3. NO DOGS Allowed on Any Field. This Is a Ute Conference Rule

3. NO DOGS Allowed on Any Field. This Is a Ute Conference Rule

Team MOM Duties!!

So you volunteered to be Team Mom or Team Parent. The following information will get you on the right track so do not worry. You will find the time you put in for volunteering as Team Mom rewarding and fun. Generally speaking, the Team Moms duties and responsibilities are to do the administrative tasks for the team which will allow the coach to concentrate on coaching, the players and team development.
1. List of players – Make a list of all players and include their name, parents name, telephone number and emails. It is a good idea to put a parent as a contact in your cell phone as well. In case of an unexplained absence, you'll quickly be able to call the parent. Always carry your cell phone with you. A player might miss a game because they have the wrong game time – Yikes!
2. Email parents – Obtain each parent's email address as soon as you can. You will want to always keep parents informed of what's going on. If the coach hasn't done so already be sure to let them know when practices are expected, how early they need to show up before the game, etc. Always include a signature at the bottom of your emails and always put your cell phone number. This way, parents won't have to search for a previous email with your number – they can it expect it to accompany your email signature every time.

3. NO DOGS allowed on any field. This is a ute conference rule.

4. Game schedule- UTE conference put all the game schedules together. HERRIMAN football nor I have anything to do with the schedules.. You will need to check the website for ALL game times and places.. Please check on these every week they have been known to change.
5. Weigh-in info- As soon as I have a schedule I will email you with your team day and time. Please help your coach with this. You will need to get this info out to your team. Ever player has to be weighed in no exceptions. If you don't have a player weigh in they will miss the first game and possibly the second game. A Ute conference repetitive has to be present to weight the players in.
6. Fundraiser This year . We will be offering two different fundraisers . The first one is jerky. The jerky Fundraiser is the same as last year. You sell the packets, there are three bags of jerky to a bag. The second fundraiser will be . Super Fan fundraising You can offer anything out of this catalog. I do have a Herriman cup that was designed for us. Your players can choose both or just one. Its up to you and your individuals, with that being said they're able to do both it's completely their decision. Our goal is to have 100% participation. All fundraising is due AUGUST 25. Keep in mind all this money that we collect from fundraising goes right back into our program. We are able to purchase new new helmets, and pants. last year and this year new shoulder pads. Keep in mind most districts do not have new equipment. I think we all agree we love to have new equipment.

7. Picture day – Team Pictures will be August 22-23 . I will email your team schedule and times. You will need to coordinate picture day with the team. This includes receiving the picture packets to pass out to parents. Ideally you will want to pass these out ahead of time but be sure to have extra on the day of pictures – parents will inevitably leave their form at home. It will be your responsibility to inform parents:
1. Which package is included when they registered (if any)
2. What sections they need to fill out
3. What they need to wear for pictures.
Advise parents to arrive 30 minutes prior to pictures and indicate where everyone should meet. If you are new to Picture Day, enlist the help of the coach to determine the best meeting place and time. Once everyone has arrived, you will need to collect their order forms. Individual pictures are usually next and then the team picture. Be sure to bring the banner with you for the team picture.
8. Attend practices and games – Please make every effort to be at all practices and games. Usually the coach will provide team information such as any scheduling changes, time to meet prior to the game, etc. It's easier for the Team Mom to hear this first hand and send an email reminder out to those parents who may have missed the practice. If you can't make a practice or game, please let the coach know ahead of time and be sure to call him or her for any information that was given to parents so that you can send out an information.

9. Uniform. Good news this year jerseys are all in. The board will be sorting them soon. And will be contacting the coaches to pick them up soon as I have more information I will get it to you If you have any uniform issues helmet pads etc. If you have any uniform issues helmet pads etc. Please contact Josh Spenst if you have any questions, 801-703-6499 or . You may have to coordinate uniform pickup and distribution. They should be passed out to all players and their name and uniform number recorded. You will be required to send this info to Tom Jager. Also you will need to decide as a team to have your players last name embroidered on the back. You team will receive cardinal pants these are game pants only. They are Not to be use at practices. We have all your team sizes they were taken down at sign-ups.

You must use a Ute Conference approved vendor.
10. Team apparel- you are more than welcome to have team apparel made for you team. Please keep in mind that we have apparel available every Saturday at the Herriman fields.
11. Create your teams dropbox or facebook page Groupme – With today's technology, staying connected with team information is easier than ever with a drop box & social media . With dropbox, you can create a drop box for your sports team where you can input the Teams Pictures team videos, this makes it easy if you choose to make a year end slide show. This is a good team gift idea. Find someone on your team (parent) that would be willing to put a slide show together. Some ideas action shots. Facebook you can input practice schedule, game schedule, snack duty schedule, Snack schedule. Example for facebook page; Herriman football PeeWees B3 2015. Please still have at least one paper copy of the above mentioned Roster & Snack schedule. Why? Because even in this day and age, there may still be parents or grandparents that just don't login to a computer or have a phone where they can receive e-mail in order to get the game notifications. Also, your coach may ask you information about a player and rather than taking ten minutes to look it up on your technology device of choice, it would be much easier to be able to pull it out of your coordinator book. ~These are all suggestions and not required.
12. Team Fee- is 50.00 per player on your team. This fee is to pay for Friday night psych night, Break away banner, year end party, coaches gift. This fee my seem like a lot but be careful it doesn't go far.. THIS FEE IS NOT REQUIRED.. Please be sensitive to this, no players should be exclude. Also keep a itemized document, so you can send it to your coach at the end of the season. This helps you if anyone questions you.
13. Lanyards- Create a lanyard for each player it should include a list of all the games and players name and number.
14. Psych night ideas- Fun game for the players and a small candy with a game reminder attached to it. Game ideas crack the egg on a coach's head. Some were hard boiled some were not. Check with the coaches before playing any games. Water games. Game reminder Try to keep the cost low with each player you have 20 players. Gold fish with a tag that says THE SEASON HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED. Or creamies LETS GO CREAM THEM! Then the game info for the week. Pinterest has a bunch of ideas.​
~These are all suggestions and not required.
​15. Half time snack list – You will be responsible for making the snack/drink schedule. Begin by listing the scheduled game date, location and time. Next add the team player that will be responsible for bringing snacks that day (numerical jersey order is a good place to start). Snacks kids of all ages enjoy are: crackers, cookies, grapes, oranges, fruit snacks, jerky, applesauce or fruit cup (don't forget the spoon), juice box, water or Gatorade. Older kids love sunflower seeds, nuts (check for food allergies first) and potato chips. You can get a feel for what the parents like their kids to have after just a few games.
Touch down Bucket- Ute conference has said NO to touch down buckets..

16. Team breakaway banner/in zone signs– Check with your coach and team if this is something you want for the team. If so order the breakaway banner or in zone signs right away. Try to have this come out of your team fee. If you need additional money let the parents know what their share of the cost will be. If you are new to this, check with the coach for any preferences he or she may have. Ideally you want to have the banner ordered and received before the first game. Idea LET'S GO MUSTANGS coordinate with coach. Most likely you will also be responsible for bringing the banner or in zone signs to each game. Check with a parent on your team who would be willing to bring them to each game. ~These are all suggestions and not required.
17. Try to get a sponsor – If you know someone who has a business you can solicit a letter requesting a sponsorship for the team. The sports organization should have the forms for you to give to businesses. If you do receive a sponsor, be sure to thank them. Even give them a thank you gift/card from the team or with a plaque and by inviting them to the end of the season party.
18. Purchase Year end gift/ trophies – Your coach may ask you to coordinate purchasing gift/ trophies. Be sure to speak with the coach about your purchasing plans such as what type, size, etc. Ideally you want to order the gifts/ trophies 3 weeks ahead of time. No one likes to have to pay for a rush shipment! Could be part of your team fee for their costs unless you were able to get a sponsor. Gift ideas shirts, sweat shirts, beanies or hats it's up to you. ~These are all suggestions and not required.

– There are tons of places you can have a team party. Some suggestions are:

1. Coaches home or a team members home.
2. Local amusement parks (party room)
3. bowling alley
4. park
5. pizza parlor
6. restaurant
7. If you chose to use the pavilion you must reserve it with Herriman city.
A. Purchase coach gift(s) – Purchase the coaches gift(s) at least two weeks prior to end of season. Make sure to add this to you team budget. ~These are all suggestions and not required.
1. Keep track of where you have spent receipts, maybe even an itemized list. This will not only help you but will be good for the team!
2. Don't feel you have to go it alone. You can absolutely delegate some duties to other parents who are willing to help. The greatest leaders are the best delegators!
~This is an example of spirit nights half time team sign up list I emailed out to my team last year.
Example email
Subject: Spirit nights
We need people to help out with Spirit Games for Friday night. Please reply if you're willing to help out. It's just a little 10-15 game for the boys it get them excited for their games on Saturdays! There are lots of minute to win it games that would work really well.

Sept 5: Brit
Sept 12:
Sept 19:
Sept 26:
Oct 3:
Oct 10:
Oct 17:
Oct 24:
Sept 6: Fruit:Perschon Gatorade: Broadbent
Sept 13: Fruit: Brown Gatorade:Pederson
Sept 20: Fruit: Pauly Gatorade: Wheeler
Sept 27: Fruit:Egelund Gatorade: Ninow
Oct 4: Fruit: Hanna Gatorade: Miller
Oct 11: Fruit: Mascaro Gatorade: Mckee
Oct 18: Fruit: Hokanson Gatorade: Kramer
Oct 25: Fruit: Pederson Gatorade: Eyre
Thanks so much for your support of our boys. I'll try to email Weds/Thurs each week to remind the Spirit Game and Halftime Fruit/Gatorade when it's your turn it's your week.
Thanks Carrie

Important Dates:
Team practice Begins July 31

Mandatory Weigh~In will be the week of August 8
Preseason Game August 19

First Game August 26

Team Pictures August 22-23

~. I need one representative from each team to be on the team mom Facebook page I will need your email and your phone #.

~Good Luck on your upcoming season!
~Like our football page on facebook (Herriman Ute conference Football)
~You can always contact Brit or me with any questions or concerns you may have.
Brit Eglund 801455-3522

Carrie McKee 8012316865


Alta / 19 - Big Bear Park / 930 E Onyx Lane, Sandy / 2 /
Bingham / 16 - South Jordan Park / 11000 South Redwood Road, South Jordan / 5 /
Bountiful / 22 - Centerville City Park / 1335 North 400 West, Centerville / 3 /
Brighton / 13 - Cottonwood Heights Rec Center / 7500 South 2700 East, Salt Lake City / 3 /
Copper Hills / 26 - West Hills Middle School / 8270 South Grizzly Way, West Jordan / 4 /
CorCanyon / 32 - Galena Park / 12452 South Galena Park Boulevard, Draper / 3 /
Cottonwood / 17 - Cottonwood High School / 5715 S 1300 E, Salt Lake City / 2 /
Cyprus / 11 - Magna Copper Park / 8941 West 2600 South, Magna / 4 /
East / 04 - Sunnyside Park / 1735 Sunnyside Ave, Salt Lake City / 2 /
Granger / 10 - City Park / 3405 South 4400 West, West Valley City / 2 /
Grantsville / 02 - Grantsville High School / 115 E Cherry St, Grantsville / 3 /
Herriman / 30 - W&M Butterfield Park / 6212 West Butterfield Parkway, Herriman / 3 /
Highland / 06 - Sugarhouse Park / 1330 E 2100 S, Salt Lake City / 2 /
Hillcrest / 15 - Midvale Park / 350 West 7720 South, Midvale / 3 /
Hunter / 25 - Hunter Park / 3600 S. 6000 W., West Valley City / 3 /
Jordan / 14 - Mount Jordan Middle School / 9351 S. Mountaineer Lane, Sandy / 3 /
Juan Diego / 31 - Juan Diego High School / 300 East 11800 South, Draper / 3 /
Judge / 12 - Thomas Kerns Complex / 430 E 2100 S, Salt Lake City / 2 /
Kearns / 09 - Lode Stone Park / 6170 LodeStone Ave, Kearns / 3 /
Murray / 03 - Salt Lake County Rugby Fields / 5300 South 250 East, Murray / 3 /
Olympus / 05 - Evergreen Junior High / 3401 South 2000 East, Salt Lake City / 3 /
ParkCity / 27 - Ecker Hills Middle School / 2465 W Kilby Rd, Park City / 3 /
Pleasant Gro / 34 - Pleasant Grove High School / 700 E 200 S, Pleasant Grove / 2 /
Riverton / 29 - Western Springs Park / 4570 W Goshute Drive, Riverton / 3 /
Skyline / 08 - Skyline High School / 3251 E 3760 S, Salt Lake City / 2 /
SoSummit / 28 - Oakley Rec Complex / 4300 North State Road 32, Oakley / 3 /
Stansbury / 07 - Village Park / 500 Village Blvd, Stansbury Park / 3 /
Taylorsville / 21 - Harry S Truman School / 4639 S 3200 W, Taylorsville / 4 /
Tooele / 18 - Tooele High School / 301 West Vine Street, Tooele / 3 /
Viewmont / 23 - Centerville Family Park / 1335 North 400 West, Centerville / 4 /
West / 01 - Riverside Park / 600 N 1400 W, Salt Lake City / 3 /
West Jordan / 24 - West Jordan Middle School / 7550 South Redwood Road, West Jordan / 4 /
Westlake / 33 - Vista Heights Middle School / 484 Pony Express Pkwy, Saratoga Springs / 5 /
WoodsCross / 20 - Woods Cross High School / 2200 South 600 West, Woods Cross / 2 /


For questions about anything in the Ute Conference contact your district president.

For problems with the online registration process please contact .