Notice of Location of Abandoned Personal Property

NOTICE OF LOCATION OF ABANDONED PERSONAL PROPERTY.This notice is to inform you that any personal belongings found in the unit at this time have been removed and placed into storage. The items are located at the following location: ______

Permit Review Section s18

THE MARYLAND-NATIONAL CAPITAL PARK AND PLANNING COMMISSION.PERMIT REVIEW SECTION.14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive, Upper Marlboro Md. 20772.Permit Reviewer: Michelle Hughes 10966-2016-U.Telephone Number: (301) 952-5409 March 15, 2016.Fax Number: (301) 952-4141 Finian s Court Apts.Permit Status

Guaranty of Lease s1

GUARANTY OF LEASE.I understand that ______(Owner) will lease a residential dwelling to______(Tenant) for a term beginning on or about ______August 1______, 20___, subject to my signing this guaranty

Montana Land Title Association s1

Montana Land Title Association.2013 SPRING EDUCATION.SEMINAR AGENDA.10:00 a.m. MLTA Ex. Committee Meeting.1:00 p.m. MLTA Foundation 9-hole Golf Scramble/fundraiser sign in, Bill Roberts Golf Course.1:30 p.m. Golf Tournament begins

The Grand Lodge Crested Butte Resort Condominium Association

THE GRAND LODGE CRESTED BUTTE RESORT CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION.NAME, LOCATION, AND OBJECT.The name of the corporation is The Grand Lodge Crested Butte Resort Condominium Association (the Association ). The principal office of the Association shall initially

Estate Agents Act 1980

Estate Agents Act 1980.Version incorporating amendments as at 1 July 2015.table of provisions.1 Short title and commencement 1.Part I Introduction 1.5 Act not to apply to Government Departments etc. 17.Part IIA The Estate Agents Council 22.6 Estate Agents Council 22.6A Objectives of the Council 25

The Support Centre

Housing Services.Office use only.EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES MONITORING INFORMATION.All information collected for monitoring purposes is confidential.S: MT AMALGAMATION - SHOLEBROKE AND HOUSING EQ OPPS MONITORING INFO+ CONSENT FORM

Planned Unit Development &

PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENT &.SUBDIVISION STAFF REPORT Date: March 4, 2004.DEVELOPMENT NAME Heron Lakes Subdivision, Phase One, Resubdivision of Lot 18.SUBDIVISION NAME Heron Lakes Subdivision, Phase One, Resubdivision of Lot 18.LOCATION 1220 Heron Lakes Circle


ADJUSTED GROSS HOUSEHOLD INCOME.SWORN STATEMENT AND RETURN.Senior Citizen Exemption for Persons Age 65 and Over.Section 196.075, Florida Statutes Application year 20.This statement must be filed each year with the property appraiser by March 1. Initial Renewal*

2001 State REALTOR of the Year Nominee

2016 State REALTOR of the Year Nomination.from the ______Board/Association of REALTORS

Realtor Code of Ethics

Realtor Code of Ethics.(2) Duties to Customers.(3) Duties to the Public.(4) Duties to other Realtors.These are the Duties to Customers (abbreviated). Every Realtor is expected to abide by the letter and spirit of these words. Realtors shall

Owner Environmental Questionnaire & Disclosure Statement

OWNER ENVIRONMENTAL QUESTIONNAIRE & DISCLOSURE STATEMENT.The questionnaire MUST be completed and signed by the current property owner, notarized in the spaces indicated and submitted with the application. The Owner must supply and attach evidence of ownership

RE 46 Title Report

42 YEAR REPORT ABBREVIATED REPORT UPDATE.This Title Report covers the time period from to . The undersigned hereby verifies that this Title Report is an abstract of the real estate records for that period of time, which reflects all currently relevant

For Consumer Protection Act Purposes Please Answer the Following

You are about to complete an application to rent premises from Afhco Property Management. In order to process your application, please make sure that all information is submitted to our Letting Offices. Please contact 011224 2437 or 011224 2430 should you need any assistance

Right Now You Are a Customer

(Form 2) AGENCY LAW IN IDAHO Effective July 1, 2004.A real estate brokerage and its licensees can provide buyers and sellers valuable real estate services, whether in the form of basic customer services, or at a higher level by providing Agency Representation

Your New Board Is Working to Enhance the Appearance of the Neighborhood

Broad Street Neighborhood Association.Your new board is working to enhance the appearance of our neighborhood.A first step in that direction By the middle of March, the hodge-podge of often-ugly real estate For Sale and For Rent signs that now blight