Differentiated Activities Rounding

Differentiated Activities – Rounding

On Target:

·  Have kids record 645 in a place value chart and then round to the nearest hundred.

·  Have students circle the digit in the hundreds place. Remind them to look at the digit to the immediate right of the circled digit, to see if the hundreds digit stays the same or increases by one.

·  Repeat with other numbers.

Hundreds / Tens / Ones
6 / 4 / 5


·  Draw a number line on the board with the numbers 50, 52, and 60. Have students copy the number line and draw quick pictures of the numbers 50, 52, 60 below the number line. Remind them that a square represents 100, a line represents 10, and a small circle represents 1.

·  Have students round 52 to the nearest ten by circling the nearest multiple of ten. What is 52 rounded to the nearest ten?


·  Write a riddle on the board: I am a number between 440 and 460. When rounded to the nearest ten, I am 450. When rounded to the nearest hundred, I am 400. My ones digit is an even number, but it is not 8. What number am I?

·  Have students use the first clue to list the number between 440 and 460. Then have students use the remaining clues to eliminate numbers until there is only one number left.

·  Challenge kids to make their own riddles.