A Police Officer (Informal, British English)

A Police Officer (Informal, British English)

List of Eponyms

This is a list of about fifty common eponyms. For each eponym you'll find a definition, two example sentences, the origin and a quick quiz question.

Adam's apple

the lump of cartilage surrounding the larynx (voice box) at the front of the human neck - most noticeable on adult men


a book of maps


a police officer (informal, British English)


the withdrawal of support, or the refusal to buy or use something, as a form of protest or activism; (also a verb)


a writing system composed of raised dots that represent letters. It allows blind or visually impaired people to read.

Caesar salad

a salad made with romaine lettuce and croutons, with dressing usually made from olive oil, garlic, raw egg and parmesan cheese


a jacket-like, woollen sweater that opens at the front and may have buttons that are often left undone


a temperature scale based on two fixed points with water freezing at 0°C (zero degrees Celsius) and boiling at 100°C. It is used in temperatures for weather, cooking and so on in most countries.


a sporting event involving horse-racing, usually with young horses; some other kind of race, for example bicycle derby


a temperature scale in which the boiling point of water (212°F) and freezing point (32° F) are 180 degrees apart (today used mainly in the USA)

Ferris wheel

an amusement park ride (for example, the London Eye) consisting of a giant vertical wheel that revolves slowly as riders sit in passenger cars suspended on its outer edge

graham cracker

a light, square-shaped baked cookie that is often today sweetened with honey


a small type of fish that breeds quickly and comes in many colours. They are often kept in fish bowls and aquariums.


a vacuum cleaner; a machine for cleaning house and car interiors; also a verb


a small indoor or outdoor whirlpool with massaging jets; a hot tub


something that is very large; also used as an adjective


a form-fitting, one-piece garment that covers the torso. It may or may not have sleeves, and is often worn by acrobats, dancers and skaters


an experienced and trusted guide or advisor; also a verb

Morse code

a message system in which letters and numbers are represented by dots and dashes or long and short light or sound signals

Murphy's law

the idea, a supposed law of Nature, that anything that can go wrong will go wrong


photographers who work independently and follow celebrities to get photographs of them, often in an intrusive way


a Mexican plant with specialized bright red leaves called "bracts" surrounding small yellow flowers. It is a popular houseplant at Christmas.


extreme luxury | more commonly used in its adjective form: ritzy


two slices of bread with some other food between them, such as meat, cheese or peanut butter


a brass musical instrument of the woodwind family, often used in classical music and jazz


a person who doesn't like to share his or her money; a person who doesn't like celebrating Christmas


fragments of metal from a bomb or shell


the outline of a dark shape on a light background; often the profile (side view) of a human face

teddy bear

a soft toy bear filled with stuffing


a standard unit of electromotive force that drives current | abbreviation: V


a standard unit of power | abbreviation: W

wellingtons | wellies

knee-length waterproof boots made of rubber or plastic


an electric-powered machine with a driver that resurfaces ice on an ice-rink by shaving it, clearing it and flooding it