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Correspondance address
PO Box 97
1408 Sofia
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30 Slavyanska street
1000 Sofia
TEL/FAX : 981-67-40
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“Animus Association” Foundation works in support of survivors of violence. It was founded in 1994 as a women’s non-governmental organisation. In 2001 it acquired the status of a public benefit organisation. Since 1998 “Animus Association” Foundation has been the Bulgarian partner in “La Strada” International program for prevention of trafficking in women in Central and Eastern Europe. Nine countries of the region participate in this program.

The name of “Animus Association” Foundation is taken from K. G. Jung’s terminology. “Animus” represents the unconscious in the woman’s soul. “Animus” is the source of problems in the spiritual world of the woman but also the creative power for solving them.

The logo of “Animus Association” Foundation symbolises the spiritual strength and freedom of the woman.

Mission :

Healthy communication among people and gender equality in Bulgarian society.Goals:

The organisation accomplishes its mission by setting the following goals:

o To develop accessible psychotherapeutic services and programmes offering professional and competent help to the people who need it;

o To establish social attitudes of tolerance towards difference, respect to suffering and non-acceptance of violence;

o To popularise the values of dynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapy;

o To encourage the intellectual, professional and spiritual development of women;

o To promote a democratic change in Bulgarian family and society;

o To develop and implement projects and programmes in support of women and children;

o To stimulate understanding in society;

o To encourage raising the status of women;

o To act as an intermediary between state institutions and non-governmental organisations and to coordinate their efforts on the problems of violence against women and children.

Policy :

“Animus Association” Foundation works in three main and inter-related directions:

o Psychotherapeutic and social work with survivors of violence;

o Work in community: lobbying, prevention and establishing a network of partners and like-minded individuals;

o Training of specialists and dissemination of the model of work of “Animus Association” Foundation which is based on the principles of good practice in working with survivors of violence.

Activities :

1. Rehabilitation Centre for Women, Adolescents and Children Survivors of Violence with the following programmes:

o 24-hour Help-line;

o 24-hour Crisis Unit;

o Care programme for women victims of domestic violence;

o Care programme for women victims of sexual violence;

o Care programme for women survivors of trafficking in women;

o Social programme;

o “Who is Margaret?” women’s social club;

o Correspondence programme;

o Programme for adolescents victims and witnesses of violence;

o Counselling programme for families of adolescents victims and witnesses of violence;

o Programme for couples with violence problem;

o Self-support group for women victims of violence;

o Social programme for children;

o “Initiative” Centre for professional development and autonomy of women in risk.

2. Work in the community: lobbying, prevention and establishing a network of partners and like-minded individuals

• Lobbying

“Animus Association” Foundation lobbies with regard to concrete cases (social advocacy) as well as for curbing the problem of violence in Bulgarian society. The organisation works for changing the social attitudes towards violence and its victims. Based on its knowledge in the direct work with clients, the team lobbies for the establishment of state and institutional mechanisms for protection of the victims’ interests.

• Prevention

Through different prevention materials and active media participation “Animus Association” Foundation disseminates knowledge in the community about violence and its consequences. The organisation works primarily with groups in high risk of becoming victims of violence. Through the direct work with survivors of violence the team of the organisation prevents the risk of re-victimisation.

• Establishing a network of partners and like-minded individuals

On a national level – “Animus Association” Foundation initiates and facilitates the development of a nation-wide network of women’s non-governmental organisations working in support of victims of violence. The organisation develops procedures for work in multidisciplinary and multi-institutional teams.

On an international level – As a part of “La Strada” International program “Animus Association” Foundation actively participates in the international activities of non-governmental organisations working against violence and trafficking in women. In the process of lobbying on the problem and support to the survivors the organisation works in close co-operation with a number of foreign partners.

3. Training centre

The purpose of the Training centre at “Animus Association” Foundation is to disseminate the model of the good practices in working with survivors of violence on a national and regional level.

“The Animus model” was created through the training of the team in Bulgaria and abroad and the experience in the work with clients. It is adapted to the social, economic and cultural conditions in Bulgaria and the region. It is equally concerned with both the individual work with victims of violence and changing the social attitudes towards violence and its victims. The model combines working on concrete cases with lobbying on different levels, prevention and training. It includes teamwork, clear procedures, analysis of each separate case and careful planning of the steps in support of the survivors.

The Training centre provides programmes and courses in three fields:

• Knowledge in the field of psychological trauma resulting from experienced violence and development of care programmes for the survivors;

• Work in the community (prevention, lobbying and work with the media);

• Organisational consulting.

The training is directed at students, volunteers and teams of government and non-governmental organisations.

Priorities :

• Developing care programmes for survivors of violence in the paradigm of dynamic psychology and psychoanalysis;

• Lobbying for long-term involvement of the national healthcare and social system in the provision of social and psychotherapeutic services for survivors of violence;

• Establishing relations with other organisations and services for protection of victims of violence and changing the victimising attitudes in society.

Principles :

• Respect and concern for the human rights of people;

• Protection of people’s right to be physically and mentally healthy;

• Protection of people’s right to not be an object of torture or violence;

• Protection of people’s right to receive professional and competent help after survived violence;

• Gender equality;

• Adherence to the principles of professionalism and good practice in the field of mental health:

- respect for people’s dignity

- full confidentiality

- informing the clients about their opportunities

- keeping the clients’ right to choose

- individual approach

- accessibility of the services provided by the organisationStructure of the organisation:

• The main governing organ of “Animus Association” Foundation is the Board of Directors, which consists of six members. They work voluntarily and meet twice a year to discuss strategic matters related to the development of the organisation.

• The executive organ consists of two Executive directors. They are assisted by a Programme committee which meets for weekly discussions of current management matters and decision-making related to the work of the organisation.

• The projects and programmes are implemented by psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, administrators and volunteers.

Contact persons :

Nadejda Stoytcheva (Director)

Maria Tchomarova (Director)

Nadia Kozhouharova (National coordinator of “La Strada” – Bulgaria programme)

Katia Krastanova (Public relations and media expert)

Darina Hristova (coordinator of Training centre)

Comitato per I Diritti Civili delle Prostitute / TAMPEP Onlus

(Committee for the Civil Rights of Prostitutes)

Via Del Bruson 7

33082 Azzano X (Pordenone)

Phone: +0039-0434 646763

Fax: +0039-0434 646678


Contact: Pia Covre

Organization profile and remits

The Committee for the Civil Rights of Prostitutes is a non-profit association that undertakes activities to aid prostitutes and unfolds social/cultural activities to inculcate social policies finalised towards the improvement of the condition of those who prostitute themselves. The Committee also unfolds activities to raise society’s sensibility towards respecting the dignity and rights of sex workers, conducts training interventions, and fights for the empowerment and improvement in the quality of life of women prostitutes, fights against discrimination, and fights for the human rights of all.

The Committee is the interlocutor for political forces and institutions. Our guiding principles are based on the following objectives: decriminalisation of prostitution, the prohibition of obligatory health controls and registration of any type and the outright rejection of any form of regulation over prostitution, the fight against the trafficking of persons for the purpose of using them for sexual exploitation and the empowerment of sex workers and their social integration.

The Committee unfolds street and workplace intervention for prostitutes, disseminates health, legal, and job information to male/female prostitutes and to other non-government organisations (NGOs), accompanies prostitutes to the health and social services, sheltering women victims of trafficking, offers cultural mediation, organises training courses for prostitutes and ex-prostitutes, social and health operators, male/female cultural mediators/trices, and acts as a consultant to NGOs and public institutions concerning the problems of prostitution.



17, Macedonia Blvd., fl.4, Sofia 1606, Bulgaria

Phones. + 359 2 950 28 15; +359 2 851 81 08

Phone/fax: +359 2 953 34 55


The NGO - Health and Social Development Foundation - developed from the organization “AIDS Campaign”. The organization consists of a multidisciplinary team of professionals experienced both in health promotion and social work practice (psychologists, medical doctors, social workers) and lay professionals: community based leaders, cultural mediators, Roma community health workers.

There are several dimensions complementing the wide range of experience of the team:

- Development, implementation, management and evaluation of projects in health promotion, HIV/STDs prevention, family planning and sexual health for different target groups in their social environment.

- Development of intervention strategies in the Roma communities, aimed at strengthening of the social capital of the neighbourhood and community development activities

- Group dynamic training of medical and other professionals, lay professionals, NGO volunteers in health promotion, health education, sex education, HIV/STDs prevention, peer education, outreach work

- Educational material development (manuals for trainers or specific target groups, brochures, leaflets, posters, cards, audio-visual media, condom promotion advertisements and others)

- Research experience in

1. design and carrying out knowledge, attitudes, behaviour (KAB) studies

2. qualitative rapid assessment methods for needs assessment and evaluation of the effectiveness.

- Experience in joint projects with international partners and on-going bilateral projects

AIDS on Wheels Project

A project for HIV/AIDS/STDs prevention among sex workers and their clients (truck drivers). Partner organization

- the Spanish NGO - “A.B.S.”. The project was financed by PHARE/LIEN

(I phase – 1997-98). This project addressed the group of street sex workers for the first time and introduced the method of street work and peer education in Bulgaria. An advanced European experience was transferred during its implementation through the EUROPAP/TAMPEP projects of EC.

AIDS on Wheels II (Sida sobre Ruedas) Project

– A continuation of the AIDS prevention for sex workers in border regions project financed by AECI (Agency for International Cooperation of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs), implemented in partnership with the Spanish NGO – “A.B.S.” (II phase – 1998-99).

“Health for the Romma people I” Project (Women’s Action for Health Promotion Within Underprivileged Communities Project)

– A joint project with a Macedonian NGO focused on health promotion within Romma minority communities. The project was financed by the PHARE/LIEN Program of the European Commission (January 2000 – August 2001).

Health for the Roma People II – project, which is implemented on th territory of the Romma neighbourhood “Fakulteta”. Continuation of “Healt for Roma People I”. The project is financed by United Nations Development Programme. ( September 2001 – April 2003).

“On the Road” Project : HIV/AIDS and STDs prevention among commercial sex workers/their clients in the South border area of Bulgaria –.

Participation in the UMBRELLA network of crossing border sex work projects. The project was supported by the European Community – DGV Programme. (June 2000 – 2001)

Day and Night Project - Harm-reduction for intravenous drug users among sex workers on the territory of Sofia - syringes/needles exchange, HIV/AIDS/STI prevention and psychological support for sex workers who are taking drugs, through outreach work. (October, 2000 – December, 2003). The project is financed by Open Society Institute – New

Participation in European networks (TAMPEP, EUROPAP) for HIV/AIDS/STIs prevention among sex workers

Project “HIV Prevention in High Risk Social Networks in Eastern Europe” Project, aimed at work mainly in two communities – Roma and gay ones. Implemented in Russia, Hungary and Bulgaria. Directed and supported by Center for AIDS Intervention Research, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA. (1st of September 2001 – 1st of September, 2002)

“Project “HIV Prevention Within High Risk Social Network”

– 5-year project, aimed at work mainly in two communities

– Roma and gay ones. Implemented in USA, Russia and Bulgaria. Directed and supported by Center for AIDS Intervention Research, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA (2002 – 2007)

Internet HIV Prevention Technology Transfer with World NGOs

– a network project for exchange of information between representatives from more than 80 countries all over the world. The central mains of exchange is the web-site and more rarely meeting of all the partners. (January 2002 – December 2004)

Albena Project :

Prevention of STI and HIV/AIDS and Facilitation of Provision of Comprehensive Health and Social Support for Sex Workers in Bulgaria, mutual project of Health and Social Development Foundation and Netherlands’ Foundation for STD Control. The project is supported by MATRA programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. (December 2001 – December 2003)

Prevention of socially important diseases among Roma Community project. It is funded by PHARE ACCESS

– 2000 of the European Commission : for limitation of the spread of infections with social impact (AIDS, STIs, tuberculosis, hepatitis and others); early prevention of drug use and social development of the Roma population (20 000 inhabitants) in the “Fakulteta” neighbourhood in the city of Sofia. (December 2002 – September 2003)

Establishment of a Health and Social Community Centre in the Roma Neighbourhood (May – October 2003) This intervention relies on a joint work of health/social professionals and successfully trained health community workers. The latter are not just cultural mediators but paraprofessionals in health and social work. The project is supported by United Dutch Foundations Medical College of Wisconsin, USA

- Activities at national level :

Provision of consultancy and training of NGOs in the country for project development and implementation in the field of AIDS prevention, health promotion and community development.

Training Project for building on competence of the experts involved in HIV/STDs prevention at national level – series of trainings of medical doctors, working at the Health Promotion Departments of Hygienic Inspectorates and professionals from the Dermato-venereologist dispensaries network in Bulgaria - project supported by the Ministry of Health (May-June 1999)

Consultancy on the Development of the National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS developed by the UNAIDS-Bulgaria and the Ministry of Health (January 1999 – December 2000)

Consultancy and training on a project “Young People’s Health Development, Protection and Safety” carried by the Social Development Unit of UNDP-Bulgaria. Development of a guide for Rapid Assessment and Response on Young people sexual behaviour and substance abuse and training of a research team. (July-September 2000)

Consultancy and training in a project “HIV/AIDS prevention and development of local action plans” carried out by the Ministry of Health and Social Development Unit of UNDP-Bulgaria. Experts from HESED organise and consult Local AIDS Committees, consisted of various professionals, in development and realisation of strategic plan for health promotion on local level in 15 cities in Bulgaria. (March 2002 – December 2003)

Participation and collaboration in networks of professionals from the public health and psychosocial sector for service provision in the sexual and mental health field.

Coordinating organisation’s name : CABIRIA

Contact person :

Name : Françoise Guillemaut

Address : BP 1145

Postal code : 69203

City : LYON

Country : FRANCE

Tel. No: +33 (0)4 78 30 02 65 or mobile :+33 (0)663 98 28 62

Fax No : +33 (0)4 78 30 97 45

E-mail :

Partner organisations’ names and countries : CABIRIA (France), MAIZ (Austria), LICIT (Spain), GRISELIDIS (France), COMITATO DCP (Italy), SIMONE SAGESSE (France), HEALTH AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT (Bulgaria), ANIMUS (Bulgaria)