2010 NAREN: Just What Is It That Makes Him So Different, So Appealing? s1

2010 NAREN: Just What Is It That Makes Him So Different, So Appealing?

Packet 4


1.In one part of this work Phoebus states that "fame is no plant that grows on mortal soil." Keys "of metals twain" are borne by the "Pilot of the Galilean lake" in one part of this work, and in another section of this work the narrator asks "who would not sing for" the title character and invites the "sisters of the sacred well" to begin. The narrator laments his plucking of "Berries harsh and crude" in this poem, while Dolphins are ordered to "waft the helpless youth" after the lines "Look homeward angel now, and melt with ruth". Foretelling the "ruin of our corrupted clergy" and dedicated to Edward King, for 10 points, name this pastoral elegy by John Milton.

ANSWER: "Lycidas"

2.In 1879, the British began bringing Indian laborers to this country to produce sugar, and when it gained independence from Britain in 1970, the Indians outnumbered the native population. This country consists of over 800 islands and islets, such as Moala, Gau, and Kadavu, but only about 110 of them are inhabited. The Koro Sea is enclosed by the islands of this country. This country lies just to the west of Tonga, to the east of Vanuatu, and to the south of Tuvalu, and over 70% of its population lives on its two largest islands, Vanua Levu and Viti Levu. For 10 points, name this South Pacific island country with capital at Suva.


3.The fourth patriarch of this faith preached the East Mountain Teachings, and its founder taught the exercises that evolved into Shaolin martial arts. The shakuhachi is an instrument which some adherents use to attain self-realization, and the Heart and Lotus aphorisms are recited in daily services at this religion's temples. It has its beginnings in the Flower Sermon, which started its spread throughout East Asia. One form of attaining enlightenment by this religion is paradoxical questioning, such as pondering the sound of one hand clapping. The Rinzai and Soto are the famous houses of it. For 10 points, name this branch of Mahayana Buddhism which practices sitting meditation and koans.

ANSWER Zen Buddhism [or Chan Buddhism; prompt “Buddhism” or “Mahayana Buddhism” before it is read]

4.One type of these devices is described by the Ebers-Moll model, while the Early effect describes the variation in the width of the base of one of these. The Quantum Hall effect was first observed in one of these devices. The size and shape of the conductive channel determines the flow through the field-effect type of this device, subtypes of which include JFETs and MOSFETs. A more common modern variety is the bipolar junction type, which comes in n-p-n and p-n-p types and has three pins labeled emitter, collector, and base. For 10 points, name this electronic component used to amplify and switch currents, important in logic gates in modern computing equipment.

ANSWER: transistors

5.After meeting a fellow leader at the Guayaquil Conference, he won an easy victory at Junin (hoo-NEEN). While in exile, he received the backing of Alexadre Sabes Petion. This author of the Cartagena Manifesto wrote a letter outlining his grand plan while exiled in Jamaica. Elected as President at Angostura, he oversaw the creation of a constitution at Cucuta, and after its expiration, he assumed dictatorial powers. His partner Manuela Saenz had to save him from a subsequent assassination attempt. The victor at the battles of Carabobo and Boyaca, for 10 points, identify this South American military leader known as "The Liberator" who lends his name to a country with two capitals.

ANSWER: Simon Jose Antonio de la Santisima Bolivar [prompt on “The Liberator” or “El Libertador”]

6.In the movie Anchorman, Rick Tamland states that these animals can "smell the menstruation" of women, and one named Misha was the mascot of the 1980 Olympics. Stephen Colbert refers to Bill O’Reilly as "Papa" this creature, which is ironic considering his arctophobia. One of these creatures once pretended to commit suicide to escape from Chris Hansen, while a more famous example of this creature wears a campaign hat and states that "only you can prevent forest fires". For 10 points, name these mammals, notable examples of which include Smokey and Winnie the Pooh that also comes in Care, Gummi, and teddy varieties.

ANSWER: bears [do not accept specific names or species of bears]

7.Variations on this experiment found a change in participants' behavior when a dissenting confederate was present. It differed from earlier experiments on its subject by having an objectively correct answer. Subjects could be divided into independents and yielders, with the yielders having either distorted perception, judgement, or action. In the original version, subjects were told that they would be given a vision test and were asked questions about cards with various lines, but most of them gave the same incorrect answer as the confederates in their group. For 10 points, name this experiment in social psychology which showed that participants usually deferred to the majority opinion.

ANSWER: Solomon Asch conformity experiment [prompt on partial answer]

8.In one myth involving this deity, a relative flung a dead horse at her and killed several handmaidens. In another legend involving this figure, the ancestor of Jimmu, her brother created five men from her necklace, though she made three from his sword. This figure was given a sword her brother found inside the body of the Yamata-no-Orochi, the Kusanagi. In a more well-known myth involving this figure and Tajikara-O's intervention, seeing her reflection in a mirror caused her to leave the cave she had shut herself in. For 10 points, name this sister of Tsukuyomi and Susano'o, the Shinto sun goddess.

ANSWER: Amaterasu

9.One design by this architect consists of four pavilions linked by sky-bridges and resembles a mirror, Bell Labs Holmsdel Complex, and a reinforced concrete arch supports a timber roof in his building nicknamed "the Whale," Ingalls Rink. In addition to building the Morse College and Ezra Stiles College at Yale, this architect built the Kresge Auditorium, a thin-shell concrete building, for MIT. One of his better-known designs has a stainless steel skin and frames the Old Courthouse in St. Louis. For 10 points, name this Finnish architect who built the Dulles main terminal, the TWA Terminal, and the Gateway Arch.

ANSWER: Eero Saarinen

10.In biological systems, this quantity's effective kind equals the reciprocal of the sums of the reciprocals of the biological and physical values for it. This quantity is related to the energy of an alpha particle in a law named for Geiger and Nuttall. This quantity equals initial concentration over twice k for a zeroth order reaction, while it is concentration-independent for a first-order reaction and equals the natural log of 2 over the rate constant. Radiocarbon dating makes use of this value's quantity for carbon-14 decay of 5730 years. For 10 points, name this quantity used frequently when describing radioactive decay, the length of time for fifty percent of a compound to be consumed.

ANSWER: half-life

11.Also known as "Curtmantle" for his short cloaks, his reign saw the reform of royal finances and the formation of the exchequer. This man’s claim to the throne came through his great-grandfather Malcolm III, but was contested by Stephen of Blois. His Assizes of Clarendon and of Northampton resulted in the formation of royal courts and jury trials, and were followed by attempts to reform the Catholic church. This efforts resulted in his asking for someone to "rid him of this meddlesome priest", the Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket. For 10 points, name this husband of Eleanor of Aquitaine, who founded the Plantagenet line of English kings.

ANSWER: Henry II of England

12.In this work, a cousin of the protagonist is sent to breathe a poisonous fire of love into the mouth of a hospitable Tyrian. During war with the Rutulians, the gods decide not to intervene in that character's fight with Turnus. Aeolus releases the winds from a mountain to destroy the protagonists' fleet at the behest of Juno, and the author makes many references to Augustus, the commissioner of this epic. The main character is noted for carrying his father Anchises and his son Ascanius out of a burning Troy, and leaving his wife Creusa behind. For 10 points, name this work in which Queen Dido commits suicide, an epic about the titular Trojan hero by Vergil.

ANSWER: The Aeneid

13.One of these by William Walton contains the movement "Babylon was a great city" and is entitled Belshazzar's Feast. The title character journeys through death until he is judged by God in one of these by Edward Elgar entitled The Dream of Gerontius, and two by Felix Mendelssohn are entitled St. Paul and Elijah. J. S. Bach wrote three examples of this type of composition near the end of his career, The Ascension, The Easter, and The Christmas. Structured as a concert piece, often on sacred topics, for 10 points, name this type of musical composition that features an orchestra and choir, the most famous example of which features the "Hallelujah!" chorus, Messiah.

ANSWER: oratorio

14.He was formally condemned by the Russian Orthodox Church as "Antichrist" for his removal of restrictions on Jews in France, and introduced a namesake legal code that influenced most of continental Europe. His invasion of Egypt included the Battle of the Pyramids and the discovery of the Rosetta Stone. He commissioned the Arc de Triomphe to celebrate his victory over the Third Coalition at Austerlitz, though his later losses against the Sixth Coalition would force his first exile to Alba. He was exiled to St. Helena after his loss at the Battle of Waterloo. For 10 points, name this political and military leader of France who took the title of Emperor in 1804.

ANSWER: Emperor Napoleon I of France [or Napoleon Bonaparte]

15.Members of this taxonomic group lack teeth except as infants and have the ability to sense electric fields using receptors in their snouts. They lack a corpus callosum but have a cloaca, through which oviparous birth occurs. Males have horny spurs on their rear ankles that are sometimes venomous. Females have glands on their abdomens which secrete milk, instead of having nipples. They live only in Australia and New Guinea, and have bones in their jaws and ears marking them as mammals, despite contention. Comprising their class along with Metatheria and Eutheria, for 10 points, name this order of egg-laying mammals which includes platypuses and echidnas.

ANSWER: monotremata [or monotremes]

16.A man holds the titular green object over a woman's face in this painter's The Parasol, and his etchings include The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters. One ruler's overthrow by Napoleon Bonaparte was the subject matter for this man's presumably allegorical The Colossus, as well as a painting depicting The Charge of the Mamelukes. One work by this man features a bloodied corpse missing its head and one arm, while another depicts a man in white standing against a rock, lifting his arms as a line of faceless soldiers takes aim at him. For 10 points, name this Spanish painter of Saturn Devouring His Son and The Third of May, 1808.

ANSWER: Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes

17.In one of this author's works Gervaise and Coupeau are happily married before sliding into alcoholism, and in another the title character and Laurent kill Camille to marry but later commit suicide. In addition to L'Assommoir and Therese Raquin, he wrote about the title female who stars in La Blonde Venus and destroys men who pursue her in one novel, and in another of his works Etienne Lantier becomes the leader of a miners' strike. One of his letters was published in newspaper L'Aurore and attacked Felix Faure. For 10 points, name this French writer who included "Nana" and "Germinal" in his Rougon-Macquart Cycle and who defended Dreyfus in J'Accuse.

ANSWER: Emile Zola

18.This letter names a baryon that has spin and isospin three-halves, and it is also used to denote the discriminant of a polynomial. This letter names a function of two variables which tests if they are equal along with Kronecker, and a function which equals zero everywhere except at zero, in such a way that its integral over the domain is one, is named for this letter and Paul Dirac. Along with epsilon, it is used in one kind of a formal proof of a limit. In algebra, this letter is used in scenarios such as calculating the slope of a line, or the average rate of change. For 10 points, name this fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, often used to denote the change in a quantity.

ANSWER: delta

19.Clerks Jacob Wagner and Daniel Brent were called to testify in this case, as was Acting Secretary Levi Lincoln. Justices hearing this case included Bushrod Washington, and documents involved in this case were supposed to be affixed with the Great Seal and delivered. The majority opinion in this case stated the court had no jurisdiction in mandamus proceedings, and declared section 13 of the Judiciary Act of 1789 unconstitutional. Dealing with the "Midnight Judges" court appointments, for 10 points, name this landmark Supreme Court ruling by John Marshall which established the precedent of judicial review.

ANSWER: Marbury v. Madison [or Madison v. Marbury]

20.In one section of this work the narrator takes a trowel out of his roquelaire to demonstrate he is a mason, and soon after he tells a friend his family motto is "Nemo me impune lacessit." The narrator points out nitre gleaming on cavern walls and offers to impose on Luchesi rather than his sick friend. The narrator ends his retelling with "In pace requiescat!" after stating that for half a century no mortal has found the bones of the acquaintance whom he lured to his vaults due to his proud wine connossieurship. After crying "For the love of God, Montresor!" Fortunato is buried alive in, for 10 points, what short story by Edgar Allan Poe?