Call for Extended Abstracts/Short Papers

Call for Extended Abstracts/Short Papers

Call for extended abstracts/short papers

Women in Top Management Teams: Trends and Future Challenges

International Colloquium 19th June 2015 – University PARIS 1

University Paris 1 Panthéon –Sorbonne

Hela Ben Miled-Cherif :

Assistant Professor in Sorbonne Management School

Alexandre Steyer : Professor of Marketing in Sorbonne Management School, Ancien Recteur Chancellier des Universités des académies de Reims et de Rennes ;

Jean-françois Amadieu , Professor of Human Resources in Sorbonne Management School . President of observatory against Discrimination;

Jean-Toussaint Pindi, Assistant Professor in English;

Partner Universities

Helena Desivilya : Max Stern Yezreel Valley College ;

Professor, Chair, The M.A program in Organizational Development and Consulting

Departement of Sociology and Anthropology

Michal Palgi : University of Haifa ;

Associate Professor - head of Research Institute on Kibbutz and the Cooperative Idea.

Hans Ruediger Kaufman;

Professor of Marketing in School of Business, Nicosia University, Cyprus.

AMA Global Marketing SIG Board Member

President of Circle Research Network on Consumer Behavior (2007-2008)

Vice-President of Euromed Research Business Institute

The colloquium aims to pool together the insights from research and praxis concerning gender dynamics in top management teams (TMTs). Using an international-comparative perspective, it will examine the role of gender in different socio-political, cultural and economic contexts in Europe and the Mediterranean. The specific objectives include:

  • learn about women's formative experiences in TMTs
  • illuminate the voices of women in decision-making processes and their impact on shaping organizational policy and practice
  • examine TMT members' awareness of gender influence on the structuring of relationships between women and men in such forums – elucidate the salience of social categorization and mechanisms of women's potential exclusion
  • delineate future challenges for promoting women's meaningful participation in TMTs and sketch action plans

We invite both research and/or policy, practice oriented extended abstracts or short papers addressing the topics delineated above, completed work as well as work in progress. If you have a paper that might be suitable, that was part of past academic/professional conference, it is welcome (assuming it is not published or submitted elsewhere). If you wish to use work already published elsewhere, it is required that you change at least 50% of previously published text.

  1. The length of the extended abstract should be around 1,000-2,000 words including references.
  2. Structure of the extended abstract/short paper:
  1. Rationale and aims of your work
  2. Conceptual Framework/Theoretical Background (including short relevant literature review)
  3. Methodology
  4. Major Findings/Insights/Mapping of the Issues
  5. Discussion and Conclusions/Recommendations for Actions

Please submit the extended abstract in Word format to Prof. Hela Ben Miled-Cherif by April 10th, 2015

The timeframe is as follows:

Task / Deadline
Submission of Abstract / April 10th , 2015
Reviewers’ Feedback / May 8th , 2015
Submission of final paper / June5th, 2015