Big Brother 21: the Best and Worst Moments of Week 6

Big Brother 21: the Best and Worst Moments of Week 6

Big Brother 21: The Best And Worst Moments Of Week 6

Big Brother 21’s sixth week will likely do down as the best of the season. From the power shift to the punishments to the eviction, for a lot of people, it was the first time this season that it felt like Big Brother. So let’s take a look back as we brace ourselves for what Week 7 holds.

The Best Moments of Big Brother 21 Week 6

Six Shooters Implodes. Even though this happened in Week 6, we got to see it all play out on last Sunday’s episode. And it was glorious. So it gets a mention here once again.

Jessica Wins HOH. This is something I actually never thought would happen. I just didn’t expect her to win an HOH, but she did, and at a crucial time, too. It was so exciting to see the power shift after weeks and weeks of the Six Shooters running the game.

Jessica Nominates Jack and Jackson. Jessica followed Cliff’s lead and nominated the two power players. And while Christie’s power was still a risk just like it was when Cliff made this move, there was a lot more wiggle room after the big Six Shooters implosion.

Jessica Wins Veto. Again, who knew Jessica had it in her! She holds ALL the power this week and she keeps her targets the same. She wanted Jack out, so she’s not going to budge.

Christie’s Power Expires. I am thrilled that power is no longer in play. It was really obstructing the game and quite frankly I was tired of her talking about it. She talks enough as it is, so one less topic she has to obsess over is good for all of us. And I’m glad people can just play the game now without worrying if their HOH and nominations will be for nothing.

Jack and Jack’s punishments. I normally think the BB punishments are either cruel or lame. This week’s were pretty great (aside from Tommy’s). I loved Jack’s alien nagger (though I think Brett’s Granny from BB20 is still my favorite). Jackson’s was also pretty entertaining and it continued this season’s obsession with covering the HGs in slime and goop.

Jack is Evicted. It’s been no secret that Jack has been one of the most hated HGs this season by fans. From all social media platforms to casual viewers, he might just be one of the most unpopular ever. #JackEvictionParty was even trending on Twitter Thursday night.

Julie’s Eviction Interview With Jack. I was shocked and happy that Julie went in on Jack’s obsession with trashing Kemi and his racist comment about Bella. It’s not something we’ve really seen since BB15 (when Aaryn claimed she didn’t remember “saying those things,” and this time they actually had the clips to remind Jack.

The Worst Moments of Big Brother 21 Week 6

Nick. If you watched the Live Feeds this week, then chances are you might have been irritated by Nick. He played both sides all week and created so much unnecessary paranoia and drama that it was just really hard to watch. He had such a huge part in the week when he really had no business being that involved. I just found him to be really annoying and ended up wishing he had gone over Bella and Sam.

Jack’s Reaction to Julie’s Questions. I can’t imagine what it was like to be put on the spot like Jack was, but I can imagine I would have owned up to what I had said. He didn’t seem like he had an ounce of regret or remorse for any of the things he said, and he even coughed up a lie about the “rice pudding” response. While I appreciate BB calling him out, I also have a strong feeling they prepared him for it.

And that’s it! Wow, for the first time this season (and maybe ever) there are far more best moments than worst! I really needed this past Big Brother week because I was starting to even annoy myself with my negativity. Here’s to hoping we have some more good weeks of Big Brother 21.