Blue Blood Thouroughbreds Review

Blue Blood Thouroughbreds Review


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Started: 2010

Directors: Carol Walsh

Big Race Success: Website doesn’t say- can’t remember any Group wins as yet for this company. When asked question was not answered

Company Review: BLUE BLOOD THOUROUGHBREDS is what seems to be a Melbourne syndicator who has horses with Mick Price and some few runners in Sydney with Chris Waller

Total Score on Factual Only Information Provided: 10 out of 140

Scores Explained:

BLUE BLOOD THOUROUGHBREDS comes in very poorly ranked in the factual information category. Unfortunately for BLUE BLOOD THOUROUGHBREDS lovers they scored poorly in most categories and has quite a few areas to highlight and that are of concern

They scored zero points (0pts) in the first section as they generally do not invest into the horses they offer for sale.

We gave BLUE BLOOD THOUROUGHBREDS zero points for advertising as they charged a whopping $17,000 in advertising expenses and passed all of this charge onto its shareholders. This was a huge amount of money in our opinion

The Charges Management fees section they also scored zero points (0pts) . The management fee of $77 per 5% shareholder adds up to $18,480 per annum. This is a huge expense and judging by the previous results one that could not be justified . This was the highest management fee charged of the companies we reviewed

We hold firm that whilst ever a large majority of companies charge this management fee then there is a natural bias to keep the horse going and this maybe detrimental to the shareholders best interests.

The next point on advertising the strike rate we could not find. Zero points (0pts). Again we like to see companies promote themselves and the lack of this information suggests previous success is limiting or not worth promoting. This company seems to be relatively new and the lack of success might be why no strike rate is not available

The next point pays prizemoney directly they scored 0 points on as the clients’ money is paid directly to the company and then they distribute. Understandably this is something we frown on as owners should be entitled to pay their own bills and are entitled to their prizemoney as soon as it becomes available. However we do like to see the trainers protected and this is one way of ensuring they are paid

The Trainer invoicing owners direct which we like but in this case it seems they invoice the company and then the company deducts the charges from your nominated bank account. Again we don’t like seeing external companies getting access to client’s bank accounts. Zero points

BLUE BLOOD THOUROUGHBREDS also seem to be one dimensional in that they don’t seem to offer tried horses. Zero Points (0 pts)

Mark Up on a horse information was provided via the PDS provided and on the horse we looked at the PDs had some unusual charges included. On the surface it was a very fair 5.8% but unfortunately the devil was in the detail. It included the following abnormal or high fees such as

Vet Fees of $1000, Photographs for $1400 (must be some good photography people involved for that fee!!). Travel fee of $300 to the sales (for a Melbourne Based operator we find strange) bloodstock fee of $500 (we included this is a profit mark up to get 5.8%). Also included was $1400 merchandise fee in which each person gets a shirt and cap!!! A PDS FEE of $2500 was the highest fee we saw also. Profit margin at $7478.

Don’t forget these are fees on top of the $17k paid for Advertising!!!

Overall in this section it’s highly suspect and creative would be our comments

In the next category of charged a success fee it seems as if BLUE BLOOD THOUROUGHBREDS also charged a success fee of 5% on any sale plus 2 lifetime breeding rights should they get a horse good enough to go to stud. They scored zero points (0 pts). As in our opinion if a client is going to pay significant over the odds then these extra fees are below the belt

The final section was if they charge a fee on selling their horses and it was a big YES and really no surprise and they again scored zero points (0 points). Up to 10% was the possible charge and this was at the higher end of all companies


Trainers Used: This section is a trap for new players as unfortunately each training establishment is different and to just use daily rates as charged by the trainer can be highly deceptive. Things such as vet expenses, farrier, track fees, trainer race day attendance etc. all play a major part. As part of our examination we have asked each trainer to provide a rough estimate of monthly expenses

Trainer: Mick Price

Comments on Trainers:


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Best Horses Include: Lankan Ruppee, Pompei Ruler, Samaready, Heart of Dreams, Red Dazzler, Light Fantastic, Aloha, Perfectly Ready

Strike Rate: 18% with 1606 winners and 22 Group 1 Winners

Estimate of horses in work: 150 –plus. Mick Price Racing would receive in excess of 100 yearlings each year and would easily have 200 + horses on its books

The ability to maintain such a good strike rate is to be commended. Although the horses are worked hard it’s a credit that very few leave his stable and improve and this should give any potential owner confidence in the trainer’s ability

MICK PRICE RACING STABLES has been long established and Mick Price is seen as one of racings Mr Good guys. Always approachable MICK PRICE RACING STABLES gets over a hundred new horses each year from the major yearling sales.

MICK PRICE RACING STABLES has over 1600 wins to their credit and a long term strike rate of 18% which is first class. Renowned as a hard trainer on horses MICK PRICE RACING STABLES do seem to get a lot of younger horses up and running and whilst some may break down this stable is one where very few horses train on after leaving- always a good indication of a good trainer

22 Group 1 wins to their name is a good effort albeit this is oen stable that does get more than its fair share of yearlings each year so you do expect a few good ones to come through each year. The stable is very strong across all the metropolitan tracks and is deadly when they head to the obscure country meetings

Craig Newitt does most of the stable riding and whilst we admire the stables loyalty it could be argued that the stable success could have been much higher with a different jockey as Newitt has had more than his fair share of trouble in the past and he is rarely used outside the stable indicating tactical errors in his riding. The ability to judge pace is very much a concern for those who utilise his services

Overall we would consider MICK PRICE RACING STABLES above average and rate them 8 out of ten for ability as a trainer and placement of horses

For Value for money we would MICK PRICE RACING STABLES rate 7 out of 10 for value for money

Overall overview:

BLUE BLOOD THOUROUGHBREDS is one company that we can from a product cost point of view recommend to think twice about. They maintain some of the highest charges over the companies we have reviewed and have so far to date failed to manage or own a horse of any significant note. Their excessive fees alone are enough for us to provide them with a low score.

The do get full marks for utilising a smart trainer in MICK PRICE RACING STABLES however his success alone is not enough to mask or hide the fees clients are charged

Overall with very little success and excessive fees we give BLUE BLOOD THOUROUGHBREDS 1 star out of 10


Overall Peer Ranking In The Industry For Success

Overall for success there is only 2 companies we could recommend from our Analysis and they are Australian Bloodstock , Star Thoroughbreds for those people chasing Group 1 Glory and Group Racing success. Honourable mentions go to Australian Thoroughbred bloodstock but on our results we have a leaning to the top two companies as they are the only companies that have proven they have won Multiple Group 1 races with a range of horses

Success of Horses Company Rank with 1 being Best and 11th worst. Based on big race success and consistency
  1. Australian Bloodstock

  1. Star Thoroughbreds

3 Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock
4 Champion Thoroughbreds
5. Triple Crown Syndications
6. Slade Bloodstock
7. Dynamic Bloodstock
8. Prime Thoroughbreds
9. Elite Thoroughbreds
10. Darby Thoroughbreds
11. Blue Blood Thoroughbreds

Overall Pee Ranking For Value For Money

In the Value for money stakes we could only recommend Australian Bloodstock, Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock and Star Thoroughbreds. None of these company charge management fees not do they charge significant or hidden charges like some

Value for Money Based on Fees Charged with 1 being Best Value and 11th being least Value
  1. Australian Bloodstock

  1. Australian Thoroughbred Bloodstock

  1. Star Thoroughbreds

  1. Champion Thoroughbreds

  1. Prime Thoroughbreds

  1. Slade Bloodstock

  1. Triple Crown

8. Darby Racing
9.Elite Thoroughbreds
10. Dynamic Syndications
11. Blueblood Thoroughbreds