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Paul SkirrowCV

Note / I am a partner in Octopus Systems, a successful business established in 1994 providing consultancy and software development for a wide range of applications. I usually manage a complete project from feasibility study to final installation or release. I am not seeking full-time employment but would consider contract work where I can work from my Ipswich office as well as contract work in the Ipswich, Cambridge, Colchester or London areas.
General / Date of birth: 14 June 1965
I am British, married, in good health and I have a full, clean driving license. I am a member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (MIEE).
Education / BSc Hons degree 2(i), in Engineering Electronics from Warwick University (1983 - 1986). Six ‘A’ levels and 9 ‘O’ levels at Bemrose school, Derby.
Experience / I am an enthusiastic and experienced independent consultant, software developer and project manager with a broad range of skills. My experience and knowledge of many diverse systems coupled with my ability to work well with people at all levels enables me to specify and deliver complex projects on time.
I have developed a diverse range of software for a range of platforms ranging including Windows, Unix, Linux, QNX, VMS, RISC OS and real-time embedded systems. I have also developed process control software; production test software and web and WAP applications using CGI, Perl, HTML, WML and JavaScript.
Skills / I am proficient with the following technologies and software packages:
  • High level programming languages including C, Perl, Visual BASIC, Fortran
  • Low level programming of ARM, PowerPC, ST20 & 6502 processors
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Unix, VMS, QNX, RISC OS and NC OS
  • Internet protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, DHCP, NTP etc
  • Communication protocols: ISDN, RS232, Ethernet, caller display
  • Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) including ETSI standards for Simulcrypt
  • Web/WAP site design using HTML, SHTML, SSI, WML, CGI & Perl
  • Software tools: CVS, Bugzilla, Microsoft Visual Studio, EtherReal and IDA Pro
  • User Interface design for desktop and embedded systems
  • Productivity software: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Project, Dreamweaver MX, Framemaker and a range of desktop publishing, graphics and accounting packages
My other skills include project management, sales, marketing, accounting and writing technical documentation. I have developed and presented several training courses to various organisations, including the BBC and Belgian Telecom. I have submitted several patent applications and had numerous technical articles published.
Employment History / Since 2002Self-employed ConsultantOctopus Systems
I am an independent consultant, and partner in Octopus Systems, a successful software business, established in 1994.
I typically take a lead technical role designing and developing system architectures and software for a wide variety of projects including embedded systems, DVB, TCP/IP networking, web and WAP applications, Windows programs and industrial applications.
Projects have included:
  • Lin4WinXP audio test software for Windows, sold by Lindos Electronics
  • Process Control software for Edward Baker, Ralston Purina, Martis Engineering and Nestlé Purina using a network of RISC OS computers
  • DVB Simulcrypt encryption software for Endurance Technology (using C, TCP/IP and QNX in a real-time embedded system)
  • Security analysis work for Endurance Technology
  • Technical documentation, web sites and developer support for Castle Technology’s IYONIX pc using the Intel XScale 80321 processor
  • FlexiData – an on-line database supporting web and WAP, now being used by several clients including Nestlé, Lindos and Castle
  • Production testing of IPTV Set Top Box audio for Online Media
  • Software to network Rockwell PLCs with a legacy DEC system for Nestlé
  • Device drivers and ISDN software for Acorn Network Computers (ARM based)
  • Device drivers for Acorn’s DeskLite thin-client using Cirrus Logic’s PS7500FE ARM-based System-On-Chip
  • TCP/IP network software for MSDOS and RISC OS for HR Wallingford marine navigation training simulator
  • Touch-screen drivers and various technical manuals for Lindis International
  • Custom audio testing software for SABC (South African Broadcast Corporation)
  • ISO 7816 smart card software for Pace Micro Technology’s Japanese thin client
  • Consultancy work for Suffolk Business Link, specifying a web-site with CRM
  • Teletext, Caller Display and Flexi-Data products sold & marketed by Octopus
2000 - 2002Project ManagerPace Micro Technology
I worked as a project manager with Pace Micro Technology in Cambridge, managing teams of up to 15 engineers and sub-contractors working on several projects including an Internet TV STB using an ARM9 System-On-Chip processor. I took an active role in all aspects including technical design, specifications, resource allocation, documentation, customer liaison, legal agreements, contracts and invoicing. I also worked on a Microsoft TV STB project and a Philips wireless video distribution project.
1994 - 2000Self-employed ConsultantOctopus Systems
I established my own business, Octopus Systems in 1994 (see above).
1987 - 1994Senior Software EngineerLindos Electronics
At Lindos Electronics I designed and developed the firmware for the LA100 Audio Analyser product (comprising 60,000 lines of 6502 assembler), helping it grow from initial concept through to a successful product and de-facto standard for professional audio testing worldwide. I wrote several user guides, developed a production test system and organized numerous exhibitions in London, Paris and Los Angeles. I was also responsible for several large corporate contracts as well as customer support, marketing, advertising, repairs and sales
1982 - 1987Self-employed Software Developer
I worked as a self-employed software developer while in full-time education including time tabling and management software for my school, real-time embedded software for the Lindos LA100 Audio Analyser and computer games for various companies including Atari International and Rabbit Software. I also wrote numerous articles for computer magazines.
Interests and activities / I have played an active role in the local British Sub-Aqua Club setting up the Sunstar web site, producing a newsletter and arranging expeditions, training, lectures, publicity and social events. I enjoy team sports: I set up and run a local badminton group with 30 members and I also run octopush (underwater hockey) sessions every week. I was founder and chairman of an Ipswich computer club for several years. I also enjoy sailing, traveling, home cinema, cycling and reading.

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