Breckenridge Resort Chamber Activity Summary



§ Online: Retooling for the summer marketing initiatives. Continued exposure with & our SEM/PPC program for the and added a Weddings PPC program for this month as well.


§ Projects:

·  Summer Guide being Delivered

·  Summer Marketing Plan & presentations

§ Other

·  Starting RFP’s for BRC publications

·  Website summer updates

·  M/B issue

·  Revamp content, Skin w/ new creative

·  Sub sites/ Nav., Google tracking

·  Social/mobile

·  Research data collection

§  Vacation Planner Activity: 125 Travel Planners Requested

*Does not include planners distributed at major events, conventions, visitor centers, etc.

Breckenridge Central Reservations

§  Suppliers: June 23rd is the BCR Annual Meeting. Three Board positions are up for election and it appears we will be adding two new board members this June.

§  BCR Initiatives to be completed during the next 30 days: BCR White Paper, Re-Invention Plan and Alternative business models

§  BCR Initiatives to be completed during the next 90 days: Re-Invention Plan

§  Cash Flow:

·  Actual Cash on hand $37,368

·  Accts Receivable $ 1,689

·  BRC Accounts Receivable $ 0

·  Cash + Receivables $39,057

·  Reservation Accounts Payable $ 1,001

·  GT Liability $ 8,089

·  BRC Accounts Payable $ 4,207

·  Wages & Taxes Payable $ 388

§  Adjusted Cash position $25,372

Group and Leisure Sales

§  Outboard Ski and Ride Club group – Town of Breckenridge Team held recap meeting - overall successful, still waiting on recap with client as was out of town.

§  Attended monthly SGMP meeting

§  Met with and toured properties of 5 BRC members

§  Continued development of Saleforce database management software

§  Meetings on Town Wide Groups this summer, Colo Parks and Rec, and Putterhead

Media Relations

§  Print: Elevation Outdoors mentioned Spring Massive with a call to action as a result of pitching the journalist. The Denver Post covered Three20South as a hip music venue. The Denver Post covered an article about spring festivals mentioning Spring Massive. The Dallas Morning News covered an article about new lodging properties in ski resorts. One Ski Hill Place and Grand Lodge on Peak 7 were mentioned as a result of pitching the journalist. Westword mentioned Outboard as a group coming to Breck. Freeskier Magazine listed Burke and Riley’s, the new Peak 8 base area and Kenosha in their list of “Top 10 Outdoor Patios.” Meetings Magazine mentioned the Country Boy Mine as a unique place to have meetings and events.

§  Online: mentioned Breckenridge in their “Guide to US Vacation Packages.”

§  Broadcast: 7 News did a travel piece about dog sledding at Good Times Adventures. The Breckenridge episode of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” re-aired on E!.

§  Other PR Initiatives:

·  Long form summer TV script and shoot. Houston, Dallas and Atlanta satellite live interviews scheduled June 2.

·  Denver/Boulder Media visits scheduled June 3 and 4.

·  Media Guide jump drives to be delivered end of May.

·  Promotion with Real Mom TV. Giving away more than 10 activity vouchers to moms across the country via live web show to experience Breck.

·  Confirmed summer media visits with journalists from Austin American Statesman, Chicago Tribune, Denver Post, Des Moines Register and AAA Encompass.

§  April Journalists Hosted: Todd Pitock, Pennsylvania-based travel freelance writer (April 12)

§  Other PR Initiatives: Denver/Boulder Media visits June 3 and 4. Media Guide jump drives delivered. Blogger promotion. Long form script. Houston, Dallas, Atlanta satellite live interviews June 2.

§  April Journalists Hosted:


§  April was a bit of a slow membership month with Lauren leaving, with one new member, All Events and Catering.

§  Last of flyers handed out at gondola through ski season

Special Events

§  Kingdom Days:
Kingdom Days posters will be distributed throughout town before Memorial Day weekend, event program books will be inserted in the Summit Daily news throughout the county on June 18th. Thorough Summit County advertising has been planned in addition to almost $10,000 being put towards Front Range marketing with Scott.

§  4th of July: We were not able to secure a Marching Band for 2010, but Heidi has already begun working on Midwest bands for 2011. We met with town staff and Jeff Westcott of the Firecracker50 to work on a plan for parade marshals to help keep the streets clear and safe for parade vehicles and pedestrians. There was a suggestion to use stanchions as well as marshals, these will hopefully be financed from the money originally earmarked for the marching band.

§  Sponsorships: Sponsor recaps are almost complete, a new introduction to Breckenridge power point has been created and is being refined and research for new sponsors is underway. Working on renewing existing sponsors as well as expanding what events they may have participated with.

§  Oktoberfest: Steins have been ordered, prototypes should be arriving shortly. Beer has been ordered and vendor packets will be sent out the first week in June. Plans are being made to open the merchandise booths an hour before the street festival begins in order to minimize the lines at the events.

Competitive Data
Media Relations Activity

·  Print/Online Media Equivalency: Media Value totaled $41,462, Media Value YTD totaled $3,455,786

·  Total Consumer Impressions: 17,365,465 impressions, 70,556,462 impressions YTD

Internet and Publications Activity

·  MTD April Unique visits down -39%, compared to previous month; page visits are up with last month 5%; Time on site up 2%, most visited pages 1. Events page, 2 what to do, page 3 the Town, 4 plan-your trip.

·  YTD April Unique Visits down - 63% previous, pages visited are up to 9pages.

Time on site down up 3 minutes

Welcome Center Traffic Activity

·  Front Door: 10,861 (2009 – 19,105) up 8% (Town reporting 28,000, which would be up 46% – checking basis for that number).

·  Bathrooms/ATM: 7,847

·  Upstairs: 1,373

Breckenridge Occupancy & Rate Data

·  Average Occupancy: April 2010 occupancy remained flat to last year at 28%

·  Average Room Rate: April 2010 ADR was $163 vs. $156; a 5% increase

·  RevPar Average: April 2010 RevPar is $46 from $44, a 4% increase

·  As of April 30, 2010

·  Winter Occupancy is pacing at 46% from 44%, a 3% increase

·  ADR is pacing at $211 vs. $221, a 5% drop

·  RevPar is pacing at $96 vs. $98, a 2% drop

Membership Activity

·  Total Members: 404

·  New Members: 1 new member April 2010/22 new members YTD

·  Dropped Members: 0 dropped members April 2010/12 YTD

Sales Activity

·  New Leads: 12

·  Leads YTD: 25

·  New Lead RN’s: 1734

·  Lead RN’s YTD: 3233

·  Potential Revenue from new RN $260,100

·  Pending Leads: 11

·  Booked Leads YTD: 4

·  Booked Lead RN’s YTD: 450

·  Potential Booked Revenue from RN YTD: $67,500

·  Lost/Cancelled Leads YTD: 6

·  Conference Attendees Assisted: 250

·  Sales Calls: 2

Breckenridge Central Reservations

·  Call Volume:

·  Conversion on calls:

·  Reservations:

·  ADR was 4% below budget

·  Online Bookings: Room Revenue:

·  Total Revenue collected:

·  Incremental Revenue Lines:

Event Activity

·  Total Revenue: $5,801 for April, monthly budget goal was $8,600
FYTD is down 39%
Much of this is due to timing for sponsorship payments, but this is being corrected in 2010.

·  Sponsor Revenue: $100 for April, monthly budget goal was $8,600.
FYTD is $37,215, down from the $50,100 FYTD budget goal
There is an additional $11,100 of sponsorship revenue that is off due to timing of collections.

·  Total Expenses: $20,284 for April, monthly budget goal was $15,711.
FYTD expenses are down 9% or $17,431 to budget
The Mardi Gras invoice from Beaver Run was paid in April as opposed to being paid in March as reported in the last Board packet.

·  Event Attendance: Event Attendance for April is 4,000. FYTD event attendance is 62,645. This reflects the additional efforts made during the March Spring Break.