Biography of Konstantin Preobrazhensky

Biography of Konstantin Preobrazhensky

Konstantin Preobrazhenskiy


Konstantin Preobrazhenskiy is a famous intelligence expert and specialist on Japan, author of seven books about KGB and Japan.

He was born in 1953 in Moscow, Russia. In 1976, he graduated from the Institute of Asia and Africa of the Moscow University with an M.A. In 1975-76 was an intern at Tokai University, Tokyo, Japan.

From 1976-91 he served as an officer in KGB Intelligence. His last position was as personal advisor on China, Japan and Korea to Major General Leonid Zaitsev, the Head of the Scientific and Technical Intelligence (Directorate “T”), Deputy Head of the KGB Intelligence (The First Chief Directorate).

From 1980-85 Mr. Preobrazhenskiy was the senior officer at the KGB station in Tokyo, Japan. He was ostensibly the correspondent of TASS, Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union. But for him it was not just a cover, as he is a born writer. He wrote many literary pieces about Japan, some of which were later considered masterpieces.

As a KGB officer he concentrated on the recruitment of Chinese scholars for Soviet Scientific and Technical Intelligence. He reported directly to Victor Chebrikov, KGB Chairman, and Vladimir Kryuchkov, Head of KGB Intelligence. Mr. Preobrazhenskiy was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel as a young officer.

In July 1985, Mr. Preobrazhenskiy became the center of a sensational spy scandal. The Japanese police caught him at a meeting with his Chinese agent, whom he had previously recruited. He was released in a couple of hours, but the KGB forcibly returned him to Moscow. Though the reason of this failure was unknown, the KGB accused Mr. Preobrazhenskiy of it solely. He suffered much undeserved humiliation, which he later described in his book “The Spy Who Loved Japan”(Tokyo, 1994). This book caused another spy scandal and became a best seller.

His latest book, “KGB in Russian Emigration”, is a success. Being published by Liberty Publishing House, New York, in January, 2007, it has opened eyes of Russian Americans to the KGB activities among them.

In 1991 Mr. Preobrazhenskiy left the KGB and became its harshest critic. His books and articles unmask its inhumane and illegal activities.

From 1993-2002 he was a security issues columnist for the “Moscow Times”, a Moscow based English language newspaper. His articles, disclosing the activities of the KGB, made him world famous.

His activities have irritated the KGB greatly. Mr. Preobrazhenskiy suffered many provocations including attempted illegal arrest, but managed to escape thanks to his lawyers. But after President Putin’s coming to power, it has become impossible. KGB dissidents and critics are jailed and murdered in Russia now. That is why in January 2003 Mr. Preobrazhenskiy fled to the U.S.A. In March 2006 he was granted political asylum.

Here he continues to unmask the KGB. He is a regular speaker on the Voice of America, has given lectures at: Columbia, Georgetown and Johns Hopkins Universities, where he also has given a seminar “Asian Security”.

Mr. Preobrazhenskiy has been quoted and published by: The Associated Press, Association of Former Intelligence Officers Weekly – Intelligence Notes, BBC, Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, East-, Financial Times, Japanese media, Los Angeles Times, Spy Tech Agency Intel Bulletin, Russia Reform Monitor, American Foreign Policy Council, Newsweek, London Observer,, The New American, Reuters, The Russia Journal, SKY News, The Weekly Standard, The Washington Post etc.