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I/we hereby apply to the American Boerboel Club for membership as (check one):

q  Individual Membership ($35 per year): (1) person, 18 years or older, residing in the United States or Puerto Rico, who is in good standing with the American Kennel Club and subscribes to the purposes of this club. Member is entitled to one vote.

q  Household Membership ($55 per year): (2) adult persons, 18 years or older, residing in the same household within the United States or Puerto Rico, who is in good standing with the American Kennel Club and who subscribe to the purposes of this club. Members are entitled to one vote each.

q  Associate Membership ($35 per year): (1) person, 18 years or older, residing outside of the United States or Puerto Rico, and/or who does not currently own a Boerboel and who subscribe to the purposes of this club. Members are entitled to all club privileges except voting and holding office.

q  Junior Membership ($17.50 per year): (1) person, not less than ten or older than 18 years, residing in the United States or Puerto Rico, who is in good standing with the American Kennel Club and subscribes to the purposes of this club. Member is entitled to all club privileges except voting and holding office.

q  Honorary Membership ($17.50 per year): (1) person, who has made significant contributions to the sport, breed or the club. Honorary members pay no dues, are not eligible to vote, but can maintain individual or household membership if they pay dues.


Applicant must obtain the signatures of two ABC members in good standing. If you are unable to obtain the signatures of two members, your membership will be voted on in the next Board Meeting.

ABC Member Endorsement: ______

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ABC Member Endorsement: ______

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PURPOSE – In Boerboel breeding, the emphasis shall be placed on working ability and other outstanding qualities of character within the breed, as well as appearance. It is mandatory that a code of ethics be subscribed to by those who are concerned with the propagation of physically, mentally and temperamentally sound Boerboels of breed type. Measures should be taken to acquaint the general public with the contents of this code so that they might not become innocent partners in improper breeding practices.

Consistent with the above, members agree to breed discriminately and upon strong evidence of the possibility of finding suitable homes for the resulting puppies. Members understand and agree that breeding inadvisably will contribute to the deterioration of the Boerboel Breed.

RECORDS – If members breed their bitch or use their stud dog in service, they agree to keep accurate records of stock, matings and pedigrees and to register all breeding stock with the American Kennel Club.

BREEDING – Members agree to use for breeding only normal bitches and dogs in excellent health who have reached their 18th month, are free from communicable diseases and have no radical departures from the official AKC standard. Members agree to breed only to dogs that are AKC registered or registerable. A bitch may be bred to only one stud dog during any one estrus cycle with the exception that a bitch may be bred to multiple sires in the same estrus cycle with strict adherence to the AKC multiple sire registration application requirements. Members agree to have hips and elbows x-rayed and graded by OFA for evaluation, penn hip or a reputable, veterinarian controlled registry, if imported from a foreign country. Members agree to have a heart auscultation performed by a veterinarian or cardiologist. It is strongly recommended that dogs and bitches used for breeding be screened via echocardiogram by a board certified cardiologist. Members agree to have breeding stock examined by a veterinarian for entropion and ectropion. All health testing must be performed at 12 months of age or older and prior to breeding. This does not apply to dogs that have passed away and were collected. Members are required to produce documents upon request and/or publish the information as part of any litter announcement. All breeding stock must be permanently identified by DNA Markers and one of the following; tattoo or microchip prior to obtaining health certifications. It is strongly encouraged that Boerboels used for breeding utilize third party temperament evaluations such as CGC, ATTS, BH, or BST prior to breeding.

SALES - All breeding should occur with the intention of the preservation and/or betterment of the breed. Therefore, it is recommended that each member make a sincere effort to see that a reasonable portion of an anticipated litter by their bitch or that resulted from the use of their stud dog is suitably spoken for before a breeding takes place. It is recommended that breeders screen prospective buyers to ascertain their interest and ability to provide a safe, adequate and loving home, as well as their potential to properly care for a large, active, dominant dog. Breeder agrees to inform prospective buyers of the lifelong responsibilities of Boerboel ownership, training, socializing, spatial and exercise needs and to ensure, to the best of their ability, that the buyers will be responsible owners who will provide proper care and supervision.

Breeders and stud dog owners recognize that they have a lifetime responsibility for puppies produced by their brood bitch or stud dog. Breeders must also recognize the inherent obligation to provide a stable environment that protects each puppy’s physical and emotional well-being. This includes helping to relocate to a new home that puppy or adult dog which the owner is unable/unwilling to keep or taking that puppy or adult dog back. Any provisions for refund or reimbursement of expenses shall be handled in the contract between breeder and owner. No puppy or adult dog bred or owned by an ABC member shall be disposed of in an animal shelter or pound unless such disposal is required by law.

Members agree to use a written sales contract or written agreement with any sale or purchase involving a dog. Document will state clearly to a buyer whether the puppy or dog being sold is being sold as a potential show or breeding prospect or a pet/companion. Members will refuse to sell to or recommend breeders who so not conform to this code or to dog wholesalers and retailers or those who sell or buy in litter-lots. Members will not donate a Boerboel for raffle purposes or sell to any home if they have reason to believe that puppy or dog will not be properly cared for. Members will not release puppies before they are eight weeks of age, with knowledge they are healthy and have required inoculations appropriate for their age. Members will give buyers of puppies or adult dogs accurate health, breeding and registration records and at least a three generation pedigree. Members will adhere to the terms of their sales contract or sale agreement. Members will recommend to puppy purchasers that they render incapable of producing any dog which has developed disqualifying faults or has radical departures from the AKC Boerboel standard, at an appropriate age.

Members will encourage working titles to retain the Boerboels correct working temperament. They should also encourage the showing of future breeding stock in the conformation ring, keeping in the mind the purpose of such shows is to preserve and improve the breed by objective evaluation of dogs in competition according to the breed standard.

Members will not export puppies or adult dogs to any country where there are no animal protection acts in place, specifically in respect of dog fighting and where there is known consumption of dogs by humans.

REGISTRATION – A puppy showing deviations from the standard, including but not limited to all listed disqualifications and any color not allowed by the approved AKC standard, rending it unsuitable for breeding or showing will be registered by the breeder with a limited registration. Nor will they be allowed to be registered with any other domestic or foreign registry. Only the breeder may request the AKC to remove the limitation at some later date, when conditions warrant such action. Papers may not be withheld without a signed agreement.

ADVERTISING – Members agree that advertising, oral and written, shall be factual and not worded so that it will attract undesirable buyers or to encourage the raising of Boerboels as an easy money scheme, or for dog fighting purposes. No price should be given in public advertising of Boerboels.

GENERAL CONDUCT AND SPORTSMANSHIP – Members shall conduct themselves at all times in a manner which will reflect credit upon themselves and the breed, regardless of location or circumstances, especially when attending dog shows or trials, whether as an exhibitor or spectator.

Members agree not co-own a dog or participate in the breeding of said dog with person(s) who do not subscribe to and support this code.

Members agree that they will not have persons in their household or immediate family participating in activities that are contrary to the principles set forth in this code.

Members will not make public, unfounded accusations to try to discredit other breeders, exhibitors or ABC members.

VIOLATIONS AND RECOURSE COMMITTEE - The incoming board of directors shall appoint, at its first board meeting, a three member violations and recourse committee and one alternate member, for a two year term. Written charges of this code by a member may be sent to any member of the board of directors. The board member will send the allegations to the committee within two weeks of receipt. The committee will investigate the charges and report its findings to the board of directors within two months of receipt of the charges and may recommend any or all of the following levels of discipline.

1. Warning – a member may not receive more than one warning in a year’s period without incurring further disciplinary action.
2. Monetary fine – which shall be awarded to Boerboel Rescue.
3. Actions as described in the ABC Bylaws, Article VI: Discipline, Sections 1-4.

Following receipt of the committee’s report and recommendations, the board of directors will proceed as described in the Constitution and bylaws. A fifty dollar fee will be required from anyone bringing charges. If the charges are upheld, the fee will be returned. If charges are dismissed the fee will be retained by the ABC.

If a member has special problems or circumstances or through no fault of their own is in violation of any of the provisions of this code, they may have the committee review the matter and make recommendations.

I (We) have completed this application in a true and accurate manner.

I (We) declare that I am (we are) 18 years of age or older, in good standing with the American Kennel Club, and agree to abide by their rules and by the Constitution and the By-Laws of the American Boerboel Club.

I (We) have read and by signing below, agree to abide by the ABC Code of Ethics.

Applicant: ______

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Applicant: ______

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