Wac Checklist for Non-Coas Syllabi



__Course title

__Course Number



__Office phone and room numbers

__Office Hours

__E-mail Address


__Course Goals (to improve students' writing, especially their professional writing; to improve students' learning through writing)
__Learning Objectives (what students will be able to do as a result of writing in this course)
__Credit/Requirements Fulfilled


__Required Textbooks (grammar handbook—hard copy or online)

__Writing Assignments:
__purpose (writing to learn AND learning to write)
__length (approximate number of words or pages)
__format (sample format or guidelines; citation style)
__prewriting (e.g., freewriting, diagrams, outlines, progress reports)
__rewriting (required revisions; optional revisions; effect on grade)
__criteria (evaluation based on content, organization and style--including grammar and spelling--for formal writing vs. evaluation based on content only for informal writing)

__Computation of Course Grade (percentages for exams, journal, papers, etc.)

__Policies (missed classwork; late papers; plagiarism; grade of Incomplete)

__Resources (English Department's Writing Center; Center for Academic Reinforcement; WAC website: see http://www.cetla.howard.edu/wac )

__ADA Note
Howard University is committed to providing an educational environment that is accessible to all students. In accordance with this policy, students in need of accommodations due to a disability should contact the Office of the Dean for Special Student Services (202-238-2420) for verification and determination of reasonable accommodations as soon as possible after admission and at the beginning of each semester as needed.