5Th Grade Library Elective Research Project

5Th Grade Library Elective Research Project

5th Grade Library Elective Research Project

Marking Period 2 (Topic: Environmental Issue)

Individual ProjectDue: January 25th

Skills to be covered in Library Class:

  • Review developing a topic and creating anessential question
  • Utilizing print andapproved online resources
  • How to take notes and why we take them
  • Organizing your notes
  • Creating outlines
  • Writing a persuasive paper which includes evidence and facts from research

Topic: Environmental Issue

Students will focus on an issue affecting our environment. Students will have to persuade someone to take action to help save our environment.

Suggested topics:

Global warmingRecycling

Energy consumptionGas emissions


Air QualityWater quality

Endangered AnimalsClimate change

** For any other topics, see Mrs. Kelly ***

Writing Style: To Persuade (with evidence and facts)

Students will create a persuasive research project where they will conduct research using no fewer than 4 print resources (only approved online sites can be used in addition to print resources).

Students must read and use the resources in order to:

  • Understand what the problem is
  • How it is affecting the environment
  • What can be done to solve or correct the problem.

Writing a persuasive paper is to convince the reader that the environmental issue is important by using facts and evidence gathered from research to support the student’s opinion. You must have 3 reasons for your opinion along with facts/examples to support your thoughts.

Student’s writing must include:

1st Paragraph:

Introduction – What is the environmental issue?

How is this environmental issue a problem for our world, country, state, or community?

2nd Paragraph:

What do you think should be done about this issue?

What are some solutions that can help?

List Reason 1 with facts/examples

3rd Paragraph:

List Reason 2 with facts/examples

4th Paragraph:

List Reason 3 with facts/examples

5th Paragraph:

Conclusion – A summary about the environmental issue

Strongly convince the reader of your opinion about the issue and what you think can be done to fix the problem

To be handed in for the final project:

1) Notes taken from your resources

2) Pre-writing organizer

3) List of resources used

4) Rough draft

5) Final draft (graded using rubric below)

6) Rubric


This research project will be worth TWO grades

You can earn a total of 50 points on the assignment (see Rubric for grading scale)

5th Grade Library Elective Research Project

Marking Period 2 (Topic: Environmental Issue)

Name: ______

Persuasive Research Project Rubric:

1 / 2 / 4 / 5
Audience / The writer’s opinion is never made clear to the reader. / The writer’s opinion is not made clear to the reader until the end of the letter. / The writer’s opinion is given in a somewhat long introductory paragraph. / The writer’s opinion is given in a brief, clear introductory paragraph.
Organization / Paragraphs generally do not have topic sentences. / Paragraphs have topic sentences, but they don’t always give reasons for the writer’s opinions. / Paragraphs have topic sentences, and most give reasons for the writer’s opinion. / Paragraphs consistently have topic sentences that give reasons for the writer’s opinion.
Elaboration / Details are mostly unrelated to topic sentences. / Details sometimes support topic sentences. / Most details support topic sentences, but a few are unrelated. / All details provide strong support for topic sentences.
Research / The writer uses 1 source only to support their opinion. / The writer uses 2 sources to support their opinion. / The writer uses 3 sources with details from each source to support their opinion. / The writer uses 4 or more sources, using evidence from each to support their opinion.
Clarification / The writer uses the wrong word many times. / The writer has several errors with homophones and other confusing words. / The writer occasionally uses the wrong word. / The writer always uses the correct homophone or other easily confused words.
Conventions and Skills / The writing is missing several parts, and there are many double negatives. / The writing is missing at least one part, and there are several double negatives. / The writing has all basic parts, but there are a few errors in them and with double negatives. / The letter has all basic parts, and there are no errors with them or with double negatives.
1 / 2 / 4 / 5
Heading / The paper is set up properly, including writer’s name, date, and heading at top of page.
Audience / The writer addresses their audience by clearly stating their opinion in the first paragraph.
Introduction / The writer gives a strong introduction to their topic and states their opinion.
Reasoning / The writer states clear solutions for their topic and supports those reasons with facts and details from their research.
Organization / Paragraphs have a topic sentence that relates to the main topic and follow the correct format.
Research / The writer uses multiple sources to gather information to support the topic.
Details / The writer uses details from their research to back up their opinion. All details support their opinion.
Paragraph Format / The writer completes a standard 5-paragraph essay with an introduction, body, and conclusion.
Conventions and Skills / The writing has minimal spelling and grammar issues.
Notes / The writer has included their notes with the paper.
Pre-Writing Organizer / The writer has included the organizer with the paper.
Rough Draft / The writer included the rough draft with the paper.
List of resources / The writer included a brief list of all resources used for their research.