Volunteer Requirements

  • Must work a minimum of 8 hours over the course of Convention days (Saturday to Wednesday) to receive complimentary registration
  • Volunteer Coordinator must sign all volunteers in and out if a volunteer has not fulfilled the required 8 hours the Coordinator will notify Patrick. Anyone who does not fulfill 8 hours as required will be billed for their registration cost post event.
  • Volunteers must check in at the Volunteer Office (Room XXX) at least an hour prior to their work shift
  • Volunteers must check out in the Volunteer Office at the end of each shift
  • Volunteer Orientation/Training does not count towards the 8 hours required

Volunteer Coordinator(s) Requirements and Info

  • Volunteer coordinator(s) will schedule volunteers for the times/events listed per the grid
  • Volunteer office must be staffed at all times by coordinator(s) beginning Saturday – Wednesday.
  • Volunteer coordinator(s) will manage the schedules, shifts, and make sure that all positions are filled on a daily basis. Contact backups if there are open holes
  • Have a list of backup volunteers in case someone has to cancel
  • Volunteer coordinator(s) will distribute aprons (or XXX)at the Volunteer office.
  • The volunteer office/room should be staffed at all times, this is done by the coordinator or the alternate/backup coordinator - however once the expo opens then the office can be closed down and same goes for once the Convention Arena lunches kickoff but we ask that you wait to shut the office down until 15 minutes after the start of lunch to ensure your volunteers or Staff don’t call for more help.
  • The coordinator and the backup can work out the times they will trade off the duty of staffing the office.
  • Also the coordinator will be given a key to lock/unlock the volunteer office – if a volunteer forgets an item in the office the coordinator will need to come and let them in.

RegistrationArea Volunteers

Bag/Badge Holder Counters

  • Hand out badge holders and lanyards
  • Pass out sponsor bags
  • Assist with passing out ribbons

Registration Area

  • Direct traffic at registration counters/lines
  • Answer general questions/FAQ’s
  • Help direct traffic to various convention areas

Area Directions

  • Answer general questions/FAQ’s
  • Help direct traffic to various convention areas

Events/Convention Arena/Center Stage


  • Greet Attendees
  • Provide directions/Information ( with signs)
  • Assist with satellite registration as necessary

Convention Arena/Center Stage

  • Greet Attendees
  • Help with traffic flow
  • Direct attendees to open seats for lunch

Session Monitor Responsibilities

Staff and Volunteer Runner Responsibilities

Speaker Ready: Room XXXX, 8 am - 4:30 pm (times could change)

Volunteer Office: Room XXXX

Session Runner Responsibilities

The following are the responsibilities of education session volunteers/staff:

Be professional and courteous in all your interactions with delegates.

Please pick up session materials from the Speaker Ready Room (Room XXXX) 45 minutes before session start of the 10:00 AM session (Monday & Tuesday) 11:00 AM session (Wednesday). You will need to arrive at your assigned room and begin set up 30 minutes prior to the start of the 1st session.

Deliver to Room:

  • Attendee count clicker– to count # of attendees
  • Speaker gifts (books) — Give to staff member assisting in your room to give to the presenters upon arrival.
  • 10 min, 5 min cue signs — Discuss with presenter(s) how they would like to use the time cue signs.
  • Presenter biographies/Housekeeping Notes – Place on the podium if in your packet (some session will not have bios/notes).

Make sure the display outside the room has the correct session title. If it does not, please ask the AV technician to change it. There is one AV technician per room.

Introduce yourself to AV technician. Make sure title slide is projected on screen showing session name/sponsor logos.

Introduce yourself to session sponsor/moderator/presenters – discuss audience Q&A, time cues, speaker gifts, exit slide.

NEW in 2015ElectronicEvaluations—Electronic evaluations can be completed using the GBTA mobile app and My Convention Planner. Please encourage use of this function. Paper evaluation forms are no longer being offered. Please remind delegates to complete session evaluation.

COUNT session attendees twice. The first count should be 15 minutes after the session begins, and the second count should be 15 minutes before the session ends. Record counts on envelopes.

Run microphones for Q&A (if needed).

Return the envelope, clicker and cue signs provided to the Speaker Ready Room (Room XXXX after the second session concludes at 12:30 pm.

GBTA Staff

Becky Morgan: Manager, Education - program, speakers, presentations, AV, Room Sets

mobile: 443-306-4205

Kelly Moffett: Assistant Manager of Online Education – program, speakers, presentations


Academy Hall Schedule: (as of 7-7-15)

Monday, July 27 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Monday, July 27 11:30 am – 12:30 pm

Tuesday, July 2810:00 am – 11:00 am

Tuesday, July 2811:30 am – 12:30 pm

Wednesday, July 2911:00 am – 12:00 pm

Please note there is only (30 minutes) between sessions each day. If you have the first session of the day (10:00 am), please gently remind the speakers that at the end of their allotted time, people will be coming in promptly to set the room for the 2nd session.

It is required that you bring the materials for both sessions to the correct session room prior to the first session due to the quick turnaround. Please indicate on the packet sign-out sheet available in the Speaker Ready Room that you have picked-up both packets.

Session Handouts & Evaluations

As part of GBTA’s efforts to go green, we no longer print education session presentations for general distribution. Education sessions that are made available to GBTA can be downloaded through the GBTA Convention App, as well as My Convention Planner.