Andorra La Vella

Andorra La Vella

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Photos kindly provided by the Andorra National Library and the Comuns de Andorra (Parishes of Andorra). Moscow
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La Massana
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We invite you to visit the Prin- Andorra is nature par excellence, cipality of Andorra, the smallest a space of incomparable beauty, state in Europe in the heart of ideal for open-air sports activi-
Andorra is also a millenary country: live together in perfect harmony
Romanesque art, museums and with comfort, modernity and the monuments, culture trails, festiv- latest technologies. the Pyrenees. ties both in the summer and in the winter. Trekking and skiing are two examples of the activities you might find in the Principality. ities and celebrations... are just a Over 2,000 stores with the prodsmall sample of its rich historical ucts of the best trademarks, an ex-
On a stage of 468 km2, you will be the main characters in numerous unforgettable experiences which you can enjoy throughout the whole year. legacy. quisite gastronomy, an extensive
Discover a country in which two quality hotel offer, international pillars of our civilisation, respect cultural and sports events… and and love of nature and its origins, much more.

Identity card
Andorran Coat-of-Arms
Political system universal suffrage, and serve terms of four years.
Parliamentary co-principality. The only country in the world with two Heads of State, a peculiarity inherited from the medieval document known as Pareatges and deriving from the country’s historical evolution.
Casa de la Vall, old parliament building of Andorra, Andorra la Vella
Commerce and tourism (60%) and finance (18%) are the three main drivers of the economy, as well as the sectors that generate the most jobs.
Identity card
Geographical location: languages such as Spanish,
The co-princes, the Bishop of Urgell and the president of the French
Republic, represent the people of Andorra jointly and indivisibly, personally and exclusively. At the present time they are his Excellency
Mr. Joan Enric Vives i Sicília and his
Excellency Mr. François Hollande.
Eastern Pyrenees, between French and Portuguese are also
France (Arriege) and Spain very widespread.
Surface area: 468 km2
· 8% urbanised and cultivated.
Agriculture and stockbreeding, which formed the two main bases of the traditional economy until the arrival of tourism in the 1960s, currently employ just 0.50% of the wage-earning population.
Administrative organisation:
The territory is structured into seven local administrative divi-
· 92% forests, lakes, rivers, moun- sions known as parishes: Canillo, tains.
Encamp, Ordino, la Massana, Andorra la Vella, Sant Julià de Lòria and Escaldes-Engordany. They are represented and managed by the town halls (comuns).

Official currency
Capital: Andorra la Vella.
Population: 76.949 inhabitants*
Average age: between 40*
On 14th March 1993, the first written constitution of Andorra was signed and the Principality became a democratic, social state in law.
Euro, which was the successor of the Spanish peseta and the French franc, which coexisted in the country until the European currency came into force.
Official language:
Catholicism is the main religion of the state, although the Constitution of Andorra establishes freedom of religion.
The General Council exercises legislative power and its members, the general councillors, are elected by free, equal, direct and secret
Catalan is the official language of Andorra. However, due to the diversity of nationalities among the resident population, other

*Census 2014

Historical summary
1419 - Creation of the Consell de the seventh parish of Andorra la Terra (Council of the Land) as thanks to its rapid economic growth the first Parliamentary form with connected to the use of spa waters representatives from all of the and the increase in commercial parishes to deal with the problems tourism. of the community.
1981 - Creation of the Executive
1589 - Henry, King of Navarre, Council, the Government of count of Foix, Viscount of Bearn Andorra: the reforms begin which and Lord of Andorra, becomes will culminate in the will of the king of France, and unites the people of Andorra to draw up a rights of joint Lordship of the written constitution. counts of Foix with the French
Privilege of the Earth’s Regional Parliament (1419)
14th March 1993
First crown.
Constitution of Andorra, which
The French turns the Principality into an 1793-1806
Historical summary
Revolution breaks the bonds independent democratic and between Andorra and France, social state in law, and with the but Napoleon restores the feudal new definition of competencies tradition and the rights of joint for the institutions. With the Lordship of France over the historical and political evolution,
10.500 - 700 bC - From prehis- 1133 - The Count of Urgell gives toric times to the pre-Roman the Bishop of Urgell his claim to period: first inhabitants of the the Andorra valleys. territory of Andorra as in La Bal-
13th century - Constant strugma de La Margineda, El Cedre in gles between the counts of Foix
Santa Coloma or l’Antuix in Esand the Church of Urgell to uncaldes-Engordany.
Principality of Andorra. Andorra continues to be a coprincipality, with the Bishop of Urgell and the president of the French Republic as joint princes in person and in absolute equality.
1866 - Approval of the New
Reform, which brings substantial changes in the political and dermine the rights of the biadministrative arenas; a great
805 - The legend says that Char- shops over Andorra. sign of this was the attribution 1993 - Andorra joins the UN, lemagne founded Andorra in
1278 and 1288 - The Bishop of recognition for the help given by
Urgell, Pere d’Urg and the Count its inhabitants against Saracens. of Foix, Roger Bernat III, signed
Mid-9th century - Consecration the Pareatges. The Pareatges of the cathedral of Santa Ma- established the co-sovereignty ria d’Urgell, the first document of the Bishop of Urgell and the which mentions the parishes of Count of Foix over Andorra, thus
Andorra as lands of the counts creating the Principality of Anof the right to vote to all heads which means international of households and the increased recognition of the country. power of the General Council.
1994 - Andorra joins the Council
1933 - Male universal suffrage is of Europe. established.
1970 - Female universal suffrage is established.
1978 - Escaldes-Engordany becomes
of Urgell. dorra as we know it today.

Geography, climate and nature
Bordas (old storehouses) of Setúria
The fauna and flora of Andorra vary the importance of this area, it is the depending on the zone. Some of the only valley in the country in which most frequent animal species we find vehicles may not enter. are: the marmot, the ‘pallaresa’ lizard,
These protected areas and other the squirrel, the boar and the birds of Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley valleys of the country, such as the prey such as the bearded vulture. Just
Geography, climate and nature
Incles Valley, of glacial origin; the like the fauna, the species which form part of the country’s flora are highly varied and we can find from medicinal herbs (strawberry and ilex), wild mushrooms and flowers (narcissus) to a large number of trees and bushes (hazelnut and box).
Enclar Valley, part of the Anella
Verda (Green Ring) route; the Pessons cirque, The Tristaina Valley, the Angonella Valley or the Camins dels oficis (Old trades route), offer a wide range of ecotourism trails
The Andorran relief is mountainous, Pessons, amongst others. with 72 peaks, some over 2000
The Andorran climate is of Medim high, which makes Andorra one terranean mountainous type, of the highest countries in Europe. with hot summers and cold
The highest point in the territory
11 winters and considerable is the Comapedrosa peak (2,942 m) and the lowest point is where the river Runer crosses the frontier with Spain (838 m). The average altitude is 1,996 m. which you can do in the company
The biological wealth of Andorra of professional guides who will help justifies its preservation, and over you to discover our natural heritage. the years different areas have been snowfalls. The average minimum is -2ºC and the maximum 24ºC.
Snowfalls are frequent and the rain is concentrated mainly in the months of October and May. protected such as the hunting and fishing grounds and the nature parks.

The quaternary origin of the Andorran land is revealed by the routes of the main river axes in the country: the Valira del Nord, the Valira d’Orient and the Gran Valira.
These rivers are joined by other tributaries, where the main towns are located.
Andorran biodiversity is very rich, with more than 1,500 species of flora and fauna spread mainly in the four zones: Mediterranean, montane, sub Alpine and Alpine.
Department of Tourism and the Environment

The Parc Natural Comunal de les
Valls del Comapedrosa nature park and the Vall de Sorteny nature park are two protected areas created with a double intention: on the one hand the ecosystems are preserved and on the other a rational use is made of them. This is a first step towards respect of the environment and the nature of the country.
The Madriu-Perafita-Claror valley, declared World Heritage by Unesco in 2004 for its natural and cultural wealth, is in the south of the country and covers 10% of the territory. Given
Sorteny Valley Nature Reserve
Valls del Comapedrosa Nature

Of all the vegetable species, one stands out, the Poet’s “La
Grandalla” (Narcissus poeticus), the emblematic flower of the Principality; amongst the fauna, the two most representative animals are the river trout and the chamois, which live at the highest points.
Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley

The lakes, mainly small and round, form part of the scenery of Andorra. Andorra has more than
70 lakes, the largest of which is the Juclar, which occupies an area of 21,3 ha, although other well-known lakes are Tristaina and Pessons Cirque

Green Ring Route

Old Trades Route

Leisure, sports and health
The Principality has two alpine your little ones’ excitement at the skiing and Nordic skiing areas. animal park, or enjoy the Airtrekk
Vallnord in La Massana and sky trail, snow slides, nature class
Ordino valleys and Grandvalira, snowshoe walk, snowmobiles and in Canillo and Encamp valleys. quad bikes with friends, among
Naturlandia, in La Rabassa forest many other activities. And if that’s in Sant Julià, offers 20 km of Nordic not enough, climb aboard the 5.3 trails. Vallnord offers over 90 km of km Tobotronc, the longest alpine slopes in three sectors: Pal, Arinsal coaster in the world, for amazing and Arcalís. Encamp, Canillo, El sensations in the heart of nature.
Tarter, Soldeu, Grau Roig and El
The rest of the year, the three skiing
Pas de la Casa are entry points to areas in the Principality adapt to
Grandvalira – the largest skiable the climate and become the best area in the Pyrenees with over 200 stage for numerous, varied open km of slopes. Both resorts offer a air activities: adventure circuits and wide variety of activities for all ages. trekking, quad excursions, karts,
If you like excitement, do not obstacle courses, mountain biking hesitate to do any of the activities and free flights are just some of they offer: jumps, mushing, these activities. The Vallnord Bike snowshoe orientation, adventure Park and the Grandvalira Mountain activity centres for all, paragliding Bike Park stand out for the number or helicopter flights, without of kilometres for enjoying different forgetting the facilities for lovers mountain bike routes and levels. of snowboarding: the Freeride Furthermore, Vallnord (Arcalís
Area and the Snow Park. You will sector), Naturlandia and Grandvalira also have night-time activities, (Canillo sector) offer interpretative such as the snowshoe excursions and adventure routes for starting to enjoy the forests and the full out in the world of orientation. moon.
Statue of Francesc Viladomat, Grandvalira
Enjoy our skiing areas all year round
If you like the snow and want your partner or with your family. to have a good time, Andorra Young and old can enjoy the invites you to enjoy different winter sports and a thousand activities to give you new and one amusements which our experiences with your friends, ski resorts offer you.

Discover Nordic skiing and enjoy our beautiful scenery over 15 km of trails at Naturlandia. Share

Leisure, sports and health levels. You should also be able Capcir and the Alt Urgell region to find the Mapa de Refugios y along 160 km.
Grandes Recorridos de Andorra
Enjoy the mountain with iron
(map of mountain huts and longways, climbing, canyoning... distance hiking routes;“GR”), which
The Principality boasts 3 equestrian centres, 16 iron ways, 8 climbing walls, 5 canyons and 8 zones with more than 200 climbing trails - all for mountain enthusiasts to enjoy a unique experience. These sports and activities can be practised in almost all parishes. Another activity that enjoys an ideal location here is canyoning, which combines descending rivers and climbing, and allows you to start out in this sport in a group or with the family. All the routes, both interior and exterior, are suitable for most people: you’ll truly be able to feel the valley beneath your feet. provides details of five routes: the GRP (which goes around the Principality), the GR-7 and GR-11
(which run across the country) the cross-border GR, and the ARP (High
Pyrenean Route). It also tells you where to find 29 mountain refuge huts, 5 of which are guarded.
Cross-border Routes
Estany de Siscaró (lake)
Camino del Reencuentro (Old
Cross-Pyrenean Trail)
Summer in Andorra, you won’t know where to start...
This route starts in the village of Auzat (France) and crosses Andorra to reach Seu d’Urgell in Spain. A trail packed with history and culture.
Andorra offers a thousand and If you like hiking... one possibilities for enjoying good weather and outdoor activities. Iron ways, canyons, climbing routes, horse riding trails and ecotourism walks are just some of the options available for discovering the most unique spots of our region.
Explore the ecotourism routes outlined in our mountain guide.
Expert qualified guides will accompany you on your walks, enabling you to get the most out of the country’s fauna and flora. There are routes of different lengths and levels of difficulties
The hiking trail towards Capcir,
Andorra la Vella and the Alt
Urgell region
Enjoy golf and ‘pitch putt’ in the most captivating valleys...
An itinerary connected with culture, history,landscape and the spirit of all catalan territories.
Andorra suggests you go into the world of golf and pitch putt, two aspects of a fully expanding sport.
Golf lovers have the Golf Soldeu facilities at an altitude of 2,250 m,
The path that passes through
Andorra is connected with the so that you can choose whichever
Places ideal for fishing best suits your needs and allows
Andorra’s lakes and rivers are you to visit the main natural areas: incomparable natural areas
Valls del Comapedrosa Nature for fishing. The season starts
Park, Vall de Sorteny Nature in mid April and continues to
Park, Incles Valley, Enclar Valley, the end of September, and Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley, you must have a licence and Circ dels Pessons or perhaps the a fishing ground permit to be
Route of Ancient Trades in Sant able to do this sport. You will
Julià de Lòria.
Golf Soldeu receive information on all of the intensive sports fishing grounds If you prefer to strike out on your and the grounds in natural own, tourist offices stock the surroundings from the tourist guidebook “Caminos de Andorra” offices and specialised shops.
(Andorra Routes), which contains
information on 54 trails for all Leisure, sports and health gives an overall view of the the Ministry of Tourism and country’s main natural assets. receive a memento of their achievement. Both these items prove that you have managed to complete this extraordinary route.
At each viewpoint we find a sign with all of the information on the subject. Informative leaflets are available in 4 languages at all tourist offices.
Go around the country on a mountain bike...
Loversofthesporthavethreelarge areas especially prepared and fitted out: the Bike Park Soldeu and the Vallnord Bike Park. And in Arinsal you will find the BMX –
Four Cross Circuit, free access and without charge. You will also have mountain paths which you are free to enjoy by bike; you will find all of the information you need at the tourist offices in each parish.

Come “round a whole country” with the GRP (Gran Recorregut
País - Grand Country Route): The circuit, about 100 km long, has no difficult or dangerous sections and crosses the Principality in its entirety.
It is divided into seven stages, around 14 km each, designed on the presence of refuges and the aim is to take them at a pace allowing the natural surroundings to be enjoyed. It

Naturlandia Animal Park takes six or seven days to finish Or by bike... the trail. Passports are available on the highest golf course in into the landscape and where
Europe. For practitioners of pitch visitors can observe all the more
putt the Valls del Nord offer representative species of the the facilities of their two centres: Pyrenees. This is the perfect place the Golf Par 3 Vall d’Ordino to spend some time getting to and the Pitch Putt El Torrent, know one of Naturlandia’s many in la Massana. Both beginners attractions.
If you like cycling, Andorra has at that allow all excursionists who complete the GRP to obtain a diploma awarded by your disposal 22 cycling climbs at varying levels of difficulty. In total, there are around 200 km
Rialb Valley and experts can enjoy privileged
Complement your visit with other natural surroundings, with all of available summertime activities the necessary services available to such as paintball, archery, hiking, you from May to September. quad and buggy riding and the children’s adventure park, among others...

Animal Park
Nature en Route...
Don’t forget to visit the Naturlandia Animal Park – a park at an altitude of 2000 metres with facilities perfectly integrated be generated which, as a whole,
14 ecotourist viewpoints, each one with a particular interest related to nature. A network is to Leisure, sports and health parish are just some of the options Wherewintersportsareconcerned, for those who want to keep fit.
Andorra regularly hosts world
Alpine, Mountain and Speed
· skiing championships as well as
the Freeride World Tour and the Total Flight Masters of Freestyle.
During the summer months,
Andorra hosts events such as
Sporting Breaks the World Mountain Bike
The objective of ‘Andorra: Sports
Championship, the World Trial
Training Country’ is to acquaint
Bike Championship, the Andorra people with sports clubs, teams
Ultra Trail Vallnord, the ‘Vuelta’ and federations, the advantages of the Peaks of Andorra, the of high-altitude training and the Andorra Outdoor Games as well wide range of amenities available as one-off events such as the Tour in the Principality.
Coma de Ransol of road so that you can really allow you to enjoy well-being savour the country’s beautiful all year round. The hotels in the landscapes. You will be able to Principality offer the new culture experience unique routes such as of comprehensive well-being and the Coma de Arcalís, estación de complete their offer with health
Pal, Puerto de Envalira and Coll de and beauty treatments. of Spain and the Tour de France.

Sporting events
The Principality is a true reference point in the world of sports, and over the last few years it has been the venue for a significant number of competitions and renowned sporting events.