Chapter 19 Lesson 2 (439-442) Questions, the Watergate Scandal

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Borgmann, America in History 3

Chapter 19 Lesson 2 (439-442) Questions, The Watergate Scandal

Directions: Read the Lesson. Answer the following objectives by answering the questions. Use the page numbers and the requested amount of answers. Bulleted answers are preferred in phrases/sentences. Include evidence such as names/programs and descriptions

Objectives: Describe the events leading up to the Watergate break-in.

Describe the Watergate break-in and cover-up

Evaluate the effect of the Watergate scandal

1.  How would Nixon get in trouble because of the 1972 election/ (339-2)

2.  What were the roots of the Watergate Scandal and how did the media gain attention to the scandal? (439-4)

3.  What character flaws and atmosphere led to Nixon and his insecurity? (439/440-4)

4.  How did advisors try to help Nixon get elected in 1972? (440-3)

5.  What alerted the media about James McCord and others who broke into the Watergate Hotel? (440-3)

6.  What was involved in the Watergate cover-up? (440-4)

7.  What became shocking during the testimony of Watergate? (440/441-3)

8.  What did Nixon argue about the Watergate tapes and what would happen to Archibald Coc? (441-3)

9.  What did the Supreme Court decide about the Watergate tape recordings? (441-1)

10.  What were the charges brought against Nixon? (442-3)

11.  What did Rosemary Woods claim about the tapes? (442-1)

12.  How would Americans and reporter Bob Woodward feel about American government after Watergate? (442-3)