Biomedical Science Disease Project / Report

Biomedical Science Disease Project / Report

Biomedical Science Final Project Option


Create a case study of someone that YOU KNOW that became a hospital patient due to injury, surgery, disease or illness.


  1. Transcript of an interview with the patient where you discuss the following with the patient.
  2. The nature of the injury (how, what, when, where).
  3. Background info about the patient. (healthy to that point?, prior injuries / illnesses)
  4. Timeline of significant events over the course of treatment.
  1. Create a chart(s) noting the following: (chart(s) will be provided)
  2. Diagnostic tests run and results of those tests (xray, MRI, CT, angiography, ECG, blood tests (many kinds), urine, – be specific)
  3. Drugs given – note name, dosage, route, frequency and/or any adverse reactions (side effects) – you know the drill.
  4. Discharge instructions – note medications to continue, follow up treatments. What did the patient have to look for in case things were going wrong.
  1. Type the report or don’t bother. Spelling punctuation and grammar count.
  2. Include a picture of the patient.
  3. Include a bibliography (you will have to look up certain topics that come up) – remember to try to find articles with real authors.
  4. Place report in a folder (or create a hospital chart).


Due by Monday. Dec. 8th (11:59PM). Send me an email with your proposal. You don’t need to go into great detail but I need to know the nature of the injury or illness, an overview of the treatment(s), and a list of questions for your interview with the patient. I’m looking to see that there is enough information to make for a decent project. Be responsible, if I don’t get your proposal email then you will take the regular final. No excuses, don’t even try.

Project is due the day before the final (Tuesday Dec. 16 by 2:30PM) to me personally (not the office). If I don’t have your report, then you will take the regular final. No excuses, don’t even try. I need a night to read the reports to come up with questions for your project defense.

Project Defense – Wednesday Dec. 17. While the other students are taking the test, you will answer a set of questions that I have for your report. The more questions that I have about your report will indicate a lack of thoroughness on your part and your grade will suffer. Your inability to answer my questions will show a lack of preparation and will also affect your grade. A good report will bring up few questions and if you are well prepared then you should be able to answer my questions showing depth of understanding. In other words, know what you are talking about!!!