Canada and Its Allies Won the War

Canada and Its Allies Won the War

Canada Wars

  1. World War 1
  1. Many countries involved including the majority of Europe, North America, and other countries in Asia and Africa
  2. The battle of Vimy Ridge was an important event that took place in Northern France. The Canadian army won over the German Army
  3. 61,000 killed and 172,000 wounded
  4. Canada and its allies won the war
  5. This was the First World War and had lasting impacts. Some like developing new countries and boosting or decreasing the country’s economy. Or creating rifts between different countries. For Canada impacts like creating hospitals and health care for the wounded and also monuments for the dead and all that who fought for Canada
  1. World War 2
  1. Many Countries were in the Second World War with the Majority or Europe and North America and Asia, some countries in Africa
  2. D-Day was very important to the Canadians in WW2 because it was an important advance by Canadian troops to fight against the axis powers
  3. 45,400 Canadians died in WW2
  4. The outcome was the Canadians and its allied countries won against the axis powers
  5. Through the needed of weapons and artillery throughout the war many factories were needed to supply and trade. It became an opportunity for Canada to show its independence
  1. Korean War
  1. Had North and South Korea, with China and Soveit Russia backing up North and USA and Canada allied with South Korea
  2. 900 canadians were sent to the front lines in efforts to push back North Korean forces so the South can regain their capital
  3. 516 Canadians died
  4. Both sides agreed to a cease fire and created a border along the 38 parallel as known as the De-militarized zone 5.
  5. Alliances were strengthen between countries in the United Nations, including Canada
  1. Gulf War

1. The countries that were involved was with the UN was Kuwait, USA, Great Britain and Canada. ON the other side Iran

2. When Canada decided to respond to Kuwait call, it was the first war that Canada has sent it women

3. No Canadians died

4. The UN pushed back Iraqis forces and liberated Kuwait

5. It made the tensions between the Middle East and US drastic

  1. Boer War
  1. Countries that were involved was between Britain and its colonies including Canada and the Afrikaner republics of Transvaal and the Orange Free State.
  2. It was an important war because it showed that Canada as a country can fight for itself
  3. Canada suffered 270 casualties
  4. The South Africans surrender to Britain and Canada and gave power over to Britain.
  5. It showed that Canada has the strength to fight a war