Bonus Editor's Challenge - Chapter 1

Bonus Editor's Challenge - Chapter 1

Bonus Editor's Challenge - Chapter 4

The following business letter contains 30 errors involving proofreading, noun plurals, and sentence structure. When you revise a comma splice, run-on, or fragment, the changes count as two edits. Delete these instructions before printing your revision.


502 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY10032

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April 5, 200x

Ms. Leah Ortega

The Miami News Examiner

4421 Second Street

Miami, FL33157

Dear Ms. Ortega:

Thanks for the opportunity to contribute to the magazine article. That you are writing about fast-food promotions. As an analyst with Shearman Brothers, I specialize in the fast-food and beverage industrys.

You specifically wanted information about what sells fast food. Actually, competition among the fast-food giants has always been as much about appearances as reality. It's a lot like a three-ring circus, with new flashy features needed to keep men, woman, and children coming back. Some promotions have been fiascos, many companys, however, are now hiring specialists with Ph.D's to develop successful strategys such as the following:

Giveaway's. Fast-food giants such as McDonald’s use movie tie-ins and toy promotions that appeal to children. Who then persuade their parents to come into the stores.

Advertising. Companys spend million on ad campaigns promoting expressions that they hope will become part of everyone’s speech. Such as classics like “You deserve a break today.”

Food. Nothing else matters if the food doesn’t taste good. McDonald’s, for example, grows its own potatos and raises cattle to ensure that its french frys and sandwichs meet rigid specifications. Even its tomatos must meet high standards.

Price. Cutting prices increases sales but usually for a short time only. In the end, price-cutting reduces profites. Another strategy is repackaging popular items in “value” combinations. Which is an effort to boost sales.

Convenience. People often go to a fast-food restaurant on impulse, the more restaurants that a company has, the more convenience the company provides. When families such as the Williamsor the Cortez want fast foot, they want it nearby.

I hope these idea are helpful to you in preparing your article. If you use any of this material, I must submit your article to our attornies for approval, call me when we can talk further.


Student Name

Senior Analyst