We Look Forward to Hearing from You

We Look Forward to Hearing from You

Thomas Merton Society of GB & Ireland
Proposal for 2018 Conference Friday 6 April – Sunday 8 April 2018 at Oakham School UK

Thank you for your interest in presenting at the conference. Please complete the form below and email it to us for consideration. Your submission needs to be received by Saturday 22 July 2017. You will be notified by the end of August 2017 if your proposal has been accepted for inclusion in the conference.

Important Practical Information: Please be aware that if your proposal is accepted you will need to fund your travel and conference fee costs yourself. All correspondence will be by email so please give the best email address to communicate with you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Provisional Title:
Is this proposal for a Paper (30mins) or a Workshop (45mins)?
Please describe your proposal in about 250 words ....
Resources required
We can arrange a PC computer with data projector, a CD player and DVD player and screen.
Please list all those you require and/or any other requirements.
Biographical details to be included in the programme if your proposal is accepted.
50 words max please...

Finally, please be aware that we may record in sound or video snippets of the presentations for our website. The whole text of papers may be used in future copies (edited) of The Journal. We are hoping to increase the Merton material on our website and give people a feel of our conferences and the calibre of our presenters. Please do not submit a proposal if you are unhappy with this. We will not publish complete recordings of your presentations just snippets.

Deadline for submissions: Saturday 22 July 2017

When selecting proposals the committee endeavours to create an interesting and stimulating conference with a mix of approaches addressing the conference theme.

Results of the Committee’s decision: by end of August 2017 you will be informed if your proposal has been accepted for inclusion in the conference programme.

Booking details for the conference will be available on the Society’s website from Sept 2017. Please ensure you book your place at the conference in good time.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Committee of Thomas Merton Society of GB & Ireland

Background information:

PAPERS: Presenters have about 20-25 mins for their presentation with 5-10mins for comment and questions. Papers may be given concurrently with conference delegates choosing which papers to attend.

WORKSHOPS: this is a loose term for any presentation which is more participatory in style filling a 45min time span. Attendees will be prepared to engage with you. It may be creative, reflective, an organised discussion, a meditation, musical...... the content is your choice.

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