An Employee Can Avail CL, Subject to the Following

An Employee Can Avail CL, Subject to the Following


For any leave, an application must be put in and leave must be sanctioned by the Immediate Manager in advance, unless the circumstances are beyond an employee’s control. In such a situation, leave application must be submitted, immediately on resuming work. Any absence from work unless authorised through leave application shall be unauthorised, it will be treated as leave without pay.


All employees including probationers and trainees will be entitled to 12 days Casual Leave during a calendar year. These leaves will be credited to individual’s account at the beginning of the year.

An employee can avail CL, subject to the following:

  • A maximum of 3 day’s CL can be availed in a month. Also not more than 3 casual leaves can be availed at one time, unless absence is due to illness. In such a situation a certificate must accompany the leave application from a Medical Practitioner
  • CL cannot be clubbed with any other leave
  • In case CL is availed because of medical reasons it can be clubbed with PL if the duration of leave is more than the CL balance in an individual’s account
  • A holiday or a weekly off can either be prefixed or suffixed with casual leave. Any holiday / weekly off falling during CL period shall be counted as leave


All regular local employees will earn Privilege leave @25 working days per annum.

PL can be availed only after putting in at least 4 month of work with the Company. A new employee shall earn PL for the month during which he/she has joined, only if the joining is by 15th. (As a practice, PL will be credited twice a year in advance. Jan 01st & July 01st. Prorated leave entitlement from Jan 01st to 30th June will be credited on Jan 01st i.e. beginning of the year. Likewise, prorated entitlement, from July 1st to Dec 31s, will be credited, on July 01st. In case of new joinees, prorated entitlements for the period above will be credited, on the date of joining.)

PL can be accumulated maximum up to 30days of entitlement. An employee can have the option of encashing PL in case of an emergency. The encashment is limited to the condition that he/she should have a balance of at least 50 days of PL, even after encashment. (Encashment will based on leave balance, before credit of PL as explained above). The company shall do automatic encashment of PL once the balance exceeds 30 days for the days as on 31 Dec every year. Encashment of PL shall be at the rate of the last drawn Basic Salary. The excess PL over and above 30days as on 31 Dec 50% of the PL will get lapsed as on 31 Dec and rest will be paid to the employee with Jan Salary. The employee is encouraged to avail of privilege leave. The intervening weekly off / holidays, during the leave period shall not be counted as leave.


This would be available to eligible female employees, as per the provisions of Maternity Benefit Act, 1961.


The Company shall observe 12 holidays in a year on account of Festival and National holidays. The list of holidays every year will be circulated in advance.