20160610 Morning Intense Showers (02:22)

20160610 Morning Intense Showers (02:22)

ICRT Script All (2016)—DFLL

Part I:

1A: 20160627 AM


The Tai-Ex opened down 70-points this morning from Friday's close, at 8,406
on turnover (成交量) of 1.7-billion N-T. The market took a beating (遭受重挫). Friday as investors scrambled (倉促行動) to dump (拋售) their holdings (持股) in the wake of (在. . . 之後) the results of a referendum held by the U-K pointing to a departure of the country from the European Union. . . .


President Tsai Ing-wen arrived in Panama City Saturday on her first overseas trip since assuming office (上任) May 20-th. Tsai was greeted by a red-carpet ceremony upon arriving at the airport in the capital to an enthusiastic welcome by Panamanian officials and nearly 200 R-O-C expats (expatriate; 僑民). Speaking on her arrival, Tsai said she felt "very honored to be invited to attend the Panama Canal opening ceremony" and she went to congratulate and give greetings to the Panamanian government and its people. Before flying to Panama, Tsai made a transit stop (過境停留) in Miami, Florida, where she held talks with U-S Senator Marco Rubio and Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

The Central Weather Bureau says the island will continue to experience sunny and hot weather with chances of afternoon thunderstorms in the coming days due to the influence of a high pressure system. According to the bureau, highs (高溫) are expected to reach 36 degrees every day this week due to the Pacific high pressure system (太平洋高壓系統). The weather bureau also says a tropical low pressure system over the South China Sea has now weakened, and it is now unlikely it will develop into the year's first tropical depression (熱帶低氣壓).

U.S. Secretary of State (國務卿) John Kerry is en route to (在 . . . 途中) London and Brussels for talks following the so-called Brexit (British exit; 英國脫歐) vote. Our U.S. correspondent (通訊記者) Priscilla Huff has a preview: “The one thing that doesn’t change with the so-called Brexit vote is the special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom,” US officials keep saying. US Secretary of State John Kerry is convinced that both sides can work through national security, marketplace, economy and other facets of Brexit to everyone’s best interest (利益). ‘The most important thing is that all of us as leaders work together to provide as much continuity, as much stability, as much certainty as possible. Secretary Kerry says he’s looking forward to meeting with his European counterparts (對方;居同等位置者) to learn about their thinking about the transition going forward and he and the US have a growing awareness that there is likely the downward effect, especially on business and finance.” For ICRT news in Washington, I’m Priscilla Huff.

Looking at the weather across Taiwan ... We can expect .... Partly cloudy skies and occasional (偶或的) afternoon thundershowers (雷陣雨) across much of the north and south, and Mostly clear skies, but scattered (零星的) afternoon thundershowers in the center. Current Temperatures ....Taipei – 34; Taichung – 32; Gaoxiong – 32.

1B: 20160824 PM


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says the government will continue to seek compensation from Japan for Taiwan comfort women (慰安婦). The statement comes as Tokyo has approved the payment of 1 billion Japanese yen as compensation for comfort women in South Korea. The payment was part of a final settlement (和解) reached between Seoul and Tokyo last December, a deal which Taipei has been closely monitoring. MOFA (The Ministry of Foreign Affairs) says Taiwan continues to seek a formal apology from Tokyo and monetary compensation for the sexual slavery of Taiwan women during World War II on par with (同樣的) that received by South Korea. The Ministry is calling on Tokyo to quickly begin negotiations with Taipei on these issues.

A bank money laundering (洗錢) scandal could hit Taiwan's reputation when it comes to fighting money laundering. The Ministry of Justice says the country's rating by the Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering could be hurt after Mega International Commercial Bank's New York branch (兆豐金控銀行紐約分行) was fined (罰款) for violating anti-money laundering laws (違背反洗錢法). The official says Taiwan fell short (未達標準) in the Group's second evaluation round (第二輪評量) concluded in 2012, because its anti-money laundering laws were not fully aligned with (與…一致) international standards and did not criminalize terrorist financing. Taiwan has revised relevant (相關的) laws, hoping to improve its rating in the current evaluation round, but the Mega Bank case could have a negative impact on Taiwan's rating


A devastating earthquake has rocked (搖晃) central Italy, collapsing homes on top of residents. At least 37 people have been killed in hard-hit (遭受重創) towns where rescue crews are racing to dig survivors out of the rubble. The death toll (死亡數) is likely to rise as crews reach homes in more remote hamlets (小村莊). The magnitude (震級) 6 quake was felt across a broad swath (條形地帶) of central Italy, including Rome. The temblor (地震) was felt from the Lazio region into Umbria and Le Marche on the Adriatic coast. Italy's civil protection agency(民事保護局) said the preliminary toll was 37 dead, several hundred injured and thousands in need of temporary housing, though

Part II:

2A: 20160713 AM


The Presidential Office (總統府) says it will not accept Tuesday's ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague (海牙常設仲裁法庭) that high-tide features (漲潮時會露出海面的地貌) in the Spratly islands (南沙群島) are rocks and not entitled to (未具…資格) the 200 nautical miles exclusive economic zone (專屬經濟區). According to the Presidential Office, the ruling is not legally binding (具有法律約束力) for the R-O-C and Taiwan stance over sovereignty (統治權) in the South China Sea area remains unchanged. Foreign minister David Lee has also slammed (猛烈抨擊)Tuesday’s ruling by the court, charging (譴責) that it downgraded the Republic of China’s status as a sovereign state (主權國家). The foreign minister has criticized the court for inflating its power by declaring the Taiwan-controlled Taiping Island a rock as the island was not listed by the Philippines as one of the objectives (目標) subject to arbitration (受仲裁).

The Financial Supervisory Commission (金融監督管理委員會; 金管會) says First Bank will have to bear full responsibility for the theft of 70-million N-T from its ATMs over the weekend. Commission Vice Chairman Gui Xian-nong (金管會副主委桂先農) says the bank has been asked to review its internal security mechanisms (內部安全機制). The bank Tuesday admitted that 70 million N-T was stolen from 34 of its ATMs at 20 branches (分行) in Taipei, New Taipei and Taichung. The bank says that it believes that the suspects used malware (惡意軟體) to manipulate the system.


Brazil's interim government announced it is beefing up funding for the military to help it meet (符合) security needs for the Olympics that open next month in Rio de Janeiro (里約熱內盧). Despite a budget crunch, the government is granting the armed forces an additional $24 million U-S dollars at the request of the Defense Ministry (國防部). The minister said the additional funds are meant for (意圖為) ``final adjustments'' in security before the sports extravaganza. Troops will begin patrolling sports venues July 24-th. Some 85,000 police and soldiers are to be deployed during the Aug. 5-21 games. That's roughly twice the security contingent (派遣隊) that was used at the London Olympics.

2B: 20160809 AM


The Tai-Ex opened up 3-points this morning from yesterday's close, at 9,154

on turnover of 1.1-billion N-T. The market rose to its highest level in more than one year Monday – with analysts citing the launch of "Pokemon Go" as one of the factors that pushed the local bourse above the 9,100 point mark.

The government is accusing Kenyan authorities of human rights violations following Monday's deportation of five R-O-C nationals to China. According to Presidential Office spokesman Alex Huang (總統府發言人黃重諺), the decision by Kenyan police to send the five to China after they were acquitted by a court violated international norms. Speaking to reporters, Huang said it was regrettable Kenyan authorities caved in to pressure from Beijing, despite a court ruling last week that stipulated the five R-O-C nationals should be sent back to Taiwan. The Presidential Office spokesman says the government will try to use a cross-strait agreement on joint crime fighting and judicial assistance to demand China return the five back to Taiwan as soon as possible.


Weightlifter Guo Xing-chun (舉重選手郭婞淳) won another bronze medal for Taiwan Monday at the Rio Olympics - after placing third in the Women's 58- kilogram event (賽事). Guo lifted a combined weight of 231-kilograms - just 1-kilogram less then the silver medal winner from Thailand. Taiwan now has one gold and two bronze medals in Rio - and is sitting in 13-th place in the overall medals table.


The Cayman Islands is reporting its first local transmission of the mosquito-borne Zika virus (茲卡病毒) that has been spreading across the Americas since last year. The British Caribbean territory announced Monday that a Grand Cayman man appears to be the first local case of Zika on the three islands. Officials say the patient has not traveled recently. Zika causes a mild illness in most people, but can lead to severe brain-related birth defects if women are infected during pregnancy.

Delta Air Lines (達美航空) in the U-S is struggling to resume normal operations twelve hours after a power outage (停電) knocked out its computer systems worldwide. Delta reports that it had canceled 451 flights, and other flight tracking services counted 2-thousand delayed flights. Delta representatives said the airline was investigating the cause of the meltdown. The company said travelers will be entitled to (有權) a refund if the flight is canceled or significantly delayed.

2C: 20160824 AM


The Taipei District Prosecutors' Office (台北地方法院檢察署) has issued (發布) an overseas travel ban (限制出境令) on former Mega Financial Holdings Chairman Mckinney Tsai (前兆豐金控主席蔡友才). The ban was issued after prosecutors(檢察官) summoned (傳喚) Tsai for questioning (訊問) in connection with alleged (被認為是) "anti-money laundering law violations" (違犯反洗錢法) involving one of the company's subsidiaries (子公司). Prosecutors began investigating Mega Bank after its New York branch (分行) was fined (被罰款) 180-million U-S dollars by New York State's Department of Financial Service(紐約州金融服務局) for violating the U-S anti-money laundering laws. Tsai is denying any wrongdoing - and has said he "fulfilled his obligations as a bona fide (正派) manager" before he left Mega Financial Holdings.


And ....A fleet of 64 fishing boats designed to perform marine environmental protection missions was launched Tuesday on Penghu. The fleet is the first of its kind here in Taiwan - and officials say the boats will be looking into ways to remove underwater sludge and trash that has accumulated in waters off Penghu County. The 64 fishing boats will be tasked with garbage sorting and recycling as well as cleaning surface waters and fishing ports.

Part III

3A: 20160623 PM


The Central Government has said it will help Taipei city in making the 2017

Universiade (世界大學生運動會) a successful one. Answering Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-zhe's request for help, Premier Lin Quan (林全) instructed all relevant ministries at a cabinet (內閣) meeting this morning to support the city's preparation efforts for the sporting event. But Gao Jun-xiong (高俊雄), National Taiwan Sport University President and also a member of the Universiade preparation committee, says problems of the venues are not as serious as reported in the news. The designs and construction are for renovations of the existing facilities according to Gao, and they take much less time compared with building new ones. He has also expressed confidence in the Taipei Track and Field Stadium (台北田徑場), which is next to Taipei Arena (台北小巨蛋), as the location for the Universiade opening and closing ceremonies as well as sports contests. He also points out that promotions (宣傳) for the event will soon begin this summer.


Voters in Britain are deciding whether the country should remain in the European Union (歐盟) --a historic referendum that will determine the nation's future for generations to come. More than 46 million people are registered to vote in the referendum, which asks: ``Should the United Kingdom (英國) remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?'' ``Leave'' campaigners (推行…運動者) claim that only a British exit can restore power to Parliament and control immigration. The ``remain'' campaign led by Prime Minister David Cameron argues that Britain is safer and richer inside the 28-nation EU. Financial markets have been volatile ahead of the vote, with opinion polls suggesting a tight race (緊張的比賽), but the pound has surged (英鎊猛漲) this week amid market optimism that uncertainty over the vote would end with a vote to stay. Turnout is considered critical ( 投票率是關鍵) in the vote, as polling suggested there were a number of undecided voters.

3B: 20160627 PM


China Airlines (中華航空) says the additional benefits (福利) granted to flight attendants to end a one-day strike last week will add an estimated $550 million NT a year to the airline's costs. In view of (考量) the higher costs, the airline is evaluating the possibility of streamlining (合理化) or adjusting its flight schedule and optimizing (優化) shift rotations (輪班) to raise productivity and keep the burden of the new costs to a minimum. Though the airline made a profit in 2015, helped by plunging (暴跌) fuel prices, it has lost money in seven of the past nine years, and the added costs will make it harder for CAL (China Airlines) to sustain a healthy bottom line. The benefits were agreed to after about 1,500 CAL flight attendants went on strike Friday at the airline's Taipei office. Among their demands were a $3-US-dollar increase in their overseas hourly subsidy to $5 dollars, 123 days off a year, and the right to clock in (打卡上班;報到) for work at Songshan Airport in Taipei rather than at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (外交部) has confirmed that 25 Taiwanese fraud suspects were deported to China from Cambodia (柬埔寨) last week. MOFA says the suspects are allegedly involved in telecom fraud cases (電信詐欺案) in Cambodia and Laos (寮國) and were arrested on June 13th, 18th, and 19th. MOFA (The Ministry of Foreign Affairs) says Chinese authorities have notified Taiwan about the deportation based on a cross-strait agreement (海峽兩岸協議) on jointly combating crime (共同打擊犯罪) Chinese officials said the plane was sent out by China to pick up (載運) a total of 81 fraud suspects, including the Taiwanese nationals, from Cambodia. It touched down(降落) in the Chinese city of Wen-zhou (溫州) at 5 PM last Friday.


China is warning people to be aware of what it said are nefarious motives of the Dalai Lama (達賴喇嘛) after he met with Lady Gaga on a trip to the U.S. and spoke about love and compassion. A foreign ministry spokesman said, quote, “The purpose of his visits and activities in other countries is just to promote his proposal for Tibetan independence.'' Beijing regularly vilifies the Tibetans' spiritual leader as a political figure who advocates splitting the Himalayan region of Tibet from the rest of China. The Dalai Lama says he simply wants a higher degree of autonomy under Chinese rule. On Sunday, before speaking at a conference in Indianapolis of American mayors, he met Lady Gaga. The singer asked how to help young people with self-esteem issues or who harm themselves and he said ``paying more attention to inner values like love and compassion are the right approach.''

3C: 20160701 AM


Formosa Plastics Group has issued an apology and promised to compensate victims after it was confirmed a steel mill in Vietnam caused a massive fish die-off that has affected the local fishing industry. The statement came after Vietnamese authorities released a report that blamed F-P-G's "Ha Tinh Steel Company complex" for the polluting coastal waters across four provinces. According to the F-P-G, it is now working with the Vietnamese government to compensate residents of the affected areas and to clean up the pollution.

The Aviation Safety Council has ruled that pilot error was to blame for the crash of TransAsia Airways Flight 235 in Taipei last year. A final report into the crash released Thursday said the two pilots failed to follow flight procedure and a series of mistakes and ineffective communication between the two pilots was the main cause of the crash that killed 43 people. Flight 235 crashed into the Keelung River on February 4-th, 2015 less than three minutes after takeoff from Songshan Airport. The flight was going from Taipei to Kinmen with 53 passengers and a five-member crew on board. Fifteen people survived the crash.

Taiwan's average Internet connection speed ranked the 21st fastest in the world in the first quarter this year. The average Internet connection speed of 14.8-megabits per second also made Taiwan the fifth fastest in the Asia-Pacific region. According to Akamai's "State of the Internet" report, South Korea continues to be the global leader with the highest average connection speed of 29-megabits per second.

Part IV

4A: 20160720 AM


Beijing says it will send a team to deal with the aftermath of Tuesday's deadly bus fire near Taoyuan International Airport that resulted in the death of 24 Chinese tourists. A spokesman for China's Taiwan Affairs Office says Beijing is highly concerned about the lives and safety of its nationals and related authorities will send a team to Taiwan to help the families of the victims. While China's Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits has reportedly 'demanded' Taiwan authorities fully investigate the incident, deal with the issue properly and take measures to strengthen travel safety.