Career & Technology Center Humble NTHS Bylaws & Guidelines

Career & Technology Center Humble NTHS Bylaws & Guidelines

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Career & Technology Center – Humble Chapter

National Technical Honor Society

  1. Guidelines

Believing that outstanding student effort and achievement should be rewarded and encouraged, and seeking to cultivate the ideals of scholastic excellence, service and leadership in our citizens of tomorrow, the governing officers of the National Technical Honor Society have established this organization for the promotion of these ideals.

  1. Purpose
  1. to promote the ideals of honesty, service, leadership, and skill development among America’s future workforce;
  2. to reward scholastic achievement in career and technical education;
  3. to assist Society Members in their pursuit of career and educational goals;
  4. to help to build and maintain a stronger, more positive image for career and technical students, programs and schools in the local community and throughout the nation;
  5. to encourage the practice of high standards of personal and professional conduct and individual responsibility among the membership;
  6. to help member schools to initiate and maintain strong working partnerships with local institutions of business, industry and commerce;
  7. to hold conferences, workshops and seminars for the education and mutual improvement of the members and to provide opportunity for the exchange of ideas and experiences through meetings, publications and research;
  8. to advance the growth and ideals of the Society throughout the United States of America.
  1. Benefits of membership
  1. NTHS membership materials including: custom certificate, presentation folder, member pin, ID card, window decal, white tassel, official NTHS diploma seal and general letter of recommendation customized for each student’s career portfolio.
  2. Access to the secure online career center for a period of one year after graduation.
  3. NTHS scholarship opportunities including the Jon H. Poteat scholarship and others through our career/technical student organization partners.
  4. Access to requesting specific letters of recommendation for employment, college, or scholarships for a period of one year after graduation.
  5. Recruitment opportunities by top U.S colleges and corporations.
  1. NTHS Standards of Conduct

As a member of the National Technical Honor Society, I pledge to: Maintain the highest standard of personal and professional conduct at all times; Strive for excellence in all aspects of my education and employment; Refuse to engage in or condone activities for personal gain at the expense of my fellow students, my school or my employer; Support the intents and purposes of NTHS while working to achieve the objectives and goals of the society; and Uphold obligations as a citizen of my community and my country. Members should be trustworthy, honest and responsible student-citizens who have made a personal commitment to excellence and who agree to uphold NTHS Standards of Conduct.

  1. Membership Candidate Requirements
  1. Must have taken 1 CTE course and currently be enrolled in one CTE course.
  2. Meet local and national membership standards,
  3. Be nominated by their CTE instructor (s)
  4. Be approved by the local administration.
  5. Student must be in grade 10, 11 or 12.
  6. Must have an overall GPA of 3.25.
  7. Must have an overall GPA in CTE classes 3.5.
  8. Receive 2 Non-CTE Teacher nominations/Counselor & AP approval
  9. Community Service Involvement – Members are to earn 40 hours per year AND participate in 2 NTHS chapter activities.
  10. Attendance Requirement – Members are to maintain a good attendance record and should not have truancy or multiple unexcused absences
  11. Discipline Record Check – Members should not receive any office referrals or have any suspensions
  1. Member Skills and Abilities
  1. Demonstrate scholastic achievement
  2. Show progress in skill and knowledge development
  3. Exhibit pride in their skills and the work they do
  4. Demonstrate honesty, responsibility and dependability
  5. Work well with others
  6. Show leadership and good citizenship
  1. Maintaining Active Membership
  1. Maintain GPA, attendance and discipline requirements for induction
  2. Attend NTHS meetings
  3. Participate in NTHS activities and community service events
  4. Earn 40 hours community service per year
  5. Dues paid annually
  1. Membership Dues

Induction Fee: $30.00 –The one-time fee is $30 paid for NTHS membership

Yearly Dues: $10.00 – to remain in good standing, members must pay dues by 1 October.

Dues will be collected through

  1. Meetings
    Meetings will be held monthly and attendance is mandatory. Repeated missed meetings may lead to membership termination.
  1. Graduation Honor Requirements

Members must have attended 90% of meetings. Members that have accumulated the required community services hours and participated in the NTHS chapter service projects will be eligible for a graduation cord.

  1. Officers
    The officers will be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Media Liaison. Officers will be elected by the membership and will hold the position for one year. Elections will occur in the spring semester.
  1. Duties of the Chapter Officers
  1. President – The president will preside at all meetings, appoint committees and shall represent the chapter at official organization gatherings. The president shall coordinate with the chapter advisor(s) and with the chapter executive committee to supervise the local chapter, determine policy and conduct the general activities of the chapter. The president will hold officer meetings to create agenda and plan the chapter yearly calendar of events.
  2. Vice-President – The vice-president shall service in the president’s absence, act as general assistant to the president and chair the executive committee. The vice-president will ensure committee progress and report progress to president and advisors.
  3. Secretary – The secretary should keep all chapter records, minutes and carry on the correspondence of the local chapter in a timely manner. The secretary will provide minute reports to executive committee and advisors.
  4. Treasurer – The treasurer shall maintain the financial records of the local chapter under the supervision of the chapter advisors. The treasurer is responsible for collecting dues and coordination of financial transactions in accordance to district/local policy.
  5. Media Liaison – The media liaison will be responsible for ensuring communication through social media and work with district and area media to ensure events are publicized.

The Executive Committee shall be made up of the chapter officers and the chapter advisors. The purpose of this committee is to oversee the general management of the local chapter.

  1. Official Emblem, Insignia, Colors and Motto
  1. Colors – The colors of the National Technical Honor Society shall be silver, white and purple.
  2. Official Emblem – The official emblem of the organization shall be a shield crossed by a scroll bearing the letter “NTHS”. Above the shield shall be the head of the American Bald Eagle with a wreath of seven stars circling the eagle’s head.
  3. Official Insignia – The official insignia has an arch upon which the seven attributes of the membership, the year the society was established and with the motto of the insignia inscribed on the foundation of the arch.
  4. Official Motto – The official motto of the organization shall be: “Felicitas Menti Instructae Favet” which translated reads “Success Favors the Prepared Mind.”
  1. Compliance to Federal Law

It is the policy of Humble Independent School District to comply fully with the nondiscrimination

provisions of all Federal and State laws and regulations by assuring that no person shall be

discriminated against on the basis of sex, disability, race, color, age or national origin in its educational

and vocational programs, activities, or employment as required by Title IX, Title VI, Section 504 of the

Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  1. Compliance to Federal Law (Continued)

This notice is provided as required by Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Questions, complaints, or requests for additional

information regarding the ADA and Section 504 may be forwarded to the designated ADA and Section

504 compliance coordinator.

El Distrito de Humble cumple plenamente con las provisiones de leyes y regulaciones federales y estatales de no discrimina asegurando que no discrima ni por sexo, incapacidad, raza, color, edad ni origen nacional en sus programas educacionales y vocacionales, actividades, ni empleo como requerido por Título IX, Título VI y la Sección 504 de la Acta de Rehabilitación y la Acta de Americanos Incapacitados (ADA).

Esta noticia se provee según el Título II de la Acta de Americanos Incapacitados (ADA) de 1990 y la Sección 504 de la Acta de Rehabilitación de 1973. Preguntas, quejas o información acerca de ADA o la sección 504 pueden hacer al/la coordinador/a del distrito.

Section 504 and ADA: Programs & Services

Revised 9/27/2016