ACR Family Section Advisory Council, December 18, 2007

ACR Family Section Advisory Council, December 18, 2007

ACR Family Section Advisory Council, December 18, 2007


Present- Russell, Frank, Cori, Clarence, Susan E., Kathy, Glenn.

Russell began the meeting with election results. Glenn Dornfeld, Susan Jennings, and Kathy McCormick were elected as Council members. Glenn reappointed as co-chair of the Conference Committee, Kathy appointed as co-chair of Membership Committee and Susan J. appointed as the Diversity and Equity Point Person to the ACR Diversity and Equity Committee and as chair of the Family Section Diversity Committee.

Discussion of Section Committee Recommendations from Task force. Any questions or comments, contact Russell.

Cori still needs hard information on finances and membership. She will contact Doug.

Russell can no longer serve as Liason to the Legislative and Public Policy Committee. Frank will be the new Liason.

Mary Ann will be Nominations chair.

Clarence will remain as Ethics chair.

Russell will talk to Duane about co-chairs for Training Committee.

Conference Committee reported the theme of 2008 section conference 7/24/08-7/27/08 in Utah will be Building Bridges, Moving Mountains. Committee has six core people and will soon put out call for proposals and search for plenary speakers. Sue Bronson will head up group to review proposals. Any suggestions, contact Russell or Glenn.

Discussion of creating domain names for the internet at a cost of ten dollars per name. Suggestions were ACR Family Section and Family Section ACR. Russell will move forward on this and issue of creating a cheaper and better way for people to access section on the internet.

Kathy and Susan E. will discuss creation of a Mentor contact list at membership meeting.

First teleconference by Frank was conducted successfully with very positive feedback from the participants and an e-mail will go out shortly on the next one in January.

Action Items:

1) Russell will send e-mail notice of next teleconference and upcoming teleconferences.

2) Russell will send list of 2008 meetings of Council.

3) Russell will check with Workplace on continuing education credits.

4) Russell will talk to Duane on training committee issues (see above).

5) Cori will talk with Doug (see above).

6) Kathy will look into becoming an Advanced Practitioner.

Clarence will forward to Russell list of people on Training committee.

7) Frank will contact Don on when Family Mediation News will be coming out.

8) Russell will contact Duane on domain names and other internet issues.

9) Russell will look into recording teleseminars.

10) Kathy and Susan will work on issue of list of mentors.

11) All members will look for someone to administer teleseminars.

12) All members think about additional designations for Advanced Practioners.

Next meeting: January 15, 2008 at 12:30 PM, EST.

Respectfully submitted,

Frank Motz, Secretary