You Can Get the Rubric and Checklist on Newclassroom.Com

You Can Get the Rubric and Checklist on Newclassroom.Com

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RUBRIC Grading Questions HW 5

Use the checklist and most importantly the rubric to answer the questions below.DO ANY 25 of 30 below.

hw 5: What rubric category (1-14) and how many points, if any, does each question lose?

You can get the rubric and checklist on

You can see a sample A complete paper at: (received a 93/A)

QUESTION / Rubric category / Pts lost(?)
1) The approved thesis is in the conclusion only.
2) The approved thesis is in the intro but not underlined.
3) There are 3 arguments and 3 arguments for the other side
4) There is an intro, then 6 arguments, then the conclusion.
5) One paragraph/argument has only 1 quote
6) One paragraph/argument has two quotes and they are from the same source.
7) One paragraph/argument has three quotes, two from the same source and one from another.
8) The paper has 5 arguments and 1 counter
9) The counter is right before the conclusion
10) A paragraph starts with a quote/uses the quote as an argument. It also has another quote from another source, a point, and optional explanation for the second quote.
11) The paper has 8 misspellings, and 1 of them (Obssession) is misspelled ten time.
12) Paper has 3 run-on sentences, 4 sentence fragments, and two sentences use commas incorrectly.
13) Paper is double spaced and in Tmsrmn font 12pt.
14) The Title page and Works Cited page are numbered
15) The paper ends 5 lines down page 4.
16) The paper ends at the bottom of page 3.
17) The paper has a pie chart graph on page 3.
18) one Paragraph has two quotes but without citation/source listed.
19) One argument uses a personal story experienced by the author
20) The author uses "I think" and "I feel" in their conclusion paragraph
21) Paper has no journals, but 5 books and 7 websites as sources
22) One argument with no quotes (next argument/paragraph has 4 quotes).
23) Six quotes in paper are 4-10 lines each.
24) One source is written by John Akor, titled "Apple Toss contests".
The citation at the end of the quote is ("Apple Toss contests").
25) Paper has 6 journals and 4 websites and 1 interview and 1 video but no book sources used in paper.
26) Paper has 7 sources listed in Works Cited
27) 4 page Paper has 26 grammar problems and 13 misspellings.
28) The Title on the Works Cited page is the same as the approved thesis in the intros.
29) The first paper: Every argument has two quotes but counter has no quotes.
30) Paper has seven arguments and 1 counter in order to reach the bottom of the 4 page/minimum length.