Asthma Project of the Year

Asthma Project of the Year




Asthma Project of the Year

Sponsored by Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited


Whether they work in community pharmacies,hospitals, or clinics, pharmacists are in a pivotalposition to contribute to the overall managementof asthma. Every year, pharmacists fill prescriptions for asthma medicationswhich remain the principal treatment for the disease. Being qualified to advise patients on all aspects of their medication and offer comprehensive Medicines Use Reviews, ensures the patient is correctly using the medication prescribed.Pharmacists have many other opportunities toassist in the management of asthma and this Award is in recognition of the excellent work carried out by pharmacists throughout Wales

Who can enter:

We would like submissions from community pharmacists who are helping to improve the quality of life for those patients who are living with asthma.

This Award aims to highlight the outstanding, innovative projects pharmacists have developed which have led to significant improvement in the care or clinical outcomes of patients with this condition.

Pharmacists who can provide evidence of one or more of the following may apply:

(these points are suggestions only)

• the opportunity for patients to have a review of the use of their asthma medicines, relating to the effectiveness and safety of thosemedicines

• having trained pharmacy staff to be more involved in patient care regarding patients with asthma

• the development of effective inter-professional teamwork and communication with other healthcare professionals

• Improvement in patients’ understanding of their medication and thereby encouraging the patient to manage their condition more effectively


March 2016

Judging process:

The judging panel, made up of respected members of the pharmacy industry, will select three finalists, based on the written entries submitted. They may then liaise with the three finalists before selecting a winner.

This year’s judging panel includes:

Dr Berwyn Owen

Head of Medicines Management, North Wales

Marc Donovan

Chief Pharmacist, Boots UK

Deadline for entry:

The closing deadline for application is Monday 10th April 2017and entries must be accompanied by a digital photograph, at least 500KB for printing quality.

How to Enter:

If you require an application/nomination form or further information please contact: Bridget McCabe

Tel: 02890 999 441 or email:

The Awards presentation:

The selected finalists will be announced in the Welsh Pharmacy Review and invited with guest, to attend the black tie awards ceremony, at the Vale Resort, Vale of Glamorgan, on Thursday 25th May 2017. The winner will be announced at the Awards ceremony and will receive a unique crystal trophy to mark the occasion.

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March 2016




Asthma Project of the Year 2017

Sponsored by Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited


Pharmacy address:




Position within Pharmacy:

1. What sort of community does your pharmacy serve?

2. Describe your project/initiative.

3. How effectively has the team used all resources available?

4. What enables the team to function well?

6. How much influence do you feel the community pharmacists and their teams can impact on patient’s self-management of their condition?

5. How do you see the future of Asthma treatment in community pharmacy?

Attach extra comments if necessary, judges welcome third party testimonies, senior colleagues etc.

Please e-mail entry form to:

Or if you require any further information please contact Bridget McCabe on:

Tel: 02890 999 441.

Entries MUST be accompanied by a digital photograph, at least 500KB for printing and multi-media quality.