We Enter Into the Presence of God

All are invited to stand when indicated by this symbol (*). If unable to stand, please feel
comfortable remaining seated.


(As the music begins, let us remember that God has blessed us with these opportunities to serve Him and to share His love with others. The lighting of the altar candles symbolizes Christ’s presence, inviting us to offer ourselves in worship to our great God.)



Welcome & Announcements John Debree

*Please stand during the entrance of the Light of Christ and acolyte

Invocation Rev. Chris Arries

Call to Worship

Leader: Come on in and find some rest!

People: We need that rest, for we are weary!

Leader: Come on in and discover peace!

People: We need peace, for our spirits are weighed down by troubles.

Leader: You have come to the right place! Our Lord is here, waiting for you.

All: Thanks be to God, who brings us rest and peace. AMEN.

*Hymn of Praise O Worship the King No. 73


Sharing of Joys / Concerns

Silent Prayer

Pastoral Prayer

Lord’s Prayer No. 895

Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory for ever. Amen

Special Music Mountain View UMC Choir


Tithes, Gifts, and Offerings

*Doxology No. 95

Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow;

Praise Him, all creatures here below;

Praise Him above, ye heavenly hosts;

Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Children’s Sermon

*Hymn of Thanksgiving I Love to Tell the Story No. 156

*Passing the Peace As the Deer

As the deer pants for the water, so my soul longs after you.

You alone are my heart’s desire, and I long to worship you.

You alone are my strength, my shield; to you alone may my spirit yield.

You alone are my heart’s desire, and I long to worship you.


Gospel Lesson Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30

Sermon Rev. Chris Arries


(During this time you are invited to come forward to pray, to ask for healing, to renew your commitments to God, or to join this church. If you wish for the Pastor to pray with you, please indicate so.)

*Hymn of Dedication Grace Greater than our Sin No. 365


*Choral Response On Eagle’s Wings

And God will raise you up on eagle’s wings, bear you on the breath of dawn,

make you to shine like the sun, and hold you in the palm of God’s hand.

*Indicates you are invited to stand if you are able.

Flowers are given to the glory of God by

Rachel Miller


CONCERNS: Nurture – Mike Horton

Traveling mercies for many this summer

Susan Horton – falls Debree’s nephew, Alex – surgery for scoliosis

Jesse Stewart – bad migraines Melissa Warner – heart cath & tests

Ella Bright (Teri’s mom) hospice Susan Childers (Teri’s sister) health & finances

Tim Watkins – biopsy on throat Linda Adkins – tests

Mark & Heidi Reeves – traveling Bob – surgery on June 20

Nancy Gammons’ mother – hip and her husband has prostate cancer

Ginger Lloyd Dominique Lester – 2nd round of chemo

John Riley Lee and Kay – health and grandchildren

Catherine Davenport – cancer Jim and Bonnie Bever

Cheryl – cancer (Norma’s cousin) Susan with cancer in Florida

Peggy Moore - cancer Jill Sellars – breast cancer

Attaways Dan Hawkins – hospice (Marty’s dad)

Carrie Smith – surgery Martha – bone cancer

Rachel – breast cancer (Tampa) Minnie McCall – chemo

Todd Plating Terry Crumpton

Greg Marler Gayle Collins - cancer

Mildred Few – vertigo Lillian Hanley – ovarian cancer Jim Baker – leukemia Jesse’s sister, Teresa, cancer spread

FINANCES 06/25/17

Week Year to Date

Actual Giving Goal Actual Giving Goal

Regular Giving $ 5,295.00 $ 3,301.25 $76,131.80 $89,133.75

Future Fund $ 440.00 $ 7,670.00

Future fund includes gift in memory of Dean Fowler.


July 9, 2017

·  Vacation Bible School will be July 19 through July 21 beginning at 6:00 pm each evening. Bring your children and grandchildren!!! Invite your neighbors’ children to come learn about Fruit of the Spirit! There will be crafts, music, recreation, snacks and stories! Join us!!!

·  Teri Hawkins is collecting clothing suitable for interview for an organization she volunteers for. Any size, men’s or women’s clothing. This is to help those in need to make good impressions to obtain work.

·  We are looking for volunteers to be part of the rotation for greeters and nursery volunteers. The more volunteers we have, the lighter the load for each. If you would like to be a part of either of these ministries of our church, please notify LeAnn Barnette to become part of the rotation.

·  We have a new mission to help Homeless Vets. Please see the article in the Mountain View Messenger. If you would like more information, see Debbie Roe or Charlotte Newton.

·  Check out our new web-site! Mountainviewumc.net is online! Although more information is coming, check out what’s already been done and direct any feedback to Phillip Deal or Jay Debree.

Upcoming Dates for your calendar

Jul 13 Forward Focus Committee meets

Jul 19-21 Vacation Bible School

Next Week’s Worship Volunteers

·  Next week’s greeters Gene Roe & Debbie Roe

·  Next week’s liturgist Harriet Aaron

·  Next week’s acolyte Lilli Arries

·  Next week’s nursery volunteer Elaine Stewart

·  Next week’s children’s church Anne Haynes

·  Next week’s flowers Frieda Liston