fragments and SVA issues.

1. Instead of driving a car.

2. Climate change making the air too hot.

3. The heat cause drought not enough rain

Correct the punctuation. (Think about rules for complex and compound sentences, appositives, introductory phrases and items in a list.)

4. Because lots of people use cars lots of C02 goes up in the air.

5. When we drive a car the engine makes C02.

6. Giant storms or cyclones create big waves that smash up corral reefs.

7. The Great Barrier Reef a magnificent Australian destination is being damaged by pollution.

8. How can we protect beautiful places like the Great Barrier Reef

9. There is many things we can do, we can walk places instead of taking the car.

10. If we make less C02 we can make the Great Barrier Reef a safe, and happy, home for all the animals and plants.

Correct the parallelism, SVA & pronoun errors:

11. Cars, power stations and riding in planes they all cause CO2 emissions.

12. We should walk, ride a bike or we should take a bus instead of driving a car or fly.

13. Everyone need to turn off the lights, computers and turn off the TV when you are not in the room.

Fix the misplaced modifier:

14. A major cause of global warming, experts want to reduce C02 emissions.