Application to Participate in the Planning & Implementation Process

Application to Participate in the Planning & Implementation Process

Application to Participate in the Planning & Implementation Process


NRRO Cong ID#:

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Telephone #: Website:
The term of office of the current major superior ends on

SECTION ONE: PLANNING ISSUES (please use as much space as needed)

  1. Please describe briefly your institute’s most pressing concerns regarding care of the elder members.
  1. Are these the areas of concern you want to work on in this process? If not, what are the current areas of concern?
  1. Has the institute attempted to address this area in the past? If so, why was it unsuccessful or why is it being addressed again?
  1. Please list two or three of the greatest strengths that your institute brings to this retirement planning process.
  2. Please list two or three of the greatest challenges facing your institute in its retirement planning.
  1. What areas of expertise are most needed to assist you in your planning:

 Identification of planning issues and help in developing a planning process.

 Review of elder care delivery and programs for the elder members.

 Review of current financial and management strategies.


  1. Where and how does your institute currently provide care for the elders able to live independently?
  1. Where and how does your institute provide care for those needing assistance?
  1. Where and how does your institute provide care for those needing long-term or skilled nursing care?


Upon reception of this application, a member of the NRRO staff will contact the Institute to review this application and other necessary information.

We understand that participation in a pre-visit by the NRRO consultants and in the NRRO workshop is a requirement for receiving funds for planning assistance. We further understand that a well-developed plan for increasing our institute’s capacity to care for the elder members and participation in follow-up work with the NRRO consultants are requirements for receiving funds for implementation of our plan. Participation in the Planning and Implementation Process does not guarantee that the institute will receive funds. (See Attachment ‘A’ for a full description of institute responsibilities.)


Major Superior (Signature)Date




Treasurer (Signature)Date




Retirement Director (Signature)Date



SECTION FOUR: Preference of dates to attend Planning and Implementation workshop. Please list your top three (3) choices:

_____September 24-26, 2013 - Bon Secours Spiritual Center, Marriottsville, MD

_____January 31- Feb. 2, 2014 - Oblate Renewal Center, San Antonio, TX

_____Apr. 29-May 1, 2014 - Vallombrosa Center, Menlo Park, CA

_____September 23-25, 2014 – Bergamo Center, Dayton, OH

_____January 27- 29, 2015 - Oblate Renewal Center, San Antonio, TX

_____April 21-23, 2015 - Bergamo Center, Dayton, OH

_____September 22-24, 2015 – Bethany Center, Tampa, FL

_____January 26-28, 2016 – Oblate Renewal Center, San Antonio, TX

Please mail completed form to:


3211 4th Street, NE

Washington, DC 20017-1194

Revised 7/16/2013




  1. Participate in a site visit from an NRRO staff member so that NRRO can get a better understanding of the needs of the institute.
  1. Establish a planning team that is able to set aside time to identify and address retirement planning issues that will help the institute to reduce its retirement funding shortfall. The institute “planning team” should consist of
  2. The major superior
  3. The treasurer or chief financial officer (the person who actually handles the institute’s financial management and planning)
  4. The retirement director (the person most responsible for assisting institute members through the transitions of aging).
  5. Work with two consultants assigned by NRRO. They will conduct a site visit of 2-3 days which must take place before the workshop (see step 5).
  6. The institute planning team will read A Future Full of Hope: Planning in Religious Institutes and view the accompanying DVD (NRRO will send a copy to each member of the team).
  1. The institute planning team will attend a planning workshop hosted by NRRO. The consultants also will attend and work with the institute to further clarify retirement planning issues and how NRRO funding might best assist the institute.
  1. The institute planning team and consultants will stay in touch via monthly conference calls after the workshop.
  1. The Institute will submit an Application for Planning Assistance when the planning team and the consultants identify the types of assistance needed to develop the plan.
  1. The consultants will conduct a final visit either in person or via conference call when the institute is ready to submit their Application for Implementation Assistance. The consultants will submit to NRRO a report and a recommendation for funding. They will give a copy of this report to the institute.
  1. The institute’s request for planning and/or implementation assistance will be submitted to the NRRO Assistance Review Committee and Management Committee. After the meeting of the Management Committee, the institute will be notified of the decision regarding their request for funds.
  1. The current institute leadership will be in office for the next 12-18 months to ensure continuity throughout the process.

(Note: NRRO will pay for the travel expenses of the consultants and provide them with a stipend. NRRO asks the institute to provide room and board for the consultants during their visit. NRRO will cover the cost of travel and housing for the institute representatives and the consultants at the workshop along with the cost of the monthly telephone conference calls.)

Revised 7/16/2013