Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Monitoring Form

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Site Monitoring Form

Sponsors must review each Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program grant site one times per school year. The review must be conducted before February 1st each school year. Keep completed monitoring forms in your files for 3 years plus the current year.

Sponsor: / Site Name:
Site Contact Person: / Contact Email/Phone:
FFVP Service Time: / FFVP Service Location:
Date of Review: / Person Completing Review

1. Is the school following their Implementation Plan? Yes No

2. Are a variety of fruits and vegetables being offered? Yes No

3. Is FFVP accessible to all students in the school every day that it offered? Yes No

4. If equipment purchases were made, are the pieces of equipment at the school site? Yes No

5. Do invoices match claim submitted? Yes No

If you answered No to questions 1-5 corrective action is required.

6. What is your corrective action plan (if required)?

7. Describe any Nutrition Education activities that were done at this site part of the FFVP.

8. Describe any FFVP promotions that were done at this site during the review month.

9. How many times per week were fruits offered?

10. How many times per week were vegetables offered?

11. Have you experienced any challenges with the FFVP at this school? If so, please describe.

Reviewers Signature ______Date ______