Class Xi (Computer Science)

Class Xi (Computer Science)


  1. Write a function having prototype : int replace(char * string, char ch1, char ch2); Have the function replace every occurrence of the ch1 in the string with ch2. Call this function in main program.
  2. Write a complete C++ program to swap two numbers using call by reference method.
  3. Write two c++ program to convert a string to upper case using a standard library function or without using a standard library function.
  4. Write a program to reverse the string.
  5. Write a program to count number of words present in a string.
  6. Write a program to multiply two matrices.
  7. Write a program to find sum of each row of a matrix.
  8. Write a program to find smallest element in a 1-D array using function.
  9. Write a program to find smallest element in a 1-D array.
  10. Write a program to read and check equality of two matrices.
  11. Write a program to read sales of 5 salesmen in 12 months and print total sales made by each salesman.
  12. Write a program to accept sales of each day of the month and print the total sales of the month.
  13. Create a structure student having following information- roll no, name, marks and date of birth(dd/mm/yy). Write a program to input and print information of 5 students.
  14. Create a structure employee having following information- empno, name, adderss(house no., street, city and state) and date of joining(dd/mm/yy). Write a program to input and print information of 5 employees.

Class XI (IP)

  1. Create a table employee having following specifications:

Col Name / Datatype / Size / Constraint
Eid / Char / 3 / Primary Key
Name / Varchar / 15 / Not Null
Qualification / Varchar / 5
Gender / Char / 1
  1. Consider the tables Employee ,write SQL commands:

Table : Employee

Eid / Name / Deptid / Qualification
1 / Deepali / 101 / MBA
2 / Rajat / 101 / BCA
3 / Hari / 102 / B.A
4 / Harry / 102 / M.A
5 / Sumit / 103 / BCA
6 / Jyoti / 101 / MCA

(i) To display the name and Depid of all employees.

(ii) To list the names of those female employees.

(iii) To add a new column named DateJoin (datatype date)in the table .

(iv) To add a new record in Employee table with the following values:
7,”Vikram”,101, “MBA”, “M”

(v) To display all the records of the table .

(vi) To change the depid of Deepali to 102

  1. What is SQL and My SQL.
  1. What are the different categories of SQL Commands.
  1. Briefly explain the following :

i) Primary Key

ii) Tuple

iii) Attribute

iv) Domain

v) Foreign Key

vi) Degree

vii) Cardinality

6.) What are the three data models

7. Differentiate between Update and Alter commands in SQL.