We Recommend That All Athletes Possess Their Own Personal Accident Insurance (See Links

We Recommend That All Athletes Possess Their Own Personal Accident Insurance (See Links

Southern Events – Not Available Online
Name of Horse: / Sire: / Dam: / Registered with EI: Yes / No
Year Foaled: / Colour: / Sex: / Height: / Passport No:
NB: Please enclose a photocopy of the identification pages of the horse’s passport with your application
Name: / (Only Athletes 18 years and over can compete on Novice Day Memberships)
Address: / EI Membership No (if a member)
Novice Day Membership/Registration Rules & Restrictions
  • A Novice Day Membership/Registration is a temporary membership for athletes in their 18th year which effectively registers the horse and/or athlete combination for a novice class at a specific event. The cost of the day membership depends on whether the athlete/horse are members of Eventing Ireland, or not. Each day membership is designated to a specific horse/athlete combination and is not transferable. In the event of a forced withdrawal before the event closing date, the Day Membership and Entry fee will be refunded in full.
  • We recommend that all athletes possess their own Personal Accident Insurance (see links on EI website)
  • Horse/Athlete combinations must have completed 3 clear xc rounds and no more than 16 sj penalties in the past 12 months at pre-novice level or higher – evidence must be supplied to Head Office for approval.
  • Horses must be 5years of age or older
  • No points will be awarded for Day Ticket Memberships or Registrations. Points are only awarded to fully paid up members/horses.
  • Entry fees are not included in the price of Day Membership/Registrations.

I understand that neither the Organising Committee of these Events, Eventing Ireland nor the Land Owners, accept any liability for any accident, damage, injury to horses, owners, athletes, grooms, ground spectators, or any other person or property whatsoever. By entering this event I agree to be bound by Eventing Ireland Rules and Restrictions of the Society and allow Eventing Ireland to store my information as per the Privacy Policy document on the Eventing Ireland website.
Signed: ______Date: ______
COST / Total
Membership / €10 (Restricted Member) / €25 (Non-member) / €
Registration / €15 (Restricted Horse) / €15 (unregistered horse) / €
Event Name
Date of Event
Class (please circle) / EI105 /CNC1* A/ CNC1*/ CNCJ1* / €95 / €
TOTAL AMOUNT / Please make EURO only cheques payable to Eventing Ireland / €
Laser/Mastercard/Visa Card No
Laser/Master/Visa Card Expiry / Master Card / Visa Security Code

Name of Card Holder ______Signature: ______

Contact number of Card Holder ______

Please return your payment with a photocopy of the ID page(s) in your horse’s passport to:
Head Office, Eventing Ireland
1st Floor, Beech House
Millennium Park, Osberstown
Naas, Co Kildare
Scan to: or fax to: 045 940502 /
  • Payment (if being made by cheque)
  • Photocopy of Passport Naming Pages
  • Proof of 3 x qualifying Results at EI100 level
  • Event Detail correctly filled in
  • Contact Details Correct

Signature of Athlete / Date

novice day ticket and entry application form.doc