12A Finding Meanings

12A Finding Meanings

American Literature


12A Finding Meanings

Choose two phrases to form a sentence that correctly uses a word from Word List 12. Write each sentence on the line provided.

1. (a) A long haul is(c) a great distance to be traveled.

(b) a story that seems to have no end.(d) A long siege is


2. (a) give that person one’s full support. (c) To abandon someone is to

(b) To overpower someone is to (d) reduce that person to helpless state.


3. (a) someone who opposes one in a struggle or contest. (c) A victor is

(b) someone who assists one in a struggle or contest. (d) An adversary is


4. (a) is very serious.(c) A sinister error is one that

(b) will not be repeated.(d) A woeful error is one that


5. (a) be filled with happiness.(c) To scoff is to

(b) To rejoice is to (d) move in a clumsy way.


6. (a) To abandon someone is to (c) To baffle someone is to

(b) withdraw one’s support from that person.(d) defeat that person in a contest.


7. (a) To scoff is(c) To blunder is

(b) to stand guard.(d) to make a careless mistake.


8. (a) left alone by that person.(c) puzzled or confused by that person.

(b) To be detected by someone is to be(d) To be baffled by someone is to be


9. (a) is successful in a contest.(c) A victor is one who

(b) is taken into captivity.(d) A sentinel is one who


12B Just the Right Word

Improve each of the following sentences by crossing out the bolded, italicized phrase and replacing it with a word (or form of the word) from Word List 12.

  1. The robot made its way clumsily across the room, knocking over the chairs in its way.
  1. The junior team expects to be successful in the contest even though no one else expects it to win.
  1. We managed, with considerable effort, to move the buffet into the dining room.
  1. A person standing guard must not fall asleep while on duty.
  1. People once thought it ridiculous and laughed at the idea of women wearing men’s attire.
  1. The children gave up completely their idea of opening a lemonade stand.
  1. The Mars landing failed to find any sign of life on that planet.
  1. The surrounding of the town in an effort to force it to surrender lasted eighty days.
  1. The very great size of the national debt worried the nation’s leaders.
  1. My tale of great unhappiness had my friends almost in tears.
  1. There was something that threatened harm in the way the stranger swiveled around to look at me.
  1. The old bull moose was quickly reduced to a helpless state by its hardy rival.

12C Applying Meanings

Circle the letter of each correct answer to the questions below. Each question has from on to four correct answers.

  1. Which of the following can be colossal?
  2. a shipc. a statue
  3. a whaled. a debt
  1. Which of the following might make a person woeful?
  2. winning some moneyc. aggravating an injury
  3. becoming bankruptd. being offered sanctuary
  1. Which of the following can be abandoned?
  2. a shipc. a plan
  3. hoped. a friend
  1. Which of the following of the following might baffle a person?
  2. a riddlec. a math problem
  3. a greeting from an old friendd. a clue to a crossword puzzle
  1. Which of the following would be a sentinel be expected to do?
  2. keep a constant watchc. stay on guard
  3. stay alertd. set off on an expedition
  1. Which of the following might be seen as sinister?
  2. an evil smilec. a hooded figure
  3. an unruly childd. a casual remark
  1. Which of the following could be the object of a siege?
  2. a castlec. a lake
  3. a townd. a horde
  1. Which of the following could be detected?
  2. a slight movementc. signs of life
  3. the approach of enemy planesd. a change in the wind’s direction

12D Word Relationships

Each group of four words below contains two words that are either synonyms or antonyms. Circle these two words; then circle the S if they are synonyms, the A if they are antonyms.















Select the pair of words that most nearly expresses the relationship of the pair of words in capital letters. Circle the letter in front of the pair you choose.


a. word : abbreviatec. interpreter : translate

b. enemy : wind. error : err


a. happiness : ecstasyc. decision : unanimity

b. woe : tearsd. mistake : correction


a. brisk : businessc. empty : container

b. frugal : moneyd. brief : time