A Sharepoint Guide to Changing the Banner on Your Website

A Sharepoint Guide to Changing the Banner on Your Website

A SharePoint Guide to Changing the Banner on your Website

The Banner Image

This handout explains how to change the banner image on your website. This can be done for the entire site, or for individual pages. By default, the banner for your entire site looks like:

The banner image is 960 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall.

Changing the Banner for your Entire Site

It is possible to change the banner site wide. This will replace the bell image on every single page (existing and pages created in the future) with a new image of your choice.

1. Prepare Your Image

  • The standard banner image is 960 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall. The image should be prepared in a photo editing program ahead of time and should be saved in .jpg format. You can save the image with whatever title you would like, since it can be changed once it is in SharePoint.

2. Log on to Your SharePoint Site

  • Once your image is prepared, log on to your SharePoint site. The URL for your site will be: About.illinoisstate.edu/YourSite
  • Once you are at the site, select “Site Admin” in the footer of the page.
  • Depending on your internet browser, it might automatically log you in. If not, simply log in with your ULID and password

3. Uploading the Image

  • After you have logged in to your site, select “Site Actions” from the upper-right hand corner and then select “View All Site Content”
  • This will bring you to a page where you can view your document libraries. Under the header “Document Libraries” select “Site Assets”.

  • When you enter this page, the ribbon at the top of the screen should be available. Select “Documents” and then “Upload Document”.
  • When the “Upload Document” window appears, select “Browse” and then choose the banner file from your computer. Click “OK”.

4. Setting the Image as the Banner

  • Select the white box to the left of the uploaded file and then choose “Edit Properties” from the ribbon.
  • Change the name of the file to “banner-image” and click “OK”.
  • The banner should now be active on every page throughout the site!

Changing the Banner for Individual Pages

A banner can be set for individual pages. A banner set in this way will only replace the default bell image on the page that it is set for.

1. Setting the Banner

  • Once the image is uploaded into the folder, select the white box to left of it.
  • From the ribbon, select “Edit Properties”
  • Re-name the image to the title of the page you would like it to appear on. For example, for a page with the URL:


The image would be named “About-Us.jpg” or “About-Us.png”