Audacity Assignment

Audacity Assignment

The Egyptian Language school
Computer department
2nd prep

Audacity assignment

Carnival Advertisement


1-Using e-mail & attach files

2-Applying Audacity tools

3-Increase hearing sense & creativity of students

4-Gaining & applying the advertisement's rubrics

5-Integration with English to announce for ELS Carnival


Create an audio advertisement in Radio to announce The ELS Carnival which will be:

-Place: prep. Playground.

-Date: on the last Friday of March 2018.

-Time: from 8 am to 5 pm.

-Suggest a theme of ELS 2018 Carnival & apply it on the advertisement

-Invitecafes, restaurants& other interested companies to rent a place in the school playground

-Ask them to contact the school via phone or email (refer to the school site)


1-Use Audacity program you have studied

2-Add background music

3-Record your voice

4-Apply one sound effect at least

5-Follow the Audio advertisement rubrics attached

6-Send the (.mp3) file to your teacher by mail


1-Download Audacity & install it

downloads Click the link of your operating system (windows or Mac ..)  Follow the instructions to install.
2- Download background music

Search for your favorite music
search using Google

3- Open Audacity & record your voice

Attach a microphone  use the record tool & record your voice (as a slogan to encourage people to buy an Egyptian product- the record not more than 20 seconds)

4- Import music background, Edit it & use effects

  • File menu  import  audio  import the background music saved from the internet
    using the selection tool  select the part of music background more than 20 seconds delete from keyboard the extra than 20 seconds.
  • To apply fade in effects by the selection tool select a small part from the beginning of the music audio  effects menu  fade in
  • To apply fade out effects select a small part from the end of the music audio  effects menu  fade out
  • Extra: add any other affects you like

file menu  save project as (name.aup)  save

6- Export your Audio

File  export audio  name it: (your full name & class .mp3) a message asking for (lame)  download it by following the steps

7- Email your Audio to:

E-mail Ms. Mona fathy via
E-mail Ms. Menna El Rouby via
E-mail Ms. Shaimaa Samir via
E-mail Mrs. Nesreen Abdel Hafiz via
E-mail Mrs. Rabab Saudi via

Don’t forget to write (Audacity-your full name–class) in the subject area of your mail

Deadline:Sunday the 5th of November at 12:00 am if you send after, you will lose the assignment marks

For any help: refer to your computer teacher

Audio Advertisement Rubrics

Content /
-Incorporates three or more components of a successful ad including the product advantages.
-Catchy phrase or jingle
Mechanics /
-30 -60 seconds long
-Product name is stated
Creativity /
-Radio advertisement should be interesting, creative, and grabs the audience's attention
Presentation /
-Voice should be clear no noise
-Speed should be moderate
-Presentation should be well practiced, with suitable expression
-Speaking volume and speed allows for easy understanding
-No pronunciation & grammar mistakes
Persuasive Influence / Effectively connected with audience using persuasive language, and sensory details
Organization / The ORDER of each sentence should be purposeful, using strong, smooth transitions that build up to the concluding statement