Who Do Politicians Have to Campaign to Now?

Who Do Politicians Have to Campaign to Now?

CH 13 Part 1 RQpp 256 -270


1 p 256 – opening quote – Who?

- Perspective?

2 p 257 & p 258 Painting(s) – Title(s)?

Who do politicians have to campaign to now?

Growing popular interest in elections culminates in what?

3 p 258 Chart & p 259 Daguerreotype -

Who receives the most popular votes in 1824?

What % of popular votes does JQA receive?

Does AJ receive a majority of electoral votes?

Who is in the Dag. ? Title ? How does he win?

4 p 260 Brown box & Portrait p 260 & Brown box p 261 & Map p 261

“mudslinging” in the election of 1828 affected both candidates…but Jackson got it worse….

-How does TJ describe AJ in the last line?

-Jackson in the newspaper is described as being a “mulatto”…what is a mulatto?

-Jackson’s wife, Rachel, is hammered as well during the election, due to this…what is her fate?

5 p 263 Painting & portrait p 263 & Brown box p 264 –

-What flower symbolized support for SC’s nullification of the tariff of 1828?

- What position does JCC originally hold?

- after conflict with Jackson, What position does JCC hold at that time…?

- Explain JCC’s idea of a “Siamese Twin Presidency?”

- JCC’s plantation is what today?

6 p 266 Map & Bbox (top left) p 267 & Bbox (top right) p 267 & painting p 268 -

-Subject of All?

- (map) What 5 civilized tribes and two northern tribes are forcibly moved to “Indian Territory?”

-(map) What 2 tribes are part of the “trail of tears?”

-(map) What 4 states do these tribes live in until the forced move?

- Painting- How many Cherokee are on the “Trail of Tears?”

- Painting- How long did take for them to WALK to “Indian Territory?”

- Painting – How many die?

Reading Questions


6 The so called “Era of good feelings,” was never what?

7 What two events “shatter” the tranquility?

8 What two issues “shatter” the tranquility?

9 What is necessary to the health of democracy?

10 In this new period….a new chapter in what takes hold?

11 The old system yielded to what 3 characteristics of the new Jacksonian era?

12 In 1828, what new Party appears, still here today?

13 In the 1830’s what new party forms to oppose Jackson?

14 The two-party system came to constitute an important part of what?

15 Name the (6) new forms of “politicking?”

16 Voter Turnout in response to the above….rose dramatically…from what in 1824 to what by 1840…a primary characteristic of “Jacksonian Democracy?”

The Corrupt Bargain of 1824

The last of the “old style elections.”

17 Who are the 4 candidates?

18 Who was in 4th place and thus not go to the runoff in the HOR?

19 What job did the above have in the HOR?

20 Who had the most pop votes? Does he win?

21 Who wins? What % of the popular vote does he receive?

22 Who chooses the winner?

23 What job does the 4th place candidate receive from the winner and thus, supposedly, the “corrupt bargain?”

A Yankee Misfit in the White House

24 What does JQA do early most mornings?

25 Adams is described as a “nationalist republican” what three things does he call upon Congress to accomplish? (4 things in my notes  )

26 What VERY VERY significant ACT of Congress is passed in 1828 by Jacksonians attempting to use TRICKERATION in the coming election of 1828 (it works, I guess, but really it BACKFIRES ON THEM  [SEE NOTES] )

Going “Whole Hog” for Jackson in 1828

National Republicans v. Democratic- Republicans (same Party, different agendas) [see notes]

27 How did Adams supporters describe Jackson’s mother and wife?

28 How did Jackson supporters describe Adams time in Russia?

29 Who wins?

30 From where does surprisingly get support?

“Old Hickory” as President

31 How many bullets did Jackson carry in his body? From what?

32 Where is Jackson born?

33 His interests growing up included what two activities?

34 To which state does he move…he becomes what two things?

35 He is the 1st President from where?

36 He is the 2nd without what?

37 He owned many what?

38 His Mansion was named what?

39 His Inaugural Party symbolized the ascendancy of what?

40 His party was called what?

The Spoils System

41 Describe the “Spoils System?”

42 What is Jackson’s Quote about the spoils system that begins…”Every man ?

43 Each generation deserved its turn at the ______?

44 What is Samuel Swartwout famous for?

The Tricky “Tariff of Abominations”

45 Who was President when the Tariff of 1828 was passed?

46 What doe a Tariff protect?

47 Why does NE, and Daniel Webster, change their position on Tariff’s?

48 Why were Southerners react so angrily to Tariff’s?

49 What was happening in the “Old South?”

50 Who is Denmark Vesey?

51 What actions of the British cause Southerners worry?

52 Who publishes, “The South Carolina Exposition,” SECRETLY…in opposition to the Tariff of 1828?

53 What does the above writing suggest the response be of the states to the Tariff of Abominations? (last sentence of the paragraph)

Nullies” in South Carolina

54 according to my notes…. What two Senators debate Nullification in 1830?

55 By 1832 SC was ready…they call a special convention and do what?

56 What was AJ’s response?

57 Who works to find and create a Compromise to this dilemma, and does?

58 How man other Southern States support South Carolina?

59 What Act does Congress pass to allow Jackson and subsequent Presidents to use Force to enforce Tariff collections in the future?

60 After the Comp. Tariff of 1833 is passed… and SC rescinds its nullification it does one more thing SYMBOLICALLY.. what?

The Trail of Tears

61 How many Native Americans lived East of the Mississippi River in the 1820’s?

62 How does George Washington recognize the Tribes?

63 Who are the 5 “Civilized Tribes?”

64 What state causes the Cherokee trouble?

65 How does the Supreme Court Rule?

66 What is Andrew Jackson’s Famous quote about Marshall’s decision?

67 What Act does Congress pass in 1830 and what does it do?

68 To Where were the Indians to be removed to?

69 What promise was made to the Indians who moved?

70 How do the Sauk and Fox tribes, more northern, respond?

71 What do the Seminoles do? Do they all go? How do they capture Osceola?