Cascade Crossfires

Cascade Crossfires

Cascade Crossfires

Board Tasks

Draft revised 1/6/15

Updated Treasurer section 1/14/15


  • Call & preside over board meetings and elections as directed in the by-laws
  • Assure that the board sets dates for board meetings and elections & carries out the election
  • Set and announce the agenda for board meetings
  • Notify board members and club members of meeting day, time & place [President or Secretary?]
  • Makes arrangements for the board meeting location, including reservations, if necessary [President or person designated by the President--could be the VP or Secretary]
  • Arrange for nominations for the next board [Cooperative effort by the entire board]
  • Form a committee?
  • Ask members for nominations (via contact at club functions, email and/or phone)
  • Host & MC club activities

President [Club-to-Communitytasks that are often delegated]

  • Represent the Cascade Crossfires to the Mt. Baker Council and the community
  • Be the Mt. Baker Council Delegate or appoint one
  • Appoint an alternate Mt. Baker Council Delegate
  • Facilitate communication with the Grange/Maintain a good rapport with the grange master and other grange contacts [May require membership in the grange]
  • Arrange for caravans with other clubs [currently delegated to the Caravan Chairman]

Mt Baker Council Delegate—reports to/coordinates with the board

  • Attend Mt. Baker Council meetings
  • Participate in the exchange of ideas
  • Share what Crossfires is doing & state any need for information, assistance, collaboration
  • Bring back info & ideas

President/Vice-President [Contracts tasks that are often delegated to the Vice-President]

  • Coordinate all tasks involved with conducting lessons. [Lesson Coordinator] This might be a separate role if marketing, communicating with [prospective] students, negotiating contracts, and managing contracts, and hall setup tasks are implemented by a variety of people.
  • Make arrangements (pre-contract) with the dance hall for:
  • Lessons & workshops
  • Dances
  • Make arrangements (pre-contract) with callers & cuers for:
  • Lessons & workshops
  • Dances
  • Coordinate with [Treasurer] to complete the written contract.
  • Notify the board of the agreement and any variation on the “understood” parameters of the agreement (outside of price range or other unexpected arrangements)
  • Manage contracts with dance hall agent
  • Initiate & maintains written contracts with dance hall agent
  • Notify board of booking status and changes/ future changes in booking rates or agreements
  • Manage contracts with callers & cuers
  • Initiate & maintains written contracts with callers and cuers
  • Notify board of booking status and changes/ future changes in booking rates or agreements with callers & cuers

President/Vice-President/Treasurer [Contracts tasks that are often delegated to the Vice-President or Treasurer]

  • Initiate & maintain written contracts with dance hall agent
  • Notify board of booking status and changes/ future changes in booking rates or agreements


  • Perform the President’s responsibilities when the President is his/her absent
  • Perform duties delegated by the President. These duties often involve setting up contracts with callers, cuers, and dance halls.


  • Maintain a table at dances & classes & collect dance, lesson, and membership fees
  • Maintain attendance list during workshops/lessons/dances and keep them on file for possible future audit
  • Collect receipt from raffle winners (e.g. Split The Pot) for the winning amount paid and keep on file
  • Maintain bank account (checking, savings)
  • Be the official signee for these accounts (on file with the bank – currently BECU)
  • Keep debit card , online login credentials safe and secure
  • Backup of login credentials must be in a closed envelope at the Club President (is currently with Cathy Bruhn)
  • Pay dance hall rent monthly according to Club related dance hall usage
  • Pay Callers and Cuers after each dance, or if agreed with Club Callers - monthly
  • Deposit receipts into the club bank account
  • Write checks for expenses approved by the board
  • Keep an accounting of club income and expenditures, give a status report at every board meeting
  • Keep all receipts and ATM slips incl. images of deposited checks on file
  • Notify the board of financial concerns or changes in financial condition immediately
  • Create & present financial reports:
  • Cascade Crossfires board
  • Year End summary – upon end of FY (Cascade Crossfires FY starts June 1st and ends May 31st – this is filed with the IRS !!! )
  • Respond to inquiries from Mt. Baker Council or Washington State Square Dance Federation about Club’s financial status should such a request occur [Peter: Council / Federation never requested a report so far ]
  • File Tax report with IRS – yearly within 90 days after end of FY

“Postcard” report 990N


  • Maintain Board Meeting Minutes
  • Take board minutes [assigned by the by-laws]
  • Distribute board minutes to board members [and the membership?] [assigned by the by-laws]
  • Maintain an updated set of officer tasks, as delegated by the President or determined by the board [not assigned by the by-laws, but makes sense to Diana]

Past President

  • Offers advice to the board
  • Attends board meetings

PRESIDENT OR BOARD TO DELEGATE these tasks to individuals, committees, or the board as a whole:

Membership, Marketing, & Publicity Tasks

These are functions not assigned by the by-laws that the President could delegate to a committee or non-officer of the club, but an officer or the board as a whole should oversee the function

  • Maintain membership records
  • Maintain membership roster & update contact information
  • Verify dues status [Membership & Treasurer coord]
  • Order member (and other)badges
  • Head up recruitment & retention efforts to include:
  • Design a plan for recruitment and retention
  • Create & distributeads in appropriate publications for lessons & dances [delegated to the caller; coordinates with officer negotiating contracts]
  • Create flyers and other materials/mediums to recruit members
  • Maintain a list of venues and see that in-person and/or materials are made available for promoting the Crossfires
    Suggestion: Share the list with officers and active members and ask them to add to the list of venues and to volunteer to “cover” certain venues. Include “Plus in a Week” at Circle 8, council, and state venues
  • Promote Angel participation at lessons and dances
  • Maintain the Crossfire website on a regular basis [Currently delegated to the “Webmaster”]
  • Take photos of club lessons, dances, activities to use on website and promotions [“Club Photographer”]

Social & Activities Tasks

  • Plan club activities (with dates & venues)[currently delegated to the Vice-President]
  • Present plans to the board for approval
  • Arrange special dances and classes [currently delegated to the Vice-President]
  • Arrange for caravans with other clubs [currently delegated to the Caravan Chairman]
  • Plan social activities (campouts, picnics, unofficial caravans, joint activities with other clubs, etc)
  • Set up dance hall for lessons & dances [This has been done as a board, whoever gets there first.]
  • Open the hall
  • Assure dance floor is clean
  • Set up hall (chairs, help caller setup stage)
  • Set up kitchen, including water, coffee, tea
  • Decorate [could have a committee to decorate for special dances or the board itself can continue to plan this]
  • Cleanup and lock the hall
  • Monitor & replace supplies
  • Cups, bowls, plastic silver, napkins
  • Coffee, tea, sweetener, creamer