9:30-9:35 WELCOME and INTRODUCTIONS Kathleen Ridings (Chair)

ECHO Medium

Attendance: Peg Gavin (LifeWorks); Elvira Lathrop (ATCIC), Allyson Randal (Green Doors); Rick Rivera (Salvation Army); Kathy Ridings (Salvation Army); Ann Howard (ECHO), Liz Baker (ATCIC), Greg McCormack (Front Steps), Melinda Cantu (SafePlace), Veronica Neville (ECHO), Sam Woollard (Consultant), Niki Paul (ECHO), Natalie Metzger-Smit (LifeWorks)

Absent: ASA, Caritas, Foundation Communities

9:30-9:35 WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS Kathleen Ridings (Chair)

9:35-10:30 FY14 HUD NOFA Sam Woollard

·  CoC Local Application Process-Q&A

o  Deadline tomorrow 9/4

o  Reviewed CoC Scoring

o  Projects with ranked by Project Type

o  Questions on Project Component:

(1)  Character limit is without spaces?-Yes, everyone submit character length w/o spaces

(2)  For the timeframes: 12 mo. Vs. Recent Year

(3)  HUD Sponsored trainings

(4)  Disregard Project Threshold #2-“affirmative”-You can state “No”

(5)  Any answers that you cannot say “yes”, you must explain

(6)  Yes-Programs must describe “Opening Doors”

(7)  How are other programs tackling-using last years responses or writing new?

(8)  Who is on the IRT-Sam reviewed the respresentative, ECHO appoints IRT members

·  IRT Agency Presentations

o  Reviewed Guideline

o  Send any Powerpoint presentation to Niki and Sam the day before

o  ATCIC requested to present next to HACA and TCHA for next year’s schedule

(1)  Niki will email out schedule to CoC Work Group to allow any agencies to rearrange their scheduled time

(2)  What’s considered to be a good overall score?-ECHO will send out average score by category

·  Community Data Review –Veronica Neville

o  ECHO has granted an extension the APR data due date until EOB 9/4/14. Any agency that does not need the extension will be eligible for 5 bonus points

o  Recommendation to have more frequent Report Card (Quarterly) from the CoC

o  System Performance Measures will be changing for 2014

o  APR Review Training needed (HMIS Committee?)

o  Education around SOAR and impact on benefits with subsidized housing

o  Success: People in PSH are sustaining housing

o  Challenges: Income

10:30-11:00 ECHO Updates ECHO Staff

·  New ECHO Staff

o  Bree Williams, new Community Housing Liaison

o  Alesandra Dominguez, CA Intake Specialist

o  Casey Cork, CA Intake Specialist

o  Kim Seaton, CA Intake Specialist

·  Coordinated Assessment Update

o  Salvation Army needs draft copy of the DSHS (Salvation Army and ATCIC)

·  NOFA Program Application will provide guidance on Tier 1 and Tier 2 and other application specifics. Information from 2013 application will be uploaded from last year to be revised.

·  1115 Waiver-$2.3 Million available for ACT team development for supporting clients with PSH

o  ECHO has requested ATCIC (Darilynn and Liz Baker) to provide guidance on her experience with ACT team

·  City of Austin Council released Social Services application recommendation

o  27 out of 65 application recommended for funding

o  100% Funding til the 27th

o  80% funding option

o  Confusion at meeting

o  Discretionary funding available (not clear on amount)

o  City Council will vote on final decision

NEXT MEETING: October 1st, 2014, 9:30-11am, LifeWorks, 3700 S. 1st Street.