1) I Need 3 Different Adhesive Stickers (Quantities Discussed Below)

1) I Need 3 Different Adhesive Stickers (Quantities Discussed Below)

Dear Sir,

I am an individual that is working to bring a product to market and am in need of some stickers that would be applied to my product. The following describes what I am after. The attached file provides a depiction of what I am after and some pictures of the product with the sticker mock ups in place. I wish to discuss this with you so I can get a better understanding of technical issues (and your recommendations) and cost prior to placing an order. If the quantities I specified do not meet required minimums I would like to understand what the minimums are.

Thank you

Brad Swasand


1) I need 3 different adhesive stickers (quantities discussed below)

2) Stickers will be outdoors and applied to a powder coated steel surface and need to be of good quality and resist fading for extended outdoor exposure.

3) I wish the black background of the sticker to closely match the medium gloss of the black powder coated surface to which they are going to be applied (I’ll need to provide an example later)

“Patent Pending” sticker is .4 x 1.9 inch (exact size is not critical) . Lettering is Microsoft “Arial” and Font=18.

Background is black and lettering is light grey. Quantity of 50.

B) “Caution…” sticker is .3 wide x (6.63 to 6.75 inch long). Lettering is Microsoft “Franklin Gothic Demi Cond” and Font=22.

Background colors are black and yellow and lettering colors are black and yellow. Quantity of 100.

C) LockChock.com sticker with symbol is .9 wide x 6.5 inches long. The larger L and C in “LockChock” are Microsoft “Franklin Gothic Demi” (please note this is different that the “Franklin Gothic Demi Cond” used on the other stickers). The “OCK” of the word Lock and the “HOCK” of the word Chock use Microsoft “Impact” lettering and Font=54. The “.com” is Microsoft “Impact” lettering and Font=32. Background is black and lettering is light grey (same as used for patent pending sticker). The symbol is an 8 pointed star (equal height and width) as can be found in Microsoft “stars and banners” (see powerpoint drawng toolbar) and the star height is equal to the height of the L and C described previously. A solid black circle is centered on the star and sized to mimick the example shown. The star is lime green and the black circle is the same black as used elsewhere to match the powder coat. Quantity of 100.
Sticker depictions (Not shown actual size)