Alamance County Farm Bureau Scholarship Program

Alamance County Farm Bureau Scholarship Program

Alamance County Farm Bureau Scholarship Program

About the Scholarship

This scholarship is valued at $1000.00 per calendar year or academic year and is renewable for three successive academic years.

The maximum amount of the scholarship will be $4000.00 over a four year period.

*All successful applicants must re-apply every year to continue to receive money for the successive years.


This scholarship is awarded to a graduating high school senior that meets the eligibility criteria set forth in this document. Applicant must enroll in either a four year college or university or a two year college in an agriculture or agricultural related curriculum. Community colleges and technical schools do qualify. Applicant must be an Alamance County resident. Preference will be given to Farm Bureau members.

A potential recipient must demonstrate:

1. Satisfactory grades and/or progress toward degree

2. Good character

3. The intention to pursue a career in agriculture or in an agriculturally related field.

4. Financial need

5. Leadership potential

*It is the applicant’s responsibility to make all arrangements for college admission.

Directions for the Applicant

1. Have your parents or guardians complete the confidential financial and nominating form. It should be mailed to County President, Alamance County Farm Bureau

PO Drawer 58 Graham NC 27253, or can be hand delivered to 800 N Main St Graham NC.

*Applications are due in the Farm Bureau Office Graham NC by April 15th of the current year of application.*

2. Attach a recent photograph and official transcript of academic record to current date.

3. Please attach two letters of recommendation to accompany the application.

Alamance County Farm Bureau Scholarship

Confidential Financial and Nomination Form


1. Please complete this form and mail it directly to

Alamance County Farm Bureau President PO Drawer 58 Graham NC 27253 or hand deliver it to 800 N Main St Graham NC.

2. All Information supplied by the nominee and the family is used by the scholarship committee and will be treated confidentially.

3. Applications are due in the Farm Bureau Office Graham NC by April 15th of the current year of application.

Nominee’s Information

Name ______

Home address ______

Telephone (home) ______(cell)______

Parents or Guardians Name ______

Address ______

Parents/Guardians Employer ______

Position Held ______

Annual Salary ______

Bank Reference ______

Alamance County Farm Bureau Scholarship Nomination Form

1. Name: ______

2. Address: ______

(mailing address)


3. Telephone (home): ______(cell) ______

4. Date of Birth: ______

5. Gender Male ______Female______

6. Marital Status Single ______Married______

7. Name of county holding your Farm Bureau Membership: ______

8. Name of high school attending: ______

9. College or University Attending: ______

10. Currently enrolled in college or university? Yes ______No ______

Name of college or university ______

11. School organizations or extra-curricular activities: ______


12. Community Activities: ______


13. Special Interests and Hobbies: ______


Family Information:

Father/Guardian Name: ______

Address: ______

Employer: ______

Mother/Guardian Name: ______

Address: ______

Employer: ______

Student Statement- Please use the following space to make a statement in support of your nomination for a scholarship. Include a statement as to a specific career for which your college education will prepare you and how that career relates to agriculture.

Nominee’s signature ______Date ______