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Wine Packaging Seminars

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Wine Packaging Seminars:

Environmental ImpactO2 Measurement

Program for the Seminars in Bordeaux on 29 November 2010

Ibis Bordeaux Centre Mériadeck, 35 - 37 Cours du Maréchal Juin, 33000 Bordeaux

Draft Version of 1 September 2010

Two distinct wine packaging seminars have beenorganized by the non-profit association Performance BIB. They are intended forinternational scientists and managers seeking to understand wine package measurement systems and research results and identify potential areas for improvement. The themes that have been retained for this day-long meeting:

1)Life Cycle Assessments of the Environmental Impact of Wine Packaging and the communication of fair, accurate and well-documented green claims.

2)Measuring Oxygen Pick-up during the filling of Wine Packagingwith special emphasis on headspace and dissolved oxygen for Bag-in-Box ® using optical sensors.

Photo: Office de Tourisme de Bordeaux - T. Sanson

Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux with the reflection of buildingsoff a pool of water.

If only our wine package measurement systems could mirror reality as closely as this!

Environmental Impact Seminar-Monday morning 29 November 2010

8:30Welcome of participants: inscription and reception of badges with coffee or tea30 min

Entrance of theMontesquieuconference rooms at the Ibis Bordeaux Centre Mériadeck

9:00Start of morning seminar: objectives and meeting guidelines10 min

Part I: Life Cycle Assessments of Wine Packaging

Session Chairperson for Part I: Lena Rogeman, Systembolaget, Sweden

9:10Presentation of the Nordic Life Cycle Assessment Wine Package Study[1]60 min

By Yannick Le Guern and/or Clément Tostivint, Bio Intelligence, France

Why and how the study was conducted: Context, Objectives, Systems Studies,

Methodology, System Boundaries, Impact Indicators, Sources of Data, Limitations

Research results for Glass, Pet, Beverage Carton, Stand up Pouch and Bag-in-Box

Comparative assessment, Sensitivity analysis, areas of improvement and Conclusions

10:10Other Life Cycle Assessments of Wine Packaging40 min

Presentation of other Wine Package LCAs including a comparison to the Nordic LCA results

by the Performance BIB Environmental Work Group, with the assistance of Bio Intelligence

and other experts

Questions from the participants

10:50Summary of Part I on the Life Cycle Assessments of Wine Packaging10 min

11:00Pause10 min

Part II: The communication of fair, accurate and well-documented green claims

Session Chairperson for Part II: Frithjof Nicolaysen, Arcus, Norway and President of the European Federation of Wine and Spirits Importers and Distributors

11:20Green CommunicationsPanel Discussion60 min

This session will be in the form of a panel of experts who will make observations relative to a number of questions before opening the discussion up to the seminar participants. Examples of themes:

- What specific environmental claims are generally made by the wine package industry?

- How are green claims conveyed (via website links, logos etc. on packages, media ads, etc.?)

- Can “Greenwashing” be given a measurable scientific definition and can it be avoided?

- What should be the requirements to furnish supporting evidence?

- Should the wine package industry agree to refer to fully ISO compliant “cradle to grave” assessments

when comparative claims are made?

12:20Summary of Part II on Green Communications10 min

12:30Lunch at the Ibis Bordeaux Centre Mériadeck90 min

O2 Measurement Seminar- Monday afternoon 29 November 2010

13:45Inscription/reception of badges (for those who did not attend the morning session)15 min

Entrance of the Montesquieu conference rooms at the Ibis Bordeaux Centre Mériadeck

14:00Start of afternoon seminar: objectives and meeting guidelines10 min

Part I: Measuring oxygen pickup[2] in Wine packaging

Session Chairperson for Part I: Jean-Claude Vidal, INRA, France

Presentations in this session will be made by Jean-Claude Vidal (INRA), Sophie Vialis (inter Rhône),

Patrick Shea (Vitop) as well asothers who have conducted research in this field such as Denis Bunner

or Anaïs Landrieux of the CIVC (Le Comité interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne).

14:10A few basic questions30 min

What are the main parameters which determine wine shelf life?

What do we mean by dissolved oxygen, headspace oxygen and total package oxygen?

How important is headspace O2relative to total package O2 for various types of wine packaging?

Why variance can be as important to consider as average performance?

What main technologies are available to measure oxygen pickup during wine packaging?

14:40A Standardized procedure to measure oxygen pick-up in BIB packaging60 min

Presentation of a new method based upon optical sensor measurements through transparent

BIB taps (so as to allow for realistic package and fillingconditions) and a highly simplified

but accurate means of estimating the volumeof theheadspace in BIBpackaging (using a

“BIB cone meter” – distributed free to seminar participants)on the basis of only measuring

thelength of the side of the headspace pushed into the shapeof a cone. Recommended

timings, procedures and limitations for these measurements will be presentedas well as

results without and with mechanical or hand shaking.

15:40Pause20 min

16:00Other research applying optical sensor technology tothe measurement of oxygen30 min

pick-up in BIB packaging

16:30Summary of Part II on Measuring oxygen pickup in Wine packaging 10 min

Part II: Panel discussion

Session Chairperson for Part II: Patrick Vuchot, Inter Rhône

16:40O2 Measurement Session Panel Discussion70 min

This session will be in the form of a panel of experts who are there to offer technical

observations and to respond to questions from the audience. Experts include scientistsfrom

public and private laboratories, packaging firms, wineriesand oxygen instrument manufacturers.

17:50Summary of Part II on O2 Measurement10 min

18:00End of Meeting


French English simultaneous translation will be provided by Aquitaine Traduction, known for quality

translations in the wine sector and EmagiSon will be supplying all sound equipment.


A contribution of 44 € per person is requested, which includes lunch. Only those pre-registered and accepted will be admittedsince places are limited. An enrolment form is available from the “Meetings” page of our website .Enrolment conditions and payment instructions are indicated on the enrolment form.


- Dress code is casual.

- Participants are expected to firmly adhere to our “Guidelines for participation in Performance BIB Meetings in respect to promoting particular products and competition law compliance”. This document can be downloaded from the Meetings page of our website


The Ibis Bordeaux Centre Mériadeck is situated at 35 - 37 Cours du Maréchal Juin, in the centre of Bordeaux.

Because our conference takes place the day before the opening of the Vinitech trade show (see below) room availability is very limited. The Ibis Bordeaux Centre Mériadeck is holding a limited number of hotel rooms for Performance BIB for the evenings of 28 and 29 November. If you are interested we would invite you to act immediately and make your own reservations by contacting Sophie Bozec at the Ibis Bordeaux Centre Mériadeck by e-mail at or by Tel + 33 5 56 90 74 00 and mention that you are attending for Performance BIB seminars on 29 November 2010.


The large international wine equipment, packaging and services trade show takes place at the“Parc des Expositions” at Bordeaux Lac from 30 November to 2 December 2010.Vinitech is located (depending upon traffic) about 20 minutes from the centre of Bordeaux. For information see:

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[1]The Nordic Wine Package LCA Study, completed in August 2010, was undertaken by Bio Intelligence at the request of Systembolaget and Vinmonopolet and is available on the Performance BIB website Project leader: Lena Rogeman, Systembolaget. Project financed by Systembolaget, Vinmonopolet, Tetra Pak, Elopak, Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box/Vitop, Oenoforos as well as by a grant from the Languedoc Roussillon Region of France.

[2] Oxygen pick-up during filling is defined as headspace oxygen after filling plus dissolved oxygen after filling less dissolved oxygen before filling.