Alfie Moon Goes to the Moon a Dream Journey

Alfie Moon Goes to the Moon a Dream Journey

Alfie Moon Goes To The Moon [a dream journey]

Betty And Frankie [two old street sellers, sweets and fish]

Grannie And The Electricity Problems [a fun tale]

My Funny Family [pains the lot of them]

RitaAnd Mary [two Glasgow shopkeepers]

Uncle Shuggie[a long narrative about a ne'er do well uncle taking his nephew on surprising advantures]


By St Michael’s East End Glasgow P5 with Ewan McVicar

Tune Original

Alfie Moon woke up too soon

He saw the moon was changin

Turnin roon like a silver balloon

Over Parkheid Toon

Kindly help us sing this tune

Oh dear, Alfie Moon

He jumped oot o bed and bumped his head

And tumbled doon the stair

He ran away up Rocket Street

"Whit's goin on up there?"

He jumped on a hingway that was passin by

An flew tae the moon up in the sky

It was full, it was gibbous, it was old, it was new

Crescent horned and painted blue

He said "Ah'm gonny go dancin in the moonlight

Wi an alien green an white"

Then he moaned, "Oh, ma head

Ah passed out when ah fell oot o bed"


By Sacred Heart East End Glasgow P6/7 with Ewan McVicar

Tune The Wheel Of Fortune

Dae ye ken Sugar Betty?

Sweetie wife, she's the boss

Yes, I know Sugar Betty

She sells sweets at Brigton Cross

Liquorice sticks and cinnamon balls

Soor plooms and chocolate drops

Sugar allie, jawbreakers

All kinds of lollipops

Dae ye ken Fishie Frankie

He sells fish frae a cart

Yes, I know Fishie Frankie

Whelks and mussels, haddock, shark

Loch Fyne herring, fat and oily

East Coast smokies - they're for me

Boil the tatties, bread and butter

That will make a lovely tea


By P4-7, Marykirk Primary

Tune Ye Canny Shove Yer Grannie

Ma grannie left the stove on overnight

Ma grannie left the stove on overnight

She began to cough, and forgot to turn it off

Ma grannie left the stove on overnight

Ma grannie stuck her finger in the socket

She thought she saw a mouse, she said “It lives in that wee house”

Ma grannie tried to cut right through the wires

She tripped and grabbed a shelf, and electrified herself

Ma grannie stuck a load of plugs together

They got very hot, she poured water from a pot


By St Michaels East End Glasgow with Ewan McVicar

Tune Ma Maw’s A Millionaire

My dad's a chimney sweep

He never gets much sleep

Stuck in a chimney, I suppose

With a spider crawlin up his nose

My dad's a chimney sweep

My gran is very old

She always gets a cold

She began to sneeze one day

Her teeth shot out and ran away

My gran is very old

My sister is a pain

She's got three gabby weans

She always annoys the neighbourhood

She's always in a crabby mood

My sister is a pain

My granda's a maniac

Hasnae the sense o a carpet tack

Tries tae tell us he's a panda

Always swingin on the verandah

My granda's a maniac


By Sacred Heart East End Glasgow P6/7 with Ewan McVicar

Tune The Wheel Of Fortune

Dae ye ken Raggy Rita

She buys rags for thirty pence

She sells them for one pound fifty

She must have common sense

Cardigans and woolly jumpers

Denims, skirts, cotton vests

They get sent to hard-up countries

To the East from the West

Dae ye ken Ginger Mary

She runs Main Street Fruit and Veg

She gets up at four a.m.

To buy supplies from her pal Reg

Strawberries, apples, cabbage

Lettuce, pears, broccoli

They are juicy, sweet and cheap

Go and get them for yer tea


[Tune : Donkey City, a tune from Jamaica]

A song in Glesga language about an uncle who gets into interesting trouble.

Ma favourite Uncle Shuggie came round and he says tae ma mammy,

“Ah sank that pound on a sure fire cert of a horse in the two o’clock.

Could you help us out with three pound ten?

Or just make it five and ah’ll pay ye when I know.”

And ma mammy said, “Never again, Hugh.”

Cause ye never paid last time,

Or the time before last time.

You must owe a fortune and you’ll never get even.

Shuggie go! Go raffle your body for science.

Ma Uncle Shuggie said, “Aw come on, make it two pound even.”

Ma mammy said “Done. As long as you take Young Hugh here our for the day.”

Ma Uncle said “Ach, Bella, but -”

Ma mammy said, “Just keep it shut and go before I start to remember.”

My favourite Uncle Shuggie said, “Well, come on then son, or we’ll miss the parade,”

But when we went out there was just a man wi two dugs.

He said, “How’d we get on?” Ma uncle said ,“Well

Thirty bob cash and a wean we could sell as a scarecrow.”

And the dug man said, “Ah’m losin patience.”

Ma favourite Uncle Shuggie smiled, he said, “Ah’ll see ye right, it’ll just take a while.”

And the dug man said, “All right, where’s the thirty bob?”

Ma uncle said, “Ach, leave us five.” The dug man said, “Be glad you’re alive and go.

Hey, take yer pygmy wi ye.”

Then ma favourite Uncle Shuggie and me paid a wee visit to a hostelry,

Then we hippety hopped to the bookie shop.

But the horses all had three left feet. My uncle started to greet

But the bookie said, “No. And Willy Carson was never your nephew.”

Then ma favourite Uncle Shuggie and me went intae Alec’s bakery,

And my uncle asked for the loan of a dozen rolls.

But Alec said tae my uncle, “Get out ye wee carbuncle,

Don’t you know ah heard what ye did tae ma sister?”

Then ma Uncle Shuggie, he said to me, “Hey son, have ye got any l.s.d.?

We could go to the chippy and buy yer mammy a pie.

Maybe she’d like a bottle of beer and twenty fags?”

Ah said, “Ach, cheerio, yer just a rotten chancer.”