8 Healthcare App Ideas to Launch a Successful Startup (2019)

8 Healthcare App Ideas to Launch a Successful Startup (2019)

8 Healthcare App Ideas to Launch a Successful Startup (2019)

The healthcare industry is an excellent place for aspiring entrepreneurs to launch a new startup. In fact, exploring healthcare app ideas is smart for many reasons.

For example, healthcare spending in the US alone accounts for one-third of their GDP. Yet, there is still a large gap in providing quality healthcare services.

What this means is that while people are paying huge money for relatively poor medical services.

But the good news is, you have an opportunity to revolutionize the healthcare industry through healthcare mobile app development.

Ever since mobile apps became mainstream in nearly every industry, a lot of entrepreneurs have jumped on the healthcare apps.

And in today’ blog, we’d like to share the top 6 healthcare app ideas using which you can revolutionize the healthcare sector.

Mobile apps have greatly impacted nearly every industry and healthcare industry represents an incredible opportunity for innovation. Below are the 8 healthcare app ideas that you can steal today to launch a successful startup.

1 – Weight Loss/Diet Tracker App

Getting fit from fat is what everybody wants nowadays. In fact, if you just look at the research in the below image, you’ll see that the weight loss apps are among the top healthcare apps that are being downloaded.

IMG 256

According to Polaris Market Research, the global fitness app market is anticipated to grow to a whopping $14.7 Billion dollars by 2026.

What this means is that there is a huge scope for diet tracking and weight loss apps in the near future.

Take FatSecret App for example. The app helps people stay fit and in shape with less efforts by allowing them to track their diet intake. Simply put, the app lets users keep a record of food they eat and the calories they consume. The app is equipped with features like a diet calendar, weight tracker, and a barcode scanner.

Weight Watchers’ ME App is another notable example. The health experts at Weight Watchers realized that when it comes to forming new health-related habits, weekly routines were not sufficient.

So, they developed ME app with the sole purpose to provide their clients continuous motivation and frequent goal recalling features.

2 – Doctor On Demand App

Imagine you’re on a vacation in a strange country. It’s Friday past 8 PM and you feel a stomach ache that’s nearly unbearable. What will you do?

Try out some random home remedies without knowing the actual cause of pain?

What if there was a way to connect with a local, certified doctor at any given time?

Yes, we’re talking about Doctor On Demand App.

The Doctor On Demand is a concept where patients can connect with doctors 24×7 through a mobile app. To develop a doctor on demand app of your own, you will need the right mobile app development team.

But first, you’ll need a vast database of doctors who are willing to partner with your startup. These doctors should be available to attend video calls to consult patients from all around the world and provide consultation.

3 – Medication Reminder App

There are certain age-group people who have so many prescriptions to take in a day that they can hardly keep track of them. Forgetting to take medicines at a certain age can be deadly.

This represents a perfect opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to launch an app-based startup.

For example, you can build a medication reminder app that can be used to track medication intake, set reminders about medications, and dosage of the medications.

HCHC Healthy Living app is one such app startup that not only helps people track medications but also medical appointments and provides certain healthy living tips on a daily basis.

4 – Healthcare App for Chronic Disease Management

Chronic illness like blood pressure, diabetes, and kidney disease need medical attention and checkups on regular basis. This makes the chronic disease management app a perfect opportunity to launch a startup.

With your own CDM app, you can allow users to address these diseases and let them track their health through regular intervals and provide a list of professionals in their locality.

Furthermore, you can also collaborate with clinics and help them connect with new patients.

5 – Healthcare App for Women’s Well-Being

If you’re interested in addressing women’s common issues, a women’s well-being app idea might just be right for your startup. You can create a healthcare app for women to help them track their menstrual cycle, help them achieve inner peace, or solve a medical problem.

There are tons of healthcare app ideas for women’s well-being. For example, you can develop a healthcare app that provides a comprehensive list of sources of gynecologists, dietitians, and so on. In fact, this kind of app has the potential to become a go-to-resource among women.

In addition, you can also consider integrating access to high-quality consultations through voice and video chat. The possibilities are just endless.

6 – Mental Health App

Stress, depression, and unhappy lifestyle is among the top mental illness among millenials. You could create a healthcare app specifically for individuals who are fighting these mental illnesses.

For instance, a perfect healthcare app idea is to build a mental health monitoring app for people who feel alone and are in dire need of help. The healthcare app ideas in this category are endless.

For example, another common mental illness is the lack of sleep. Busy work schedules & excessive work pressure have made a majority of individuals sleep deprived. You can help these individuals with relaxing music therapy app or help them plan a routine for proper rest and sleep.

There are even healthcare apps that help people overcome their different fears. Like we mentioned, the ideas are just endless.

7 – Medical Training through Virtual Surgery

Medical training reaches to the next level with the Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality based healthcare apps. Using the AR/VR hand controllers and headsets, surgeons and medical interns can experience how they will perform the surgery along with the feel of doing it in real-time.

It enables medical interns with lifelike surgical experience for ENT, MIS, laparoscopic, ophthalmology, and neurosurgery. The haptic feedback system offers a highly realistic sensational experience of using various drills or other medical instruments.

The simulator provides a detailed and granular control that enables surgeons with near to realistic, actual and identical procedures.

8 – Online Therapy Apps

With online therapy apps, therapy is accessible to everyone. Such apps help to those patients who feel hesitation to meet the doctor in-person and discuss their mental or physical health issues.

Patients can interact with doctors through the app using messaging or chatbot features. These features can be available for free and paid (if the startup will charge subscription fees). It also provides a platform to the therapists where they can connect with other medical experts and learn about the new technologies and treatments.