Carriers Granted Extensions of the Deadline

Carriers Granted Extensions of the Deadline

Appendix A

Carriers Granted Extensions of the Deadline

for Complying with CALEA Section 103

Carrier NameTRS NumberFBI Carrier ID

21st. Century Telecom Group700018645

24-7 Telcom, Incorporated8045801335

3 Rivers Telephone Cooperative, Inc.805677100

Ace Link Telecommunications, Inc.819750142

Ace Telephone Association802095140

Ace Telephone Company of Michigan, Inc.802098141

Adelphi Business Solutions of Vermont, Incorporated8112221175

Advanced TelCom Group, Incorporated8171681204

Alahambra-Grantfork Telephone Company801075250

Alaska Communications Systems, Inc.803328941

Alaska Power and Telephone Company700013488

Albany Mutual Telephone Association802557165

Albion Telephone Company805926929

Alenco Communications Incorporated802461438

All West Communications809003985

ALLTEL Alabama, Inc.80503567

ALLTEL Arkansas, Inc.80508367

ALLTEL Carolina, Inc.80508967

ALLTEL Communications, Inc.80203667

ALLTEL Communications, Inc.80203567

ALLTEL Communications, Inc.80625867

ALLTEL Florida, Inc.80508067

ALLTEL Georgia Communications Co.80510267

ALLTEL Georgia, Inc.80506267

ALLTEL Kentucky, Inc.80514967

ALLTEL Mississippi, Inc.80512267

ALLTEL Missouri, Inc.80504467

ALLTEL New York, Inc.80507467

ALLTEL Ohio, Inc.80508667

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Carrier NameTRS NumberFBI Carrier ID

ALLTEL Oklahoma, Inc.80513467

ALLTEL Pennsylvania, Inc.80509267

ALLTEL South Carolina, Inc.80505967

Alpine Communications L.C.814655324

Amelia Telephone Company806607781

Amery Telcom, Incorporated80257836

Arapahoe Telephone Company804543986

Arizona Telephone Company805434781

Arkansas Telephone Company802047601

Arvig Telephone Company806766781

ATX Telecommunications Services Incorporated8087941210

Avista Communications of Idaho Incorporated8204721219

Avista Communications of Montana Incorporated8204781219

Banardsville Telephone Company806562781

Bay Springs Long Distance, Incorporated8130201340

Bayland Telephone, Incorporated801918411

Bell Atlantic - Delaware Incorporated (now Verizon)806295967

Bell Atlantic - Maryland Incorporated (now Verizon)806304967

Bell Atlantic - New Jersey Incorporated (now Verizon)806313967

Bell Atlantic - Pennsylvania Incorporated (now Verizon)806298967

Bell Atlantic - Virginia Incorporated (now Verizon)806307967

Bell Atlantic - West Virginia Incorporated (now Verizon)806310967

Bell Atlantic -Washington, D.C. Incorporated (now Verizon)806301967

BellSouth Telecommunications, Incorporated802971117

Bergen Telephone Company803247741

Big Bend Telephone, Incorporated806943949

Blanca Telephone Company8046211264

Bloomingdale Home Telephone Company809612304

Blossom Telephone Company8034691182

Blue Valley Telephone Company8066611282

Brazos Telecommunications, Inc.811130679

Brazos Telephone Cooperative, Inc.802158678

Buggs Island Telephone Cooperative801312825

Burlington, Brighton, and Wheatland Telephone Company805569781

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Carrier NameTRS NumberFBI Carrier ID

Bush-Tell Incorporated801342935

Butler Telephone Company806589781

Cablevision LightPath, Incorporated809451641

Calhoun City Telephone Company806637781

Cambridge Telephone Company805719362

Cambridge Telephone Company806475692

Camden Telephone and Telegraph Company, Inc.806823781

Cameron Telephone Company806349659

Cameron Telephone Company806349658

CapRock Telecommunications Corporation8114781192

Carnegie Telephone Company803595766

Carr Telephone Company803700517

Central Arkansas Telephone Cooperative, Incorporated807135597

Century Telephone of North Mississippi, Incorporated804168800

CenturyTel Adamsville, Incorporated804213800

CenturyTel of Arkansas, Incorporated804171800

CenturyTel of Central Indiana, Inc. Colorado804234800

CenturyTel of Central Indiana, Incorporated804195800

CenturyTel of Central Louisiana, Incorporated804162800

CenturyTel of Chatham, Incorporated804252800

CenturyTel of Chester804207800

CenturyTel of Claiborne Incorporated804159800

CenturyTel of Cowiche, Incorporated807099800

CenturyTel of Eagle, Incorporated806277800

CenturyTel of East Louisiana, Incorporated804177800

CenturyTel of Eastern Oregon, Incorporated806263800

CenturyTel of Evangeline804186800

CenturyTel of Fairwater-Brandon-Alto, Incorporated803583800

CenturyTel of Forestville, Incorporated804222800

CenturyTel of Idaho, Incorporated804210800

CenturyTel of Inter Island, Incorporated806260800

CenturyTel of Lake Dallas, Incorporated802890800

CenturyTel of Larsen-Readfield, Incorporated804225800

CenturyTel of Michigan, Incorporated804219800

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Carrier NameTRS NumberFBI Carrier ID

CenturyTel of Midwest, Incorporated804201800

CenturyTel of Midwest-Kendall801408800

CenturyTel of Midwest-Wisconsin, Incorporated817862800

CenturyTel of Minnesota, Incorporated805554800

CenturyTel of Monroe County, Incorporated804228800

CenturyTel of Montana, Incorporated806265800

CenturyTel of Mountain Home, Incorporated804165800

CenturyTel of North Louisiana, Incorporated804174800

CenturyTel of Northern Michigan, Incorporated804256800

CenturyTel of Northern Wisconsin, Incorporated804237800

CenturyTel of Northwest Louisiana, Incorporated804198800

CenturyTel of Northwest Wisconsin, Incorporated804231800

CenturyTel of Odon, Incorporated804192800

CenturyTel of Ohio, Incorporated804249800

CenturyTel of Ooltewah-Collegedale, Incorporated804246800

CenturyTel of Oregon, Incorporated806262800

CenturyTel of Port Arkansas, Incorporated804156800

CenturyTel of Postville, Incorporate805557800

CenturyTel of Redfield, Incorporated804216800

CenturyTel of Ringgold, Incorporated804759800

CenturyTel of San Marcos, Incorporated804255800

CenturyTel of South Arkansas, Incorporated804180800

CenturyTel of Southeast Louisiana, Incorporated804183800

CenturyTel of Southern Wisconsin, Incorporated805725800

CenturyTel of Southwest Louisiana804189800

CenturyTel of the Gem State, Incorporated817854800

CenturyTel of the Southwest, Incorporated817886800

CenturyTel of Upper Michigan, Incorporated815632800

CenturyTel of Washington, Incorporated806259800

CenturyTel of Wisconsin, Incorporated804204800

CenturyTel of Wyoming806274800

CFW Communications807075451

CFW Communications807075430

Cherokee Telephone Company8036851171

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Carrier NameTRS NumberFBI Carrier ID

Choice One Communications of Massachusetts, Inc.819050720

Choice One Communications of Rhode Island, Inc.819046720

Chorus Networks, Incorporated806861777

Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company805713801

Circle Telephone Company814731838

Citizens Mountain State Telephone Company8050381125

Citizens Telecommunications Company of California8028931112

Citizens Telecommunications Company of Idaho8039941115

Citizens Telecommunications Company of Illinois8207161312

Citizens Telecommunications Company of Minnesota, 8040251313

Incorporated (now Verizon)

Citizens Telecommunications Company of Nebraska8207181311

Citizens Telecommunications Company of Oregon8051371121

Citizens Telecommunications Company of Tennesse8039311122

Citizens Telecommunications Company of the Golden State8051191113

Citizens Telecommunications Company of the Volunteer State8051461123

Citizens Telecommunications Company of Utah8039881124

Citizens Telecommunications Company of White Mountain8039961111

Citizens Telecommunications of Montana8039951116

Citizens Telecommunications of Nevada8051131118

Citizens Telecommunications of New York8039931119

Citizens Telecommunications of Tuolumne8051071114

Citizens Telephone Company of Hammond, New York803598408

Citizens Telephone Company of Kecksburg809686295

Citizens Telephone Corporation801066129

Citizens Utilities Rural Telephone Company, Incorporated8028991105

Clara City Telephone Company8059171154

Clear Lake Telephone Company8013243

Cleveland County Telephone Company805440781

Colorado Valley Telephone Cooperative, Incorporated806112445

Columbus Telephone Company805716257

Communications Corporation of Michigan806526781

Communications Corporation of Southern Indiana806556781

ComScape Telecommunication of Charleston, Incorporated8123651314

Concord Telephone Exchange806604781

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Carrier NameTRS NumberFBI Carrier ID

Conectiv Communications, Incorporated817188976

Conneaut Telephone Company808860993

Continental Telephone Company806541781

Cooperative Telephone Company801282499

Copper Valley Telephone Cooperative, Incorporated808527133

Council Grove Telephone Company- d/b/a CG -Telco802455561

Craigville Telephone Company8023111039

Crossville Telephone Company- Communications801789343

Cumberland Telephone Company8091301263

Cumby Telephone Telephone Cooperative804990540

Dakota Central Telecom I801322531

Dalton Telephone Company, Incorporated808972787

Delcambre Telephone Company Incorporated801297680

Delhi Telephone Company80884838

Delta County Telecom Inc.805446781

Dickey Rural Communications, Incorporated8030231330

Dixville Telephone Company809726406

Drenthe Telephone Company808044342

Dumont Telephone Company809080409

E.Com Technologies7002051269

East Buchanan Telephone Cooperative80230569

El Paso County Telephone Company807684770

Electra Telephone Company801705594

Electric Lightwave Incorporated808575926

Ellerbe Telephone Company801657456

Ellington Telephone Company Incorporated805692326

Elsie Communications, Incorporated808731786

Empire Telephone Corporation801252468

Eschelon Telecom of Colorado, Inc.816742719

Eschelon Telecom of Minnesota, Inc. - (Formerly Advanced 816744719

Telecommunications, Incoporated)

Eschelon Telecom of Nevada, Inc.816748719

Eschelon Telecom of Washington, Inc.816746719

Farber Telephone Company802386699

Farmers Mutual Telephone Company8019721272

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Carrier NameTRS NumberFBI Carrier ID

Farmers Telephone Company - Essex802287416

Farmers Telephone Cooperative, Incorporated806403697

FEC Communications, L.L.P.7000101231

FiberComm, L.C.819580925

FiberNet, L.L.C.700008979

Filer Mutual Telephone Company80167285

Five Area Telephone Cooperative, Inc.8012101135

Forest City Telecom, Incorporated8166381338

Foresthill Telephone Company8077981281

Fort Bend Telephone Company80179834

Fort Mill Telephone Company803655906

Fort Randall Telephone Company8059181158

Frontier Communications805362677

Full Service Network (FSN)700017309

Gallatin River Communications8180061141

GCEC Techonologies, Inc.8168841321

Geneseo Telephone Company808200363

Georgia ALLTEL Telecom80510567

Georgia Telephone Corporation80820367

Golden West Telecommunications Cooperative, Incorporated801096832

Gorham Telephone Company, Incorporated802359785

Graceba Total Communications, Incorporated8021461267

Grafton Telephone Company801363245

Granby Telephone & Telegraph Company, Incorporated of MA805674834

Granby Telephone Company802908136

Grisworld Cooperative Telephone Company803316484

GTE Arkansas Incorporated (now Verizon)803998800

Guadalupe Valley Telephone804603634

Guam Telephone Authority8126081200

H & B Communications, Incorporated807042999

Hager Telecom, Incorporated8080234

Hancock Telecom805515341

Haviland Telephone Company, Incorporated802089668

Haxtun Telephone Company802497587

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Carrier NameTRS NumberFBI Carrier ID

Henry County Telephone Company805722361

Hiawatha Telephone Company803721332

Home Telephone Company - Indiana806553781

Hornitos Telephone Company805455781

Illinois Consolidated Telephone Company803205354

Independent Networks817554557

Industry Telephone Company804753442

Integra Telecom of Minnesota, Inc.8191681165

InterBel Telephone Cooperative, Incorporated803244691

Kalama Telephone Company807015297

Kaleva Telephone Company808227355

Kinsman Telephone Company804459260

La Jicarita Rural Telephone Cooperative, Incorporated805680882

LaHarpe Telephone Company - KS803325710

LaHarpe Telephone Company Incorporated801387243

Lambda Operations Corporation d/b/a Centennial de Puerto Rico811029963

Laurel Highland Telephone Company809845629

Le-Ru Telephone Company809148465

Leaf River Telephone Company805710580

Lennon Telephone Company8082541284

Lewisport Telephone Company806625781

Liberty Communications801069441

Lincoln County Telephone801198137

Lincoln Telephone Company80181670

Lipan Telephone Company Incorporated805026683

Lonsdale Telephone Company802917669

Lynnville Community Telephone Company8024461143

Mahanoy and Mahantango Telephone Company806808781

Malheur Bell Telephone Company8147111320

Massena Telephone Company8059081266

McDonald County Telephone Company802914130

Mechanicsville Telephone Company801630314

Merchants and Farmers Telephone Cooperative809001781

MGW Telephone Company, Inc.80799072

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Carrier NameTRS NumberFBI Carrier ID

Mid-America Telephone Company805461781

Mid-Hudson Communications, Incorporated8203461225

Mid-Maine TelPlus8096991336

Mid-Plains, Incorporated806862772

Midcontinent Communications802284646

Middle Point Home Telephone Company813058563

Midstate Communications, Inc.808470592

Midvale Telephone Exchange, Inc.803679928

Midway Telephone Company805581781

Millry Telephone Company, Incorporated803640826

Minburn Telephone Company80530594

Minford Telephone Company802853459

Moapa Valley Telephone Company8046578

Mokan Dial, Incorporated808041589

Monitor Cooperative Telephone Company809420698

Monmouth Telephone and Telegraph Company8207701226

Monon Telephone Company804669381

Monoroe Telephone Company8020081104

Moundridge Telephone Company803634389

Mount Rushmore Telephone Company8089841159

Mountain Rural Telephone8086231068

Mountain View Telephone Company805875771

Mt. Vernon Telephone Company805584781

Mud Lake Cooperative Association, Incorporated803589380

Mulberry Cooperative Telephone8082991202

Mutual Telepone Company809457671

Navajo Communications Company, Incorporated8051311117

Nehalem Telephone & Telegraph Company801522234

Nelson Telephone Cooperative801867434

Nelson-Ball Ground Telephone Company802134781

Net2000 Communications Services, Incorporated817400637

New England Telephone and Telegraph Company (now Verizon)808065967

New Florence Telephone804393714

New Hope Switchboard Association805731444

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Carrier NameTRS NumberFBI Carrier ID

New Knoxville Telephone Company804765694

New Lisbon Telephone Company801864305

New Ulm Telecom, Inc.807102791

New York Telephone Company (now Verizon)801555967

Northeast Iowa Telephone Company804732224

Northeast Louisiana Telephone Company, Inc.802176981

Northeast Telephone Company802371452

Northern Telephone Cooperative, Incorporated803646779

Northfield Telephone Company806793781

NorthStar Access, L.L.C.8197541102

Northwest Communications Cooperative801813346

Ogden Telephone Company8029201120

Oklahoma ALL TEL, Inc.80503367

Oklahoma Communications Systems, Inc.805467781

Oklahoma Western Telco807621946

OmniTel Communications805860127

Ontonagon Telephone Company805824357

Otter Tail Telecom, LLC8193721256

PacWest Telecommunications, Incorporated8083171274

Palmetto Rural Telephone Cooperative, Incorporated804585470

Panhandle Telephone Cooperative, Incorporated804717105

Pattersonville Telephone Company806991903

Peetz Cooperative Telephone Company803298344

Pend Oreille Telephone Company812320837

Pennsylvania Telephone Company8098591027

Pigeon Telephone Company8043961279

Pine Telephone Company Incorporated8071891257

Pineville Telephone Company804966469

Pioneer Telephone Company808008722

Plains Cooperative Telephone Association, Incorporated805395793

Planters Telephone Cooperative, Incorporated8011921180

PointeCom, Inc./Telscape Communications8120451228

Poka Lambro Telecommunications, Incorporated8035131337

Potlach Telephone Company805473781

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Carrier NameTRS NumberFBI Carrier ID

Randolph Telephone Company803178169

Randolph Telephone Membership Corporation804561170

Richmond Telephone Company803436489

Rico Telephone Company807978790

Riverside Telecom, Inc.805587781

Rock Port Telephone Company801279758

Rothsay Telephone Company804771760

Rural Telephone Company805761819

Sacred Heart Telephone Company8080531155

Salem Telephone Company806622781

SBC Communications, Inc. (Southwestern Bell)805767808

Scott County Telephone Cooperative804426833

Searsboro Telephone Company8091241142

Seneca Telephone Company807159688

Sharon Telephone Company, Incorporated809046421

Sherwood Mutual Telephone Association8083591273

Shoreham Telephone Company8032561270

Silver Star Communications, Incorporated803382851

Smithville Telephone Company, Incorporated804117811

Somerset Telephone Company806799781

Somerset Telephone Company, Incorporated80836537

South Arkansas Telephone Company Incorporated802065709

Southeast Mississippi Telephone Company806577781

Southeast Telephone Company of Wisconsin, Inc.808374781

Southern Kansas Telephone Company, Incorporated807057842

Spring Valley Telephone Company, Incorporated8016965

Sprint Communications Company, L.P.80463684

St. Stephen Telephone Company806592781

Standard Telephone Company80932067

Starbuck Telephone Company8080321156

State Long Distance Telephone Company8015617

Stoneham Cooperative Telephone Corporation806394485

Sugar Land Telephone80507767

Sweetser Telephone Company8012851169

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Carrier NameTRS NumberFBI Carrier ID

Sycamore Telephone Company808413883

Tatum Telephone Company801702593

Taylor Telephone Cooperative, Incorporated804111885

TDS Metrocom817212781

Telephone Service Company808404661

Tenino Telephone Company804474296

Tennessee Telephone Company806610781

Texas ALLTEL, Inc.80514067

The Burt Telephone Company808774220

The Nova Telephone Company801678338

The Ottoville Mutual Telephone Company801567388

The Peoples' Telephone Company of Bigfork803466748

Tipton Telephone Company804819781

Titonka Telephone Company808780219

Topsham Telephone Company801579407

Trenton Telephone Company808888810

Turtle Mountain Communications, Inc.8025551324

Twin Valley Telephone, Incorporated808431761

U S West Communications, Incorporated808440783

U.S. South Communications, Inc d/b/a US South & d/b/a INCOMM8117481259

Union Telephone Company801576440

Union Telephone Company801051738

United Farmers Telephone Company8018851099

United Telephone Mutual Aid Company802554922

Unitel Incorporated8088981132

Universal Communications of Allison814990422

Upsala Telephone Company8022901173


VAL-ED Joint Venture, LLP7000231106

Ventura Telephone Company, Incorporated805707299

Venus Telephone Corporation8098141109

Vernon Telephone Company809218781

Viola Home Telephone Company80179562

Virgin Islands Telephone Corporation8034181145

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Carrier NameTRS NumberFBI Carrier ID

Virginia Telephone Company806568781

Wahkiakum West Telephone Company802254512

Waitsfield-Fayston Telephone Company, Incorporated8034631018

Walnut Hill Telephone Company802509588

Walnut Telephone Company80965095

Web Fire Communications, Incorporated7000111227

West Point Telephone Company, Incorporated809790535

West River Cooperative Telephone Company804501547

West Texas Rural Telephone Cooperative, Inc.802356689

Western Reserve Telephone Company80509567

Westphalia Telephone Company8017711283

Wheat State Telephone, Incorporated801621384

Willard Telephone Company803439486

Wilson Telephone Company, Incorporated803163509

Wittenberg Telephone Company802389740

Wolverine Telephone Company806535781

WorldCom, Incorporated - MCI807072964

Yeoman Telephone Company808047327

Yorkville Telephone Cooperative8088581108

Zumbrota Telephone Company8071171157

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